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  1. I just want to say thank you. You helped me a lot. I'm 23 years old and feel more mature than most people I know or have ever seen. Without you and psychedelics it wouldn't be the case. To have ego deaths in my age is everything but normal. Your videos helped me a lot to take this work more seriously. You are by far the smartest and most fascinating person I know and I don't say this from a position of a fan boy, I say this from a position of someone that respects you a lot. I will keep going, I will contemplate as much as possible and I will experience and live this what we call reality more. It will take a lot of suffering. To know that everything and everyone is imagination is not easy but this is required to understand reality more. One of the biggest learnings I had from you is that I'm full of shit. That everyone is full of shit. I have still a lot to learn. And even if I'm not that active here it doesn't mean I'm not doing the work. I will probably be more active here at some point but right now I'm focused on other areas in my life. Don't want to keep it too long, that's why I will end it here. Thank you and everyone else who is helping other people on this forum.
  2. Did you take the same dose or more the second time you took it? If it was the same dose you wouldn't really feel a lot since LSD builds a tolerance after you take it.
  3. That is so wrong. It is also not good when men try to get laid with a woman through manipulation and lies. Manipulation is never good. With that you answer it basically anyways. It is all good, do what you think is right. I don't want to judge you and I'm not perfect myself. I get what you are saying but I don't think that you can put everything in one category even if you could argue that it is the same. I think we can end the discussion here. Don't take what I said personally. Wish you a lot of happiness & success in your life.
  4. Even if they want that right now it doesn't mean that if is the right way to solve it. It would be better if they work on themself instead of solving the problem in the short term.
  5. That is even worse because you feed into their addiction. I'm sure if you would ask them they would say that they would prefer not to do this. Most of them aren't proud of going regularly to a strip club. It's your opinion. I don't agree with that. For me these people are low consciousness and need someone who tells them that and helps them, instead of someone that supports that behavior.
  6. It is funny how you try to attack me. I didn't want to be disrespectful to you if you feel that way. Let me ask you one question, you don't have to answer. Are you still a stripper?
  7. Maybe they think they want it but what they want deep down is a girl that really likes them.
  8. It is not that they want, most of the time they have no other choice. That's what you don't understand.
  9. Why is it that I hear most of the time of girls that are or were in the industry, that it is okay to do this, but of girls who never were or would be in this industry, that it is not okay to do it? I would have been positively surprised if you would say that you were a stripper but you don't think it is good for a woman to do it. But you are defending these women as if everyone here on the forum would say they are all bad. You went into this industry knowing that you will take the money of men because of their sexual desires. These men are most of time lonely and can't get any women in other ways. There is nothing geniune about it. And now you wonder why people think bad about women that are in this industry.
  10. This is also speculation. You can't guarantee anything because you don't know me. I just wanted to give him the best possible advice from my perspective. It's okay if you see it differently. He can decide for himself which advice he likes more.
  11. You might be the girl that guys want to approach but you don't know with your own experience how hard it is to find a good girl as a guy.
  12. That explains a lot. You are just super biased. Obviously not all women in the adult industry are bad women but the chances are just super low that you find are girl that truly likes you. Most relationships that start because of money fail in the long run. You can't compare it with a relationship that starts with genuine interest in the other person. Of course there are always exceptions.
  13. Not everything that someone desires is good. I don't say it is impossible to find someone on websites like OnlyFans but the chances are very low. With cold approach the chances are not only higher, but it also helps you with self development. You can't say that about OnlyFans, with that you get anti social and you lose money. Besides that I don't think you are in a position to give good advice because you don't have any experience in getting girls as a guy. If he listens to you he will probably lose a lot of money and become miserable in the long run.
  14. If you only spoke to her via chat, it was most likely not her who spoke to you. She probably doesn't even know that you exist. Most of the time there are trained chatters on the account that manipulate you in thinking that the girl is interested in you. It is called "girlfriend experience". The truth is that they just want to get the most money out of you. Even if she is really talking to you I wouldn't recommend you to try to have something serious with her. Best thing would be that you delete your OnlyFans account and start doing cold approach. With that you have better chances to find a girl that really likes you. It might take some time but it will be worth it.
  15. This was the first video I saw of Leo. I watched it during an LSD comedown. I was blown away by the creativity and depth of the video. After that, I knew he would be the teacher I wanted to follow from then on.
  16. I want to share this diet with you. It is called the Primal Diet and it says that raw food is the only food a human should consume. Especially raw meat is one of the most important parts of it. It might sound gross for some of you but I really believe that this is the best diet that exists. I was very skeptical about it at first but then I decided to try it and see how it benefits me. It was a great decision because I already feel much better after being strict on it for a few months. Eating raw food helps in removing toxins such as heavy metals out of your body. You can kind of call it a detox diet. The guy who invented the diet claims that you can live a disease free life if you follow the diet. I know it is a hard claim to make but I have trust in it. This could be especially beneficial for someone like Leo. I'm pretty sure it can help in solving his health issues. And of course it can help everyone else in here. I also think that it is a pretty good fit to spirituality. Somehow I even got stronger psychedelic trips since I am on it. Must be because I have less heavy metals in my brain now. I'm interested in seeing what you all think of it. If you have any questions let me know. Let's become our healthiest version.
  17. "Raw Milk never goes bad. An ancestral and universal food, consumed by all ethnicities, even in prehistoric times, as archaeology discovered. Contemporary observations showcase remarkable examples of health achieved through its regular consumption."
  18. I don't think this is true. I know many people in France and Germany, and they can all digest it much better than pasteurized milk. There is not a single person I have introduced to raw milk who has had a negative experience with it.
  19. I've heard that they even attract more EMF.
  20. I understand, hope you find the right thing for yourself.
  21. Didn't want to give that impression. Thank you, I will.
  22. How would you respond to the claim that psychedelics were used to open people's minds to make them easier to control? I guess arguing with people why psychedelics are good isn't the best thing in the first place but what would you respond to that. There are really people thinking that psychedelics got created to make us all sheeps.
  23. Why do you disagree?
  24. You can get the pdf files for free. Just reading a wikipedia article is not enough. This really shows how ignorant you are. It is your decision tho and I respect that.