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  1. Thanks guys, I will work on it.
  2. I find it truly amazing that Leo can speak for hours without a break. And it's not just that but also how good he can articulate himself. Having a lot of practice is probably the most important thing but are there any techniques that I can learn to speak like him?
  3. Should I go into the trip with the right intention, should I ask myself questions beforehand, should I just try to be as aware as possible during the trip, or is there anything else I should do to get the most out of a trip?
  4. I know something like this will take a lot of time but I hope it won't take too long. I would literally buy it the moment it is available.
  5. This is my first time doing this. How do I insert it, with a normal syringe or do I need to get a specific one? What else do I need to make this a clean process?
  6. I have around 60mg of 5-MeO-DMT Freebase. I want to experience more with it but I also don't want to waste it. Would you suggest me to convert it to HCL and plug it or should I just smoke it? And should I start first with a smaller dose or with a high dose? Although I have tried many psychedelics and a few times Bufo 5-MeO-DMT, I have not a lot of experience with the synthetic form.
  7. Do I need vinegar for it?
  8. A friend is often very critical about psychedelics. He is asking me how I can know if the experience on psychedelics is real and not just some illusion. Even if I think it is real I find it difficult to explain him my point precisely. What would you tell someone like him?
  9. Are you using a VPN? Are you using any specific browser? (Brave, Tor, etc.) Are you using any specific search engine (Brave search, DuckDuckGo, etc.) Are you using any specific email provider? (e.g. ProtonMail) I myself switched completely to Brave, use their search engine and looked up for the right settings. For myself I use ProtonMail but for my business I use Gmail because with that I can use tools like Google Drive & Spreadsheets. At the moment I don't use a VPN. I have NordVPN but I heard they are logging. I also have ProtonVPN but their servers are pretty slow. It's not that I have something to hide but I still prefer to have a good privacy in the internet. What about you, do you care about your privacy or not?
  10. Let's say you help a few people start a business but this type of business exploits more people than the number of people who get rich from it. Would you do something good or bad? Or we take the opposite, you help thousands of people but for that a few people need to suffer. I know there is no good or bad in the absolute sense but what would you say in relative terms?
  11. He still seems confident that he didn't do anything wrong. What do you think about this, is he right or is he just deluding himself?
  12. Interesting take on this. It's not really fear. It's more being comfortable. I like it when things are organised and structured, sometimes even too much.
  13. Without Tate I probably wouldn't be here now. I was completely lost before I found him. After I joined his private network I improved myself in many areas of my life. (fitness, dating, business, etc.) Even when I was being manipulated I was able to break free and now I can just take the good things out of his "philosophy". Making so much money at a young age helped me to question if this really is the end goal of life. Being rich and having many women around you. This questioning more or less brought me to Leo. I disagree with most of what Tate says, but I'm still grateful for him showing me a different perspective on life. However, I don't think many people that follow him are as lucky as I am.
  14. When I met Tristan we had a villa party together and of all guys that were there most of the women wanted to be with him. He was also very nice and charming to them. The Tates can get women all over the world. Not sure why they would have to rape anyone.
  15. Why should it care about killing itself if it doesn't have emotions?
  16. A nobody for you but a someone for millions of people
  17. Thank you for sharing this! I haven't had such a profound experience with 5-MeO-DMT, but look forward to having it soon.
  18. To be honest I don't know if there is already a thread or video about this topic. If so please send me the link to it. I started with my Commonplace book a few days ago and today I'm writing down my good and bad habits. This brought me to think about how to best stop with bad habits and I wanted to ask you if you have some good strategies that you want to share. Some things I think of are: Replacing bad habits with new habits, e.g. if you want to stop playing games you could replace it with going to the gym Just stop with one bad habit at a time Depending on your personality reduce it slowly or stop with it immidiatly Write down the benefits of it Be aware of why you want to stop with that habit
  19. ♾️❤️♾️
  20. This is a really good point. One of my bad habits in the moment is the following. Since I work all day long on my MacBook for my business it happens often that when things are loading I take my phone to open Instagram and watch something on it. Sometimes I use it even longer that the program or website took to open. I already tried to hide the Instagram App somewhere on my phone but this didn't work since my brain figured out fast how to find it. Another thing I'm trying is to open this forum instead of Instagram but I'm not sure if this solution is much better. The best thing would be to just be patient enough to just wait until it is open.
  21. I just smoked 40mg of Venom Toad (5-MeO-DMT) but couldn't let go. A few hours before I had a breakthrough with N,N-DMT and although it was a very intense trip it was easy for me to let go. In general I never had any bad trips with it no matter how intense the trip was. 5-Meo-DMT seems to be on a complete different level. It hits much faster and stronger than N,N-DMT. Within seconds I was from a "normal" state to completely losing control of myself. It is pretty hard for me to descripe this experience. In the beginning I tried to let go but it got to intense for me. I felt that my ego was defending itself. I put my eyemask & headphones off and tried to calm myself down with looking through the room. It worked and now I'm back to "normal". Since 40mg isn't a highdose for Bufo 5-MeO-DMT I'm not sure if it would be better to increase the dose because it might be easier to let go then. Or is it better to decrease it and slowly go up with it?
  22. I understand why you like dissociatives but be careful that you don't take them too often since they are addictive and not the healthiest.