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  1. I never considered using maximum bar speed on the concentric portion of the lift. How long of a break between each set / exercise is recommended? I want strength and explosive power more than size but some bigger shoulders and leg muscles would be nice. I see abs and face pulls just have 1 set. I guess usually for the exercises focusing mostly one 1 muscle, just 1-2 sets are typically done and around 5 sets for the compound lifts is commonly recommended? I think my 15 second break idea is kinda not that good for a beginner. My muscles hurt quite a bit today which is one day after my first workout. I usually am the most sore 2 days after a hard workout when I used to lift 10 years ago. I hope I will be in ok shape tomorrow. I might start doing 1 minute breaks instead.
  2. Hello, Thanks for replying, I might need to look at my form on the different exercises. I will try watching youtube videos and watching my own video to see any differences especially for the 2 exercises you mentioned. I kind of just like the idea of creating my own program for now. It might not be the best to reach my goals the fastest and ne the safest but it makes me more interested in doing it which is more important to me. I am open to making changes here and there as I experiment and learn what works best. My diet, I eat the same thing usually 3-4 times per day which is rice, lamb, broccoli, carrots, zucchini butter salt all cooked and mixed together. I also eat some fruit like oranges, apples, bananas, pears, avocados. I have not gotten sick of this food for several years. I will need to eat more now that I am exercising more. Hello, Thanks for replying. 1. My goal is to get some strength and muscles generally over my whole body over the next 6 months. I want to prevent injuries. I would like to start rock climbing after 6 months if my knees are feeling ok. I would probably want to start more rock climbing focused training if I end up rock climbing. I used to rock climb indoors recreationally but stopped after injuring my foot and knee. My 2nd goal is to get my knee fixed which seems to me IT band syndrome. Stretching seems not to help at all. I think I need to strengthen my leg muscles and self massage a lot around my hip and quads. 2. I was planning on working out 3 times per week. I was thinking if my muscles hurt too much I could alternate going easier on legs one day and easier on upper body the next. I will probably do full body workouts for now. I could try other types later. 3. I was planning on doing the same exercises but possibly alternate on doing 2 sets and 4 sets for the leg or upper body each time. 4.To progressively overload, I just planned to always do as many reps as I can to failure. If I can do 15 or more reps I will either increase the weight on the dumbbells or if it is a body weight exercise I will see if I can find a more difficult variation. This should increase the overall volume as I get stronger. I maybe should take a look at some home workout plans to see what they do.
  3. I filmed my first workout of my 6 month goal. I want to follow this workout 3 days a week for 26 weeks.
  4. I have a really low opinion of school unless you want to use it for a job like a doctor. You can buy books and do your own research to learn more with less money and less time.
  5. For me, sex is more about becoming closer with your partner, learning about what they like and how to make them feel loved. It fills the need of being loved and accepted. A lot of it is not about sexual satisfaction for me but starting to become one with the other person and filling those needs mentioned. A lot of the time I do not feel sexually satisfied having sex 2x per week so I will masturbate when I really want to in order to feel that sexual satisfaction. I don't think either sex or masturbation can replace each other very easily. They fill different needs. I am sure other people have a different view on sex though. This is just my experience.
  6. Hello, I want to write down my first 5-MEO Malt experience for anyone that is interested. I plugged 6mg at 5pm today. Right now it is 11.30pm for me. I feel strong emotions of acceptance and comfort as I write this, which is very pleasant. The only other psychedelic I have taken before is 5-MEO DMT around 15-16 times. Before the trip I meditated for around 1-1.5 hours trying to experience the difference between what is real and what is imagination. I felt like I was getting somewhere with this meditation. I was getting a much clearer understanding of the distinction between reality and imagination. I listened to Leo's video on 5-MEO Malt on 2x speed while reading up on what people had to say about it on the forum, deciding on the dose and preparing it. I decided on 1 red mini-scoop which weighed out to around 6 mg. Leo mentioned 5-10mg was a good staring dose in his video. In my last few 5-MEO DMT trips, my trips have been lasting much longer and I seem more sensitive than I used to be so I wanted to start out with low dose with this new substance. I plugged the dose and lay prone for the first 5 min before getting on some underwear and sitting cross legged alternating between opening and closing my eyes. As i looked at the fuzzy blanket over my lap, I could see every micro movement of every strand. The light coming through my window changed as the sun started setting and the colors did seem a bit different than normal, but it is hard to describe it and it was subtle. After 50 or so minutes I decided to lie down on my back and close my eyes so that I could just relax and feel the emotions of acceptance, love, curiosity coming up in my body. I imagined sexual images and pondered what causes arousal. I accepted and cherished every image that appeared in my mind before moving on to thinking about my priorities. (No sexual thoughts came up during my MEO- DMT trips as sex did not seem interesting to me when taking it) When on 5MEO-DMT I desired more than anything to understand but when on 5MEO-Malt, I just wanted to experience everything. Experience trumped everything. I wanted to experience everything possible and come to my own conclusions of what I like and what I dislike. I even wanted to experience disliking things and struggling. I could feel love for the present experience building in my heart. I imagined many things that I wished to experience. This lasted until around 2.5 hours after I started. I got a few text messages and was filled with love trying to decipher the meaning and respond in the proper way. Shortly after I cooked some food then watched a guided meditation by Michael Taft. At one point he asks "What is noticing the experience that is happening right now" The obvious answer that someone listening to the meditation would first come up with is "awareness" but I could see that that was just a thought. The answer that I came up with is: There is nothing noticing the present experience. Noticing is not happening at all. The present experience is just being itself. Awareness is fused with this present experience. I feel quite relaxed, positive and accepting. Emotionally I feel much better than I have after 5MEO DMT. 5MEO DMT has left me with pleasure in my head but I was much less interested in emotions or experiencing different things. It left me more interested in understanding intellectually through direct experience. With 5MEO Malt I felt much more emotional and put less importance on intellectual understanding in favor of being absorbed in experience and becoming what is. I enjoyed it quite a lot. It also lasted much longer, strongly affecting me for 2.5 hours while the 5MEO-DMT strongly affects me for 40-60 minutes usually. That is what I can remember right now. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask or comment.
  7. I should have been a bit more clear, I meant to say that I am guessing it will be similar to 5MEO DMT at higher doses in terms of ego death being part of it. Maybe not quite as harsh as 5MEO-DMT but I think ego death should be a part of what is experienced at higher doses. In any case it was a different experience what felt quite fresh and looking from a different perspective. I will have to try a higher dose to find out what it is like. I will move slowly though since I do seem to be getting more and more sensitive.
  8. I took a low dose so I can't say for sure. On a higher dose I am guessing it will be similar. This experience I had made me want to enjoy having an ego even though I realized it did not exist.
  9. I find it interesting that you believe people that say they have no internal experience but not people that do. People describing their experiences won't help you figure out if they are real. I am a bit sad that you are suffering. Everything in your memory and imagination could be considered fake but that does not have to make you depressed. I am pretty sure God isn't there just to torture you. God did not create just as a joke against you. God just felt like making it, so it happened. I hope you can figure out how to enjoy life as it is without caring whether God is playing a joke on you or not. If he is, it is better to just enjoy what you can from it anyways.
  10. The major benefits are relaxation. It might not be that relaxing during the meditation but after doing it for a while it seems to have a relaxing effect overall. Stress is known to cause many health issues. Doing it for the sake of health issues is a good enough reason. You will also enjoy life more. Being intimate with my girlfriend was more enjoyable too for me which is a very nice benefit. It doesn't matter what you think about. Find some meditation instructions and try your best to follow those. Usually they don't ask you not to think. You might be asked to put your attention on something and if thoughts come up take note that you are thinking something and go back to the instructions. Thinking during meditation is expected. Just do your best and don't feel discouraged thinking that you should not be thinking when that is not even part of the instructions. You want your surroundings to leave you feeling safe and free of distractions. I have heard that you should go to a special spot just for meditation and not use your bed or something like that because you associate that spot with other things. I still meditate sitting on 2 pillows on my bed because I like it there. Good luck You will not typically be relaxed during meditation until you have a lot of experience with it. The relaxation usually comes after you have meditated and not necessarily during the meditation. You should expect it to be torture for the first year or so but gradually improve your life. If that is not something you want, then it might not be for you at this point in your life.
  11. I think Leo mentioned HCL for snorting in a video somewhere. I don't feel like looking it up now. I only have personal experience with plugging the HCL version and freebase mixed with vinegar.
  12. Maybe people get being rude and teasing confused sometimes. Teasing is very important to get to know someone and have a closer relationship but it should be very playful and lighthearted in my experience.
  13. Girls do not like to be bored so people acting rude at least causes some drama and entertainment. You do not need to be rude. You could be more silly and say unexpected things while acting kind and respectful to attract them if that seems better for you.
  14. Where is it proven what semen retention and sexual transmutation can do? I did not notice much difference after 30-40 days the several times I went without. Is that too short a time? I don't have much opportunity to do it now because my girlfriend does not want me to have sex without an orgasm but I am curious.
  15. You could try turning each other on enough to cum without touching the sensitive parts. More dirty talking and denial while pleasuring any parts that are not sore.
  16. I tore something in my shoulder as I relaxed a bit at the bottom of a pullup. It hurt for years but eventually I joined a dragon boating team. The light regular exercise in my shoulders eventually help it heal. I have also had a lot of wrist pain so much that I could not use the computer for more than a few minutes. I healed this by using a massage ball for 2 hours a day on my back, chest and lats. A massage ball might help loosen your muscles and allow blood flow inside to repair the tissue. That along with very light exercise. Most injuries can be fixed especially when you are young even though it seems it is impossible and will not get better.
  17. I took 5MEO DMT 15 times and did not notice many after effects until this latest trip. Still around 2 weeks later I when I am relaxing, I feel a vibrating pleasure sensation on my temples like I just got a nice massage. I feel like I can just turn off my verbal thoughts when I want to and sit there relaxing in pleasure. I found especially after meditation in the last 2 weeks I can enter states where things like walking to my car or driving to work feels like time has slowed down, I feel great, stress free and can take more experience in at once. In the latest trip that I mentioned, I plugged 21mg and spent most of my time flat on my back with my eyes closed. I spent the later parts eyes open still lying down for a decent amount of time as well. Usually I don't spend as much time with my eyes closed so that might have something to do with being able to relax into it. It was not my highest dose either. I took one 28mg and one 32mg dose which did not have as big of an after effect. I am not sure if you will have such a big effect every time. For me it was just this latest time 1 of 15 that had a clearly noticeable effect. I am curious about how your future trips turn out.
  18. This is super cringy. I would much rather talk to someone and see if I like them and that they are single instead of putting the effort of something like writing up a resume for them.
  19. Hello, I tried taking some breaks from masturbating too. I have lasted around 30-40 days several times. It seems like you think that having regular sex will help you to stop masturbating but sex and masturbation fill very different needs. Having regular sex does not replace the desire to masturbate. Actually you may have noticed if you have gone a week without an orgasm, then have sex, you will want to masturbate soon after. I will still masturbate regularly while having sex 2x per week with my girlfriend and I think it is perfectly fine. You seem to beat yourself up over it which is the unhealthy part, not the masturbation. If it makes your girlfriend unhappy then you should not tell her when you relapse. Keep it as a personal thing you are figuring out yourself. The sex will be better the more you meditate and if you have not masturbated for a long time so it is nice to choose yourself what you want to do. If you make that choice to masturbate then treat yourself well after. Don't beat yourself up and see clearly how it positively and negatively affects you. Also do you really think there are a lot of benefits from obtaining from orgasm? I am very doubtful of that and think these benefits are overstated.
  20. It is Saturday night now and since my last trip on Monday night I have felt relaxation and a vibrating pleasure sensation on my temples whenever I don't need to think about anything. If feels very satisfying and relaxing. I can just sit there and bliss out without worrying or thinking about anything. I went to a friend's house party tonight and I had much less social anxiety and what quite comfortable the whole time there which usually doesn't happen. I am normally an introvert and feel self conscious at parties. I want to spread this sensation to my whole body if I can. It really feels great.
  21. It seems you have beliefs and concepts that are bringing up negative emotions. Why do you give a bad meaning to meaninglessness? You could try the exercise in Leo's video "guided exercise for realizing you are god." Try to get a taste of how interesting everything is when you set aside your explanations of what things are and how they got there. When you realize that you practically don't know anything then things get much more interesting. Also since you are already in low spirits it might help to first find something that interests you and really learn it or focus on it deeply to try to get out of your low spirits.
  22. I did 21mg of 5MEO DMT a couple weeks ago and did not write anything about it. I guess I did not have much to say about it. 1.5 hours ago I took 3 scoops which is around 21mg of 5MEO DMT. I peaked for around an hour which has never happened to me before. It usually lasts around 30 min. I am still feeling the effects of it. I spent most of the time lying on my back unmoving just relaxing and feeling energy move around. I realized I spend way too much of my time doing useless things and should be spending this time on building something important with my life. I could be building a website or YouTube channel, trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. I could see my relationship with my girlfriend and my parents from their point of view. I could spend some more time learning what their needs are and filling those. I can do a better job of understanding how my body works. How to massage, exercise, and make sure it is able to get though the day easily. Recently have food and knee pain quite frequently. I don't need to search for a better understanding of god right now. It is more important for me to focus on living the best life possible and get that figured out before spending too much time on spiritual pursuits although 30-60min per day should be fine. I need to show more love to myself throughout the day. If things trigger me to feel frustrated I need to recognize that pattern and just tell myself "I love you"
  23. @Matthew85 Yes, I don't have an answer to that right now that has worked for me. I am trying to improve at doing this technique enough to be comfortable doing it while going about my day. I will let you know if I make any improvements.
  24. I don't really understand what you mean when you say "every object exist eternally and infinitely." Everything is constantly changing so I would think no object exists for any amount of time. Are you saying that when I experience waking up then walking into my kitchen, that is all 1 object? I think of one object to be an unchanging thing. Even if time does not exist in the way people imagine it, there is still change happening right? Are you just saying that the present experience exists eternally and infinitely or are you talking about objects?
  25. I think your idea of what is perfect is what is imperfect. If something exists, how can it be anything other than perfect?