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  1. Be kind, fierce if needed - go your own way.
  2. I suggest you explore what it means to be intimate with your own body.
  3. Ok, one more piece that I wrote today: Intestines are a dark place for most of us - untouched, unseen. Somehow, we are afraid of what might be lying there. The intestines are subject to a lot of emotional storage. Bringing Light into the intestines means going through anything that we've stored there. This is often a time for pain, but also a time for joy. The emptying, though not easy, is what brings an greater freedom. With the intestines beinh freed and brought to Light, there comes a simple-profound well-being. We simply feel good. There is a warmth, a friendliness, a cosiness to just being a body. It is a profound-simple freedom.
  4. I call it Tantric not as sex or special breath excercise, but as what Consciousness is doing. Consciousness is literally merging with Matter. That is not a one-time-realization, but a complete rewiring of the entire system. It is Real, Full-Body Awakening. Not long
  5. Let me give you an example of how my practice looked today: Sitting in meditation. Head, mind opening up, letting go of any conceptual and limited knowledge. Bright Light shining through, filling the entire head-space, which at this moment is much larger than the actual head - stretches on without a seeming end. That Light I call Infinite Intelligence. It is the manifest aspect of the Pure Mind. Connecting that Light of Infinite Intelligence into the feet. The feet are lit up and their function (which is to connect into the Earth) is... welll... made intelligent. The channels from the feet into the Earth are lit up. The connection is made strong and real. The seeing and feeling of vast awareness underneath my feet inside the planet. Feeling the Earth, knowing Her. Being in-formed by her. No need for conceptual TV news to know what's going on. It's right here, in Consciousness. In her consciousness, specifically, which when I'm in touch with, is my consciousness. What needs to be said here is that there is no "chooser" that chooses to do any of this. That "decides" to get in touch with the Infinite Intelligence and then with the feet and then with the Earth etc. This is the play of the Primal Power and my only role here is surrender. This is just one example and it can go in a milion ways. Into the very embodied states like described, or into deep contemplation on basic patterns of the mind, or into absorption into Pure Being beyond the body... the freedom and reality is that there is no "one way I am". I am completely free to be deeply embodied and rooted into the Earth, the next moment completely merged with the Absolute and forsaking even the most basic perceptions etc. The practice is to not fear any part of myself, to not like one aspect of myself more than any other... To Be Free.
  6. Awareness - the seeing - sharpens. The crown chakra is blown. However the rest of the system has a hard time catching up. The result is these high insights and a body that cannot handle them. It's not compassionate, not balanced, not healthy.
  7. You don't have to by physically with the Master. You'll find a way if the call is real.
  8. awesome the primary difference is that while the more narrow traditions focuse on realizing the nature of Consciousness as the Masculine only - Light, God, Goodness, the Tantric path merges that Being with the Feminine - Darkness, Power, Matter. We are speaking about the realization itself. If it is not present in you, it will be hard for me to point at it. yeah, everything is being purified. It's just that sexuality is so close to that Primal Power, that it's a big area that needs to be addressed. I don't know how this can happen without a genuine link to an Enlightened Master. I have links to many - mainly in the astral, some in the physical. When you link with me, you link to them also.
  9. Great questions see above I don't know about the kundalini. There are various currents at various times. What's important is what I called the Primal Power. It is the pure nature of Being in Matter. It is Power itself. It is the Siva/Shakti united. I used to use psychedelics in the past, however now I've gotten quite sensitive and mostly it really fucks up the energetic system (can speak more about this if someone is interested). Incredibely! Very much awareness of the insides of the body. Constant connection to the sexual energy and as a result steady, gentle pleasure. General well-being in the body. It was never actually possible before this. Tantra is relationship. Primarily with yourself and then with everything else. As such, Intimacy becomes the very base of your Being.
  10. @WelcometoReality most generally - Surrender to Reality - within that it can take an infinite number of forms
  11. Hi @Leo Gura, I haven't been up to date with your content, but I always liked the work ? inspiring! I was wondering, got any teachers you are learning from? I am aware that you work with psychedelics, however the - what you called in another post - "manual work", are you still pulling it from someone? Yeah, it's cool the forum, thanks for making it happen ??
  12. @Leo Gura Ok, Leo, I guess you must have answer this already, but could you describe or express your baseline state? I just watched one of your videos, and although I intuitively realized before what direction your teachings are pointing, yeah my consciousness of the fact that Reality is imagination is simply not present moment to moment. I'll be happy to return to your teachings again.
  13. Oh well, I tried. I'll just leave this here in case somebody reads it later and sees it for what it is- This forum and the founder Leo, don't stand for Total Reality. The freedom from the head identification, which Leo communicates and which is where most of the members of the community arr either coming from or going towards - is only one of the major 'Freedoms' that the human system needs to attain in order for the Being to breath through every part of us. The freedom through the head/mind does depend on untangling the assumed self there by examination and dropping of the belief system. Leo does it well, but exclusively. The freedom through the heart depends on our actions becoming completely subservient to the Whole. Every layer of self-willing is given over to the Will. As far as I can see, Leo is not Realized there. The freedom through the belly depends on us merging with Pure Power. The body itself loses the sense of being separate. As far as I can see, Leo - and consequently the community - is in complete denial of this Realization. Just know, that by following this teaching, you are following a path of authentic Realization, but only on one of three major levels of the that exist for us. As complete as the God-Realization proposed here might seem, there are major identifications hidden underneath. Bowing to your Blissful and Free Being Vajra
  14. I'm Vajra. The work of this (my) being is towards the Fullness of Reality - human, spirit, nothing I write. I write stories. Transmission-stories. Here is my website: Some of the fields that interest me: God, But really: sexuality; man*woman split; boxing & physical ability; literature; the possibility of Transmitting Consciousness; organ-myth work (more on that later maybe) Quite obviously, different individuals have different set ups, as Beings. Let me see what I can say about the Actualized forum as whole, and how I See its set up. A lot of Clarity, very open and 'lit up' mid-eyebrow region, activated crown. Some activity in the Heart. An impulse to Serve. Beautiful Completely denied Ground - lower chakras in the dark. Ouuuch... - this obviously doesn't apply to everyone. When I Look, I can definitely See closed Minds; closed Hearts, as well as Hearts developed above the avarage; I See some opening of the Ground in a few individuals, but generally the surrender Down is rather blocked. ✋Happy to be here and excited to Chill with you guys
  15. What does it mean to respond truthfully and in humility to an invitation to a next/deeper level of Being? Death of the self. I Invite you - however Realized you might be in some aspects, consider the Fullness of Reality, where neither the human, nor the Spirit, nor the nothing is denied. Let them all come into One Integrated Whole.
  16. Yeah, just asking that, because I know a lot of spiritual people get stuck there.
  17. Ok, what about body stuff for example? All that is conscious?
  18. @Julian gabriel go to the Core of it. Any unconscious movement, originating anywhere but Clearly and Consciously from your Being - is a prison. Follow it like bread-crumbs, through the feeling system, to its very Core - to where it's Originating. Once there, See what's causing it and Liberate yourself.
  19. @emvipi "Chronic illness fuckin sucks!!!" Here is what you do: love it to death. Find the exact thoughts, perceptions that make it up - find the feeling of it, and be with that thing completely, directly. Over and over and over, until no "attitude" towards it, or "way of handling" remains - just Pure Being with. That's Love. When you reach that, chances are that the illness will go. But whether or not, Enjoy yourSelf Good luck, V
  20. @Sugarcoat hey man. Sorry to hear it. Thanks for sharing your experience and making the best out of this painful thing. Take good care - gently on yourself ✋ V
  21. Well, truth is nice It can be volnurable sometimes, but really ... what a Value if we can do it anyway! It makes space for who we really are and for who others really are. It makes space for True Connection. It's beautiful.
  22. Hi. Hit me up with something truthful, but not arrogantly so. (hope you don't mind me posting here)