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  1. For me repression doesn't work I just want to say it more then. I don't know if this will work for you but it did for me. Since I'm not a Merican I didn't understand the problem with the word so I said it freely and there are no black people here so no one else cared. But watching this helped me empathize with them to the point that I don't have the need to say it anymore.
  2. I remember watching them in my bodybuilding phase and I loved them. But when I see them now making the same jokes 10 years later the feeling of cringe overwhelms me and i have to stop the video.
  3. Go touch grass. Who gives a fuck where they hosted a conference.
  4. Yea. Then a minute later he said would Leo advocate for sacrificing yourself for your girl.
  5. If you know what they are saying is different than reality. How are you confused? It's obviously gaslighting.
  6. Jesus Christ twitch chats are cancer. But I don't get why so many people think Leo is a cult leader.
  7. Destiny reacted to Leo on his stream. But he got triggered pretty fast. 2:34:00 Watch the next minute or two he explains why he got triggered when he starts playing the next vid.
  8. 1. Banana 2. Blueberries (fresh) 3. Lemon 4. Coconut 5. Peach
  9. High quality of life.
  10. You are in a bubble. People outside of America don't care about it.
  11. You think that he might have touched children and you don't care?
  12. You would never trust a guy to have a line when it comes to your child.
  13. Maybe he didn't know he was being molested. Google says that molestation can be watching a naked child. Or if he did the Louis C. K. thing. Maybe wouldn't be too traumatizing. Idn. I just hope Leo doesn't get canceled like Milo because of this.