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  1. "You take the limits of communucation for granted." I don't. I am saying - find a way to communicate to me (such that I will have no doubt) that you are God-Realized. You are saying it's not possible. That is, you are imposing limits on communication here. Am I right?
  2. "God has no ability to distinguish between a God-Realized individual and non-God-Realized individual." — is that an expression of stupidity or intelligence?
  3. What I am saying is that if you ARE God-Realized, cannot there be a human or beyond-human way to communicate that to me without doubt? You are essentially saying that there is no way you can communicate it to me without doubt. THAT's a weak answer, I would say.
  4. In other words God is stupid and cannot distinguish between a God-Realized individual and one that's not? Maybe... but maybe not. Maybe God is Intelligent.
  5. @aurum a) How do you know that? Maybe you simply didn't find a way yet. Maybe there is one. b) Why not care? When you know, you can relate to these people more accurately. It's good to know whether a person is a man or a woman. It's important. Just in the same way, It might be relevant to know whether someone is actually God-Realized, or is only saying that. Thank you for speaking.
  6. @Phil King Thanks. Seems to me that you verified that when you contemplate somebody's words on God or Enlightenment, you sometimes get direct experience which verifies for you 'God' or'Enlightenment'. What I hear when you say that, is that you perhaps received a method from these people on how to contemplate or where to turn your mind to get these spiritual insights. I have to say, that's not the same as realizing that the given person IS God-Realized or Enlightened. It's a subtle distinction, but it's ture. Got it?
  7. Hmmm. So you are saying that to 'have already had multiple God realizations and higher awakenings' will somehow give you the power to assess whether the words someone is sharing with you are coming from genuine God Realization or not? If that's you, as in you had these awakening and can tell when someone is really God-Realized, tell me how that works please. I'd like to hear. That's precisely what I am asking about you guys. Thank You
  8. I didn't even say that I am not Realizing God. I said that I don't know if you or Leo or someone else is too. That's what I am asking about.
  9. Well that's cool, but I didn't really mean tell me how to experience God. I meant if you are saying that you know God, or know the truth, how can I believe you? How can I know YOU are not bullshiting? How? Got an answer for that? THANKS
  10. So what? You will not be forgiven. You are screwed. And of course you won't be forgiven. You are full of sin, full of bullshit, NOT PURE. Isn't that true? Now, accepting that is accepting the Will of God. Accepting that is not denying the Holy Spirit or Allah. Accepting that is Love of Reality. Why? Because that is reality, isn't it? You are not perfect. If you were to be judged whether you are a perfect saint or whether you have still some "sin" hidden there somewhere, .... Maaan, sin would be very likely found. That is Reality. Coming to terms with that, accepting that is... paradoxically not denying [whatever name you have for that which is Holy/Sacred/Real]. Not denying Reality is being ok with yourself if you are a sinner (damned lol), or a saint. Because it's true. Don't worry, then. Open up. See what's here, without fear. Love. 🙏 ❤️
  11. Oh really? Why should Reality be infinite? Why should you be me? Because someone told you so? Because you experienced that? Because you thought that? What is Real?
  12. Suffering. You don't have to believe in God to examine suffering. What it is. How it works. Without the current judgments and assumptions you are holding now... Like this: - you see you don't like suffering -- oh, ok, then suffering exists --- what is suffering? In this way you go from reactivity to what you call "suffering", to an exploration of the nature of suffering. No need to believe in God here, or listen to anyone trying to tell you what God or suffering is. This is the intelligent way forward. 🙏
  13. @sleep hey, hey. Hate is nice. It might not feel like that sometimes, but it's stuff only when it comes down to it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Perhaps seek someone who has mastered the whole emotion business. You'll be good <3
  14. @Theplay you might be wrong. maybe you never reached enlightenment, but only 'my experience was full of bliss'. Might be different, consider. In my experience, the ego does not arise as such. It's Freedom. All I can say.
  15. Shakyamuni Buddha
  16. @Ash55 @UnbornTao Yeah, I loved Alan Watts and he was actually the first one, who introduced me to spirituality. However, I'd say he wasn't free of the ego. And what I call a 'Great Master', is one who IS free of the ego, IS Realized. Alan Watts was a fu**ing awesome speaker, and since he had a very good intellectual grasp of the eastern traditions, as well as some mystical experience under his belt (which allowed him to relate to the Teachings in a more authentic way) he could introduce people very well to the Path, to Spirituality. That, I think no one can take away from him. But again, a Great Master, is someone who is (Fully) Realized, and therefore can Bring you to (Full) Realization as well.
  17. If you realize what Reality or some aspect of it is, give me your Purest expression of it. Avoid any egoic twists on your speech. Speak from/as Being.