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  1. @Salvijus "For someone like that" - What do you mean by this? Make sure that you're not projecting here. Well then, what is the truth? Are emotions, thoughts, and dreams true? If they aren't true/real, what are they? How can I come to experience something that isn't real? Doesn't the fact that I'm experiencing it, make it real? I can experience something that makes a belief impossible to refute. If I'm believing/experiencing something, that would come to be a part of reality and truth. Regardless of what it is that I'm experiencing, right? That in itself does not mean that it is the end all, be all truth. That what I'm experiencing as reality/truth doesn't mean it's the highest form of truth that is true in every case. It is true, and it is very real to the person who is living in these circumstances and with those beliefs. If one aims to distinguish truth from a belief, one has to know what both of those are, and how they "work". So rather, one may have to go through multiple beliefs in order to just establish a simple form of truth - that it's very hard to find. Rather than saying that one type of belief "is wrong" because it's not "the truth". The first 5 minutes here are relevant
  2. There are different variations of truth and reality as we can perceive it. Take the instance of Schrödinger's cat. The cat is both dead and alive (truth and reality, as far as you can perceive it) until one has been able to go into the room and check which one it is for "certainty". The reality as you see it (perceive it) doesn't mean that it is what's "real" in the highest meaning of the world. We have physical manifestations of reality (and truth) and we have non-physical manifestations of it as well. There are different kinds of realities and truth, and to find out which one is "of the highest order" is no easy task.
  3. There is this idea of sacrificing something in the now, in order to gain something beneficial in the future. For example, I can have a cookie and eat unhealthy now and I'll feel satisfied. Long-term that will end up me being unhealthy and not feeling good. But if I "sacrifice" the cookie now, I can feel better and physically be better (long-term). That to me is the idea of "rules or laws" regardless if they come from a religion or anything else like a government. Whether I look at the possible long-term gain of doing/not doing a specific action is up to me, but I must regardless face the consequences of that eventually. If you're gonna take this example, I also believe you should take into consideration what was also written in the bible "The law was made for man, not man made for the law". We can also look at the story of Joseph, who refuses to "go to bed" with the wife of the man he served. Joseph says in the bible "How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?" This was Genesis 39. The law, and the concept of "sin" was only introduced in Leviticus (two books later). So there's something else going on in the concept of sin (as you seem to describe it) that's not really stated and not really clear. If it were just about following the "law", this could not have been considered a sin, since there was no law.
  4. The "thing" existed before humans created the concept. The concept was made to understand something that was already there. In trying to understand "what is already there" we have created a concept that in itself can't be understood without first having known the "real deal". But how can you talk about something, without calling it something? God is the best descriptive word for this "something". That doesn't mean that the word in itself is descriptive in explaining "all there is" about this "something". It's just the best word we have.
  5. Stay away from porn, doesn't matter if it's hetero, homo or any other kind of porn. It's damaging.
  6. @Morten 1. Well, it says that money doesn't make you any happier if you earn over 75k a year. But if you can earn 200k a year and do what you love, which person would be happier? Money is kinda the fuel to do whatever it is you want to do. The thing that brings happiness in the latter case is doing what you love, the money itself does not bring that happiness, he talked about that yesterday on his Snapchat. 2. Well, he's not investing in those cars, he's using them for enjoyment, just as some people watches TV for enjoyment. So that's the difference there. Overall I would say Tai is one of the best "motivators" for starting self-development (reading books and improving yourself) but I don't know about the "Get Rich" things. Sure he might be renting that house/cars or whatever, but he has the money to rent a big damn house in Hollywood Hills as well as renting some damn expensive cars for a long while. Doesn't really matter whether or not he rents them as he has enough money to rent them I mean, and who knows maybe he gets some good deals (aka it being cheaper than buying) and that's why he's renting them.
  7. An important thing is when you have made your budget, and you go to the bar or something. Only take cash with you, not any card or so. This will make it pretty much impossible for you to go over the budget
  8. He's not telling you to say hi and bye to random students (I assume, haven't watched the video) But rather to introduce yourself to many people (say Hi) and when you are leaving say goodbye. He's not telling you to go like "Hi" - "Bye" to random people you meet that are in college. That is just plain weird.
  9. @Arman The testosterone increase is false however, cold showers affect immune system which correlates with testosterone as well. So indirectly cold showers can affect the testosterone Don't remember anything else lol
  10. @fireworld In my opinion people just get the visualization thing wrong. You can't expect yourself to just visualize something and then magically it'll come to you. You should see the end result as well as the road to where you've gotten. Just seeing the end results won't do anything. So first and foremost you need goals for whatever it is you want to get/achieve. Now you need to make a "roadmap" on how to achieve this goal. For the visualization to work you need to do the part of HOW you get to the point where you wanna be. So combine the end result together with the road there. Obviously, you have to be specific, you can't say "I want to get rich, and to do that I will earn more money". Rather something in this way "I wanna earn $50.000 on a monthly basis by the end of next year. I am gonna achieve this by creating my own company and providing service of value to other people". This value/service is something you'd have to figure out for yourself and put in your visualization/affirmation. A book that is often overlooked by Napoleon Hill, is the "Law of Success" 21st-century edition. In my opinion, it's better than ToG and gives a complete blueprint of how to achieve "success" whether that's financial or anything else you have in mind. When you are doing the affirmations, don't just utter the word. You need to show FEELINGS, positive feelings. If you are talking about how you're gonna achieve your goal of 50k/month next year then you should express both faith (that you'll achieve it) together with enthusiasm for the upcoming road you have ahead of yourself.
  11. @Live Life Liam May I ask how you've managed to live alone in a flat that age? Kinda what I would dream of doing right now (also 17). I personally have dropped out of high-school and I currently at least, don't have any thoughts on going back. I'm gonna get a capital for a business either through work or some of the government programs that can help and eventually travel around the world and when I come back I'll get my own place. I also don't see any reason like you on why I should go university or anything such if it has nothing I want to do
  12. Based on my tests, (ENTJ vs ESTJ) I would personally say I'm either an ENTJ or INTJ (extroversion of 6%). Another test that I've found WAY more accurate than MBTI is Enneagrams, where I'm a 5. Look it up
  13. Hey there! I am looking for some input on principles to add into my life. I will implement them one after one until it becomes automated and completely natural to me These are some of the principles I have/intend to have until a year from now (max) 80/20 Principle - 80% of the effect comes from 20% of the work Do Something - 4X Rule - (from Alex Social) Give it 4 shots, and afterwards be ready to walk away. NRYNE - (Alex Social) There's No Reason Your Not Enough Starting with the end - Know where you are going, so you can redirect yourself when you find yourself on the wrong path CANI - Constant And Never-ending Improvement If You're Comfortable You're Not Growing - Step out of your comfort zone Treat others like yourself wanna be treated. - If you want somebody to wake you up on the train when you fall asleep, be prepared to do so for other humans as well. Wanna Move Mountains? Start with the small stones under your feet - Start small and move upwards to tougher goals. If You Wanna Fly Like and Eagle, don't hang out with turtles - Self-explanatory hehe You're not failing/rejected, your being redirected to something better.
  14. Has anyone read this book (series) "Reality Transurfing" by Vadim Zeland? What were your opinions, what's the books about other than methods and deep information on LoA? Is the English version badly translated?
  15. @Ariel Because you don't have to "work" for masturbating/porn. I'd recommend you watching this video