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  1. He imagines he is dreaming but you (if you are conscious) can know directly that this is completely false by being conscious that you are real and thus he can't be imagining you.
  2. Imagine you thought there is a burglar in your house when there really isn't. Don't you need a distinction to know when you are imagining that something exists as opposed to something actually existing.
  3. The point is everyone on here claims definitively that everything is imaginary without any evidence. That's no way to proceed. So either everyone on here is delusional or everyone on here is unconscious. But definitively none of the people on here are imagining me because I really exist. In other words all of them are imagining that they are imagining me.
  4. I don't know and I have no way of knowing because I have no access to your experience.
  5. I didn't claim they are conscious only that I am conscious and thus you are not imagining me.
  6. I never said imaginary things don't exist I only said they only exist in your imagination such as your idea that I am imaginary.
  7. This is where I disagree. The people in your dreams aren't conscious or experiencing anything whereas I am conscious and experiencing so there is a clear difference between dreaming and being awake.
  8. I would like to begin by expressing my desire that this thread delves into the heart of the matter about the nature of the world. I am not here to prove anything but rather am attempting to understand your thought process. Let's start by making functional definitions of real and imaginary. If my definitions are unsatisfactory please provide your own. Real - Not imaginary, existing beyond your imagination Imaginary - Not real, existing only in your imagination Imagination - The dimension of your experience that doesn't involve your senses. For example, this forum is real because I can't see it without my eyes, but the tiger I see with my mind's eye is imaginary. So then I wonder why you think (if you do) that my post is imaginary considering the fact it exists beyond your imagination. I am literally seeing this post that I'm typing as I type it. Also if I am telling the truth that I am consciously experiencing typing this then why do you consider me to be imaginary and why do you do you think you are dreaming? Thank you for your help.
  9. You claim "I know" which contradicts your previous claim of not existing.
  10. @RMQualtrough How could you possibly know whether what you are saying is true if you do not exist and are thus unconscious?
  11. Just because you are imperceptible doesn't mean you don't exist.
  12. Technically if what you are saying is true there is no death for there is nothing to die. Clearly whatever is generating this sentence is conscious otherwise how would I know that this sentence I'm typing has twenty-three words in it.