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  1. Personally, I do read tarot cards but I honestly think that they are probally best left to an individuals interpretation for themselves, since I honestly believe most people have the awnsers of what they should do inside them even if they don't like the awnser. The first card is the Knight of cups, a highly romantic card, usually a person who chases romance. But since it is reversed the meaning changes to be the opposite, someone who when romance or the chance of romance comes up they tend to back down. The next card, the ten of pentacle is a card signifys a fulfilling life on a materlistic sense. It could also means creating a legacy for one self, usually involving family. Finally we end with the knight of wands, which usually signifys one that goes out and trys to experience life and find the awnser to one's problems. All togeather I read it like this. In one life, this person hasn't been one who's always been one to take responsibility for there love life, but if they wish to find love, they have to go out and put themselves out there, face getting rejected and try to make themselves an attractive prospect. The knights card, which there are two of signify a need for one to take action and the 10 of pentacles signify that when one does, the reward will be worth it Of course, this is my best interpretation given my lack of context behind the question and the person that reading is for.