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  1. It would also be good to figure out your chronotype for optimal sleep.
  2. I am currently using this course to improve my learning techniques as well as overall learning efficiency. It can take time to really pick up, but I have heard of really good results from it. It is for people who need to improve their ability to learn material at a high level of mastery in less time.
  3. This part here reminds me of masculine psychology speaker, David Tian, and his thesis when it comes to men attempting to match up with ideas of the ideal masculine image. His first and second episodes lay down how many of the tips online don't work due to deeper, unconscious issues. Usually because a common issue is that men will attempt to use them to cope with deeper toxic shame from childhood as they build up a "high value" image of themselves. IFS therapy is important to and informs a lot of Tian's message. He says that protector parts will take on the role of using these dating tips, which further represses deeper insecurities and creates a "false self" as a result. I've began to notice this process happening in myself after taking in advice and beliefs from online sources (especially from pick up or game content. I believe I've seen much of it on this forum). Instead, there are parts of you that are say, naturally playful or confident, that just haven't had the space to express themselves due to insecurities and shame. The surface level advice only creates more of a reliance on these tips. I think a lot of this grapples with the language you may hear relating to "dating value" or "high quality man", which I think sometimes mingles with a persons sense of innate value or sense of worth on the whole. This video I believe is also important to his thesis/message. I haven't watched the video you shared yet so please forgive me for that haha. Perhaps there are some parallels. I would like to know more about what you think too.
  4. He says his advice in this podcast can apply to men and women.
  5. Here's some resources on the rise of modern conservatism from my history class: - important fiscal conservative 1945-1968 1968-1980 - Building the Moral Majority and views on family - women's rights activists versus conservative views on family 1980-2000 - views on gay rights activists -views on poverty and family - "Anti-Christ Philosophy Already Controls America and Europe"