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  1. “Being a man about it,” has nothing to do with if op is comfortable with his girlfriend sleeping with other guys. If he’s not comfortable with it then he shouldn’t appect less then his stated boundaries. His not less of a man if that’s his boundary. Don’t impose your beliefs about what is a manly thing to do. Look you’re doing the right thing in my opinion. If you have set a boundary about what you expect in a relationship stand by it. If she doesn’t want to give you a straight answer then she hasn’t meet your criteria for you to be exclusive. You can then decide wether to keep things casual or stop talking to her.
  2. A sense of self is important for figuring out how to I want to navigate life. Its sort of like a compass for me to choose things that get me closer to living my life purpose. A compass alone may not always lead me towards my target in the most effective way but it gives me the direction I need when I lose it.
  3. Depends on what you want to know. What financial knowledge do you have now? What is your goal in learning this? What do plan to do with this knowledge?
  4. You know redpill gets a bad rap mostly because like you said people who don’t have enough sex, didn’t read the stuff or read it in the wrong order, or don’t join a group focused on felid reports and with guys who actually talk to women. what most men do wrong is they don’t do the fundamental thing the information was meant to do which is go out and use it to improve their sex life. Instead they use it to validate their toxic world view that women are terrible whores that will leave the second they see an objectively better option. Then bitch about why are women this terrible stereotype I have built in my head despite never going out and interacting with them. I honestly think a guy needs to focus on pickup books till about 10-20 lays. Then read No more mr nice guy and when I say no I feel guilty(this is a great book on being assertive). Then around 30-40 they can read rational male because otherwise you’ll use the info wrong, I know I did. Every successfully guy that actually helped me in the redpill community sort of follows this path. They learned how to get laid consistently then they read the theory when they had trouble keeping the girls around or building a good relationship with them.
  5. Honest question why are so many people obsessed with killing their ego through ego death? I understand that the ego can get in the way but it seems silly to completely destroy a part of yourself. It seems like you’ll lose something important, a sense of self seems important at least to me.
  6. When I say luxury good I mean more along the lines of food vs video games as opposed to a town house vs a mansion . In the house example everyone needs shelter and thus most people will buy the best house they possibly can afford. You see this with a lot of commodity items people will typically buy the best they can reasonably afford. Similarly women pre-women rights treated men the same, the would go for the best man they could reasonably get prioritizing comfort qualities. Comfort qualities you can see as being money(resources),empathy, and parenting qualities among others. This was important to enable their survival as women couldn’t acquire resources as effectively as a man could at that time. Since women can now earn a salary and have the similar rights to men legally now comfort qualities aren’t as important to most women in the modern day. They become important in a relationship matience context but isn’t what will attract most in the first place to form one. This in turn has switched the dating market to a luxury good context. In the food vs video games example most people would choose to buy food over a video game if they only had enough money to buy one or the other. People need food but people want video games. This makes all video games a form a of luxury item. Similarly women do not need a man to survive anymore but every woman wants a man. Luxury items generate profit by appealing and catering to a niche as opposed to increasing their inherent value. They have a perceived value to their target niche and are only concerned with catering to that audience’s desires. Men are in this situation as women now initially prioritize attractive qualities over comfort qualities. Now most men make two mistakes major mistakes when they hear that. They assume that women only want the best man and what makes that man attractive. Remember, men are a luxury item meaning that we each have a niche that we cater to. A fps gamer will not have the same taste in games as a RPG gamer. Even within those groups not every game in that genre will be rated the same between gamers. Some fps gamers prefer tactical shooters as opposed arena shooters. Some arena shooter fans will rate halo higher then unreal tournament. Similarly women have a variety of taste in men as a group. If you walk around your town and look for couples you will notice a variety and diverse combinations of men and women. Women don’t want the best man they want the best man for them. Second men typically misunderstand what actually is considered attractive by women. Since most men are primarily attracted to the visual they assume women are too. This is incorrect as what women are primarily attracted to can be summarized as the emotional roller coaster. They want a man to provide them with an exciting movie star experience not necessarily to look like a movie star. This is in part why girls will randomly start stupid verbal arguments with you if she’s bored. That is what they love, attention and spiked emotions to a woman is what sex is to men. Now don’t misunderstand me I am not saying looks aren’t important it’s just less important then you think and different. Women want men to match the vibe they are portraying, congruence. I can further expand upon this if you have questions about what I brought up here.
  7. This is going on my wall.
  8. If you’re concerned about the morality of casual sex you probably need to get laid more.
  9. Yes you can. People are very predictable even you and me. It’s the ego that blinds us to this fact.
  10. Try upping it to 20mins. Also don’t rush it. just quit porn first then after 3 months see if you notice any difference then decide if you want to completely quit fapping. In my case porn was the issue not fapping.
  11. Look up prolactin op’s rate actually isn’t bad so long as there isn’t porn
  12. Or here's a thought stop seeing hookers and actually get laid through your skill. Your subconscious knows you didn't really earn the sex you really want deep down, a loving relationship, and is now making you self sabotage. I bet if you journal and meditated for a bit you would find a part you might feel a great deal of disgust or shame about seeing hookers. Which in turn is causing the issue. Your plan might work in the short term but in all likely hood you'll end up masking the underlying issues and repeating this cycle or expressing it in a completely new way.
  13. Wrong, the dating market has just changed. Men are no longer a commodity to women and are now more of a luxury item. Most men are doing the things that worked in a commodity market and are confused as to why nobody is buying. Its not even that hard to do just be attractive. That's how the human social dance works. The reason you feel like that is because you are a beginner over time as you practice this stuff becomes automatic and natural. You just need more practice people in the adult world aren't going to mock you. Damn bro that's a pretty toxic mindset. Everything that makes life worth living has risk and drawbacks. You might find yourself full regrets if you seek a comfortable and easy life. Ehh maybe, I wouldn't go out of my way to but if it was offered to me I'd give it a go
  14. I don't understand this line of thinking. Why would you even risk it just get up and leave its easier to find a girl that doesn't play stupid games then it is to recover from a rape charge. This line of thinking is what cause people to get into situation like this in first place. Like guys it not worth it. How so? I think my views on women are pretty liberal personally.
  15. I am going to be a bit rude here but I think your girlfriend is lying and cheated on you. I think you should dump her and find a girl that actual respects your relationship and here is my reasoning. Let's start with this quote First off just because someone cries about something doesn't mean they are telling the truth you're thinking with your emotions too much to actually like at what's important which are her actions. This girl who apparently got raped before was comfortable sleeping next to a man who made moves on her before she slept and she had to resist these advances. Now I am no expert but unless this girl is extremely stupid very few girls would comfortable sleeping next to a guy they don't know after they did that and even more so if they had been raped in the past. So for me this doesn't add up which is strike one. Next issue: Why is she refusing to give the criminal's name? I can think of two reasons for this. Option one she might not have actually gone to police about this because she is scared of what people would think knowing she got raped twice or Option two she didn't file a rape accusation because she hooked up with this guy and cheated on you. Again just because she puts on water works doesn't mean she's telling the truth, people have different reactions when they caught lying. The best way to know the truth is look at the situation overall. Either way this is strike two for me because if she can't trust me enough to be honest about details so we can start healing as a couple how can I trust her? My final issue is this: If you are in a relationship with a girl you should not need to worry about where she is going to sleep over at beyond safety. Even more so a guy friend's house, regardless of his supposed sexual orientation. Just the fact she thought it was okay to sleep in another man's home without you there says all you need to know really. From what it sounds like this is a recurring thing where she often time sleeping over at friends' homes some of which so happen to be male. Now from what I understand from my female friends is that most girls avoid putting themselves in positions where their loyalty could be called into question when they really value a relationship. They go to parties/bars less and tend not to hang with their guy friends one on one until that relationship ends. For me personally that's a sign of commitment I like to see and respect because it means she doesn't want me to question our relationship. She has been putting herself in these situations, sleeping over at male friends' houses, that might make you question her loyalty which I think shows she doesn't care about the relationship or rather respect it. That for me personally would be strike three and I am out. She may in fact be telling the truth and all this did happen as described but for me at least when I think her actions have spoke loud and clear. One her story doesn't make sense, two she doesn't trust you to handle the situation, and finally she seems to not respect the relationship. That for me at least isn't a relationship worth keeping, and maybe that's cruel but I don't want to be with a girl like that. You on the other may not feel that way but if you decide to stay with her know you have some big relationship issues that have to be addressed outside of this crime.