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  1. ☆g pros-maximizes chance of getting a ☆g in any form. (Fact-it will not be in the dreamt form-ie US archie riverdale highschool xp) Ie-bash+amra, adnans , D+U. Cons 1)mental comfort is achievable. And mental discomfort( which is what is trying to be avoided by getting a g) can be avoided without connections Proof-1) the impulse to mal.d during 12%, when not 15 mins s100 and when not checking etiquette expression 2)21+ years of eagerly awated mal.d sleep without connections 2) 23-26 years (3 years max) in the club. After that-no s100/100, unstable famdom, no kittens, connection with tristan thomps(wandering eyes) probabilty high. -envision the non clubbing daytime hours. What thoughts do you think will fill the mind? ( thoughts of um betrayal etc maybe?) And the karma-due to acting in this selfish manner dont you think it will perpetrate a cycle of suffefing in connections? And after that? S10mins? In that case why not do it now? Either way it ideally needs to be done by 40+ . No intention of xp diafar,moaning umams xp. 3)cuts off one from universal love. Ie-when you love your kitten ,you cannot love diseases. (Same with if you only decide to love 1% of healthy ☆gs) -even cuts of love to ☆gs, as pursuing is more selfishness than love (attentive,physical wants) And 8 gates is wasting ☆gs time to have kittens etc and is also going to leave them hanging during the 40+ amphetas /s10mins, awakening pursument 4) uk no s100/100 capbars, -1825 club connection is going to be similar to a 40 + prost. Only difference is with 40+ prost you still leave open the possibilty of universal love, reduced karma (famdom stability) 5) their is an argument that clubbing/moving to the uk gives one the oppurtunity to look and say ( even though i didnt get a ☆g atleast i tried) Its atleast possible that by- s100, 1825,initiating greeting with everyone on s100 path (includings ☆Ms as they will introduce one to the SIS) it gives one an equal chance of saying theyve tried their best. ?- also it retains ability of having multiple gs while still being loving. If one clubs,pursues,initiates and then acts like tristan its unloving. But if ☆g pursues, 8 gates can kindly say that one connection is not 8 gates natural connection inclination. -s100 path also increases chance that the connections are not just copium but ones that are rouphly similar to what 8 gates wantes to see ( ie- enthustiastic ☆g) 6) reduces chances of jhonny walker, overeem,ciriyl gayne, ANTHONY J,rampage embarrasement 7) in line with feline love. Causing suffefing to see even the ideal sights is immoral. But to cause suffering for something that isnt the first choice , just to avoid mental discomfort( which could have been avoidable in the firsf place without connection,on loving path through s100) 8) but what about the lack of excitement/ wanting more excitement - if s10mins before 40 is to be avoided then excitement will always be temporary. Impossible to get excited 24/7 without harm to self others. -if its temporary and 8 gates doesnt mind from what sight it comes from why not just have it all at once at 40+ with amphetas,prosts(if 2 gates),food etc for the 30 day binge? 9) etiquette way of acting is (ACCORDING TO 8 GATES DIRECT XP) the most ATTRACTIVE,LETTERMAN WAY OF ACTING. 10) all things got from ☆g can be got on loving path I) tickle-nf / 40+ prosts ii)☆gs/ others opinions- if others opinions are going to be considered why not consider those widely recommended Ie-ayn rand, anne frank, nietzhe,dosteosky,ernest hemingway etc iii)excitement-40+ amphetas iv) peaceful comfort- mal.d, s100 etc 10) realistically/ practically you can only choose one path. The loving feline path or the unloving path. If you choose the unloving path and go to the uk (youll be spending 40 MILLION AT LEAST). the justification for postponement is to take care of p. Instead of spending it on you they could have used it for old age. Theyll be angry and itll be difficult to make amends. 10) even if you dont get it. You can tell yourself that if free will exists (blue) that you deserve it IMPORTANT-YOU ONLY DESERVE IT SO LONG AS YOU NEVER HARM SOMEONE. IF YOU THINK OF TYLER13/ ER THEN YOU DONT DESERVE IT You cant say this on the unloving path Note- both paths have resistance/discomfort Ie- entering club, approaching and asking out , 50% of peeps get rejected,sters sucking up etc,daytime 16 hr feelings , The grass is always greener on the other side -8 gates has been indesicive in the past as well Eg- lond.als - s100 6 months before from IM . BUT CHOSE NOT TO BECAUSE OF IND3AICVES NESS NOTE-ALL THE PEOPLE 8GATES LOOKS UPTO HAVE FAMDOM STABILITY AND ARE IN TRUTH. The point is there are arguments for both sides. And if this is the case why not choose the loving side?
  2. Dr concern 1) starting minimum -23 To become dr no time to party etc All others at uni-18 (f.dom tickle etc impossible) 2️⃣ to put game etc on 1% ☆g who is also dr and not give kittens is a sin. Its not caused by, faris, hamzys, lizzies, marimars, phylisses choice. We are born with it. Just like marimar was born with it ?this doesnt mean we are under anyone. We must still fight for utalitarianism( selfish hissyfitless) But if all ☆gs are talking about what a great guy tat is who is snape,tobey, cal to say their direct xp is wrong? After all love is the desire for others pleasure to be maxed . 3️⃣ dr is more interesting/ exciting/ saving 23- 29 (normal dr) 34 minimum- special @ 40- hailo is pointless ( barely there) The 1% nurs will be -25 or with kittens. All tracks lead to the similar sights that are imperfect in different ways 8gates. Be comfortable. Follow the ltt track ,any chess famdom desires.
  3. Concern over avabaj making p(ud) prod 1) dedicating time to 10mins 3as will worsen things. -killing will just add injury to insult 2) there are many others than 3as × sehansir,noahbec, dr.mike etc. Nothing can be done
  4. Dont know about you guys , and it maybe that tate is just a good manipulator, but imo tate genuinely doesnt seem to be a bad guy. Maybe abit too individualistic but who isnt? Imo his departure from the internet is a net negative. All my school friends who watch him are suddenly are studying harder than ever and hitting the gym everyday.none of them have espoused any misogynistic views. Tate reminds of jordan peterson. Jp inspired the majority of his fans to clean their rooms and sort their lives out. But a select few misundertood his message and became anti trans/ gay fascists which isnt what he intended
  5. Avabaj have more gs 1) sola-salim, olive, lex, ant all already have more ( salim19-50+). To understand that solas having mulitple gs doesnt debunk love And to think avabaj debunks love is illogical, impulsive thinking 2) in the same way (bakug, dek)(crix/sparta) ×8 gates started disconnect / didnt have etiquette with avabaj. Avabaj with multiple gs doesnt debunk love. Gather attention on ltt.dont look at avabaj unless they force into cabin.(except bds) -remember even avabaj need to share with nethm, asir,sehan, canute, kaveen,ovin, harith, udara, maliths,evon,sahith ,kooj, kaden, uvind, sav, mills, kia, luc, trist, andy( only -25 19( livvy), james beard, eubank, olives, lex, antho, vihangas, thisur, mindiy, manudharms,yannich etc etc Note- avajkiamindimalith etc(all -5000 ) unlikely to be seen. Think of how many other unknowns privs there are like them 20+= everyone above 20 is comp ??? what if 8 gates is doing better(1825 etc?),why not stalk to mal.d- unwise, eventhough better than them nethm, asir,sehan, canute, kaveen,ovin, harith, udara, maliths,evon,sahith ,kooj, kaden, uvind, sav, mills, kia, luc, trist, andy( only -25 19( livvy), james beard, eubank, olives, lex, antho, vihangas, thisur, mindiy, manudharms,yannich etc MIGHT BE BETTER THAN SOME ASPECTS THAN 8 GATES. TITILATION=BREAKING ETIQUETTE=LOOKING LIKE FOOL,LOOSING LONG TERM GATHER ATTENTION TO TRACK --DONT STALK, ONLY CONNECTIONS SHOULD BE PURE LOVE( IE- HAPPY TO SEE OTHER HAPPY) dont have who can be most anti feline connections. Love love love. All the best - no offence to mii No freewill ( or so little one cant be blamed/ praised for actions) But the point is mii gates wasnt on track until today.(5hrs chess a day(-10) risked life like tat) even avabaj on ltt track. Same comfort as a.tat, avabaj possible. But not sights. - understand why ☆GS want kittens with another kodalin. Same reason as fuglis/ marimar etc. Its time friend. Be comfortable . Stay on track. Ie- not having a selfish hissy fit at koda ☆gs etc ISNT SELF HATE. ITS UNDERSTANDING THE COMFORT SAUGHT ISNT FROM HISSY FIT , BUT GIVING ATTENTION.
  6. Ltt track started- aug 27th - (six thirty am in the morning) officially on nov12 , but prep started now( ie- mal.d during sleep possible etc, slouching during chess etc) - s10mins/ shouldve started earlier/ too late- 1) not upto 8gates. Enough or not enough is upto famdom. - if s100(4a/9a) but not 1825 and f.doms explicitely say s10mins-s10mins 2) selfish hissy fit, annoyance, dissapointment doesnt = s10mins P( u) has told z Um has told SJ ( LITERALLY S100/100, CAPBARS) to s10mins Unless explicitiely told 3) 8 gates has a history of cowardice/ laziness - l.al -6 months before (is there enough time? Obviously. Didnt effort - manuks ( feb) enough time -didnt effort Not again. Start track. Let p(ud ) decide. I BELIEVE IN LOVE, I BELIEVE OTHERS HAVE SELFISH HISSY FITS, ANNOYANCE ETC FOR THE SAME REASONS I 1) TORE APART MOSQUITOES WHO BIT 2) sjapple, zcd , aj lies (g6- depressed etc/ chikdren of dirt) Lied about d ( told to spy on) etc to u Aun.um 3) av= failo told/ literally made up messages to show 4) sasindu , p( d) - s10mins (g5) 5) gyav = gay (g6) 6) mj oral 7)Dj s10mins recommendation And all other instances that would have slipt my the mind of someone who told INNOCENT DJ TO S10MINS ( maybe i initially broke etiquette with k.d but cant remember) But can also - s10mins for feline love. ×because of spiral dynamics. 8 gates has also been selfish. Dont throw hissy fits. Even someone randomly capturing, torturing 8gates doesnt debunk love. Ltt track- started
  7. @Leo Gura guys have you noticed how even the left is now supporting tate? Pretty insane honestly. Check out the most liked comments on this recent video hasan piker has done on tate. All of them supporting tate... i remember tate saying in an interview that he and his bro want to have 10 kids each and takeover the world...i think he might do just that... the guy probably has more support/influence now than trump and biden And he is the most famous man currently in romania....is it so insane to think him or one of his 20 kids might become president?
  8. Chess(6+hrs), kboxrisk(5+hrs), + most efficient,least payed employ who does the most work purpose Webcam= 12hrs + day of work(luc) i) feline(12%) p priority, books, electricity, plumber etc, gym Why not live in the woods and get 12%- feline? By scavenging nuts, seeds etc for 100gs minimum? Itll take all day ii) p repay 21+ debt/ retirement etc.retired ☆gs cant live primal. Since dr is no longer option. Best option whateved p chooses. iii) orph.gs / felines help. Offering manual help wont do much+(no time to maintain 12%) Iv) ☆g/ sing.m dates etc. ☆g cant live primal lol. 20+ minimum to expect ☆g to stag= jacuzzi with - 50% earnings - you might be able to survive primal in the wilderness. i)But the risk of being bitten by a snake/rabies dog= risk of losing job/ money being null ii) attention gathered by activity not person still a constant - (need to scavenge/ look for nuts) ,build maintain hut, dig ditch(no plumber etc) Either way attention gathered = comfort. ?AS THE REASON FOR FELINE POSTPONEMENT IS FAMDOM STABILITY, GATHER ATTENTION TO FAMDOM RECOMMENDED FIELD
  9. Even if become dr isnt going to deliver sights 1) 22+, - 1825 , alot of chess disconnect time If ☆g is in the 1% and dr no kittens is huge waste - ie 8gates initiating is unloving So convos will still most likely be platonic- knock knock jokes, news, weather etc. Summary- ltt track, initiate on the way
  10. What if ☆g hardcore pursue lack leads to ☆g selfish hissy fit? And you think ignoring feline pain,famdom stability to pursue 1% ☆g is much better? 1% ☆g makes one mistake= violence. Final desicion= no uk/us -look forward sights?- ft club toby (30+), mjaj ☆g talk, z ☆g talk laugh etc.
  11. Discomfort has only 2/3 causes 1) confusion/ uncertainty concern- ignore as 4 years spent on developing path etiquette / even if its wrong the comfort is the same ( attention gathered by dean writing or connection=the same) 2)laziness/ selfishness/speed lack= 1825+ solved ( 24/7 comfort / loving path/ s10 min certainty ( enough consiousness/ xp)
  12. Ideology shouldnt be brought up/ initiated with ☆gs, especially healthy ☆gs (Meaninglessness/purposlessness, free will lack, pleasure is the only desire not kittens, kittens are selfish, postponement= feline pain etc) As ☆gs have a clear role to play.☆g should/ are going to form kittens who ARE UP THE SPIRAL (GREEN/ TURQOISE) AND THEN GOING TO SOLVE WILD FELINE SUFFERING. they have no reason to know purposleness/ direct path etc ---TO CONVINCE ☆G ABOUT ATTENTION GATHERING IS A DISERVICE TO ☆G AND FELINES. ☆G DOESNT HAVE TO S10MINS AT 40. especially the 1% ☆G who 8 gates has an impulse to see can/ should definitely have kittens -- as kittens usually look similar to the feline , there kittens too will be in the top 1% ( healthier= less manipulation needed for connection) Easy connection= easy base tickle/ connection wants met= high motivation to help felines -- NEVER TALK ABOUT IDEOLOGY UNLESS OTHER EXPLICITELY ASKS. JUST JOKE, SHARE PEACE ETC - IDEOLOGY- READ AYN RAND, PAGLIA,jane eyre, malala, michelle obama etc. Concern- books by ☆gs are a scam written by ☆m to keep ☆g to themselves. 1) either way the end result is the same= comfort by attention gathered i) by person the other by deans writing ii) if michelle obama/ malala/ cindy crawford (autobiographies), britney spears are a scam and ☆gs arent saying anything about to scam 8 gates , then 8 gates shouldnt want to connect with them anyway and should just be comfortable. Dean writing( even if the writings are false) are attention gatherers so either way 8gates wins. Concern-by being comfortable,look back and have regrets for not seeing sights. -the only desire to see sights is to get comfort. Not worth famdom instability/ feline pain unlove etv Proof- no one wants to see saw, skinned alive , human traffiked, beggar / marimar quora relationship dynamic ×× without time machine never look back( unless someone says you caused them suffering in the past) Regrets unavoidable- tat stopped ☆g tickle= plastic surgery for ever, used clair, threw ☆gs things out etc. Unavoidable
  13. @Tyler Robinson @KH2I think @Leo Gura s take on andrew is pretty spot on. As much as watching his interviews have given me an idea on what stage red/ orange success looks like, i dont think andrew genuinely cares about helping people though. If he had to screw us over to make 20 dollars, im pretty sure he would. Not hating on him, ive learnt some good lessons from him but if you think hes someone who genuinely wants to do good then watch this. If you watch his Shipwrecked which his brother was on, or the ultimate traveller when adrew was 21 youll see he never had a problem lying /using people
  14. @Tyler Robinson thanks you for taking the time to reply to me❤ I personally have a different opinion of him as he has helped me and my friends live a better life(study hard,gym,take responsibilty for everything,learn how to fight so we can be brave and protect our loved ones more effectively etc) but i can also see where you are coming from I dont think arguing about him any further will be productive. I hope you have a great life, all the best in everything❤
  15. @Tyler Robinson did you see the bit where he had built an orphanage long before blowing up on social media? Btw everything dr. Grande say has been debunked. Try and find one interview with a girl saying tate abused her if you can. Now that hes blown up, if someone actually exposes him with real dirt and not made up lies, theyll be able to make so much money of of his back
  16. @Tyler Robinson he wasnt referring to the ban when he was talking about insurmountable odds. I think he was referring to becoming 4× kickboxing champion, rags to riches etc and now dealing with death threats online. @Tyler Robinson @thepixelmonk If you dont mind, and if you have the time ( completely understand if you dont) could you do me the favor of giving me your thought on the 42: 08 part of the video? Especially 44:30 if you dont mind? Take a look at the most like comments under the video. All the people talking about how much he helped them. What do you think?
  17. @integral maybe but isnt this a problem with the interpretation of his message rather than his actuall message? Tate addresses this in the video above and takes complete responsibility Look at leo/nondual teachers for example- a very few people have taken what nondual teacher say about being god/ death not being real etc and have commited suicide. But this isnt necessarily the teachers fault right? When you become as famous as him(4+ million insta followers in a few months) a few people are bound to take your message out of context
  18. @Leo Gura other than tate is there anyone else we can follow to learn how to integrate stage red values? In the same way jp showcased a well integrated blue but had a lagging green, I think tate is the best to learn how to intergrate the good values from stage red/orange. Guys a 4× kickboxing world champion, chess champion and selfmade rags to riches before the age of 30 with around 20 models who have his name tatooed on them. I tried learning red from trump.but trump had daddies money and mainly only succeeded in entrepreneurship. Hes an okay red but not as good as tate imo whos suceeded in multiple arenas
  19. Etiquette You have to choose one 1) initiate smile and directly ask about ideology (purpose etc) and follow uninvested people around. ( if you do that long enough youll be " that guy") 2) initiate smile etc , throw in a question about recent news event,weather etc if other seems uninvested (nadia) / more than 30 secs without counter convo from other, excuse to finish work, class etc Two is more approriate. After all feline in cage due to postponement.unethical to force oneself into a cabin. For The type of relationship dynamic 8gates wants to see , the 2nd option is enough. Eg-av / olyphant/kin etc were all accepted into the cabin with less. × this doesnt mean connections are guranteed ( maybe aisha, toby, open wound dog) but this doesnt mean you cant be JUST AS COMORTABLE THROUGH THE ENIMICAL PATH OF AWAKENING( WRITE) -betrayal , lies , rejections, bullying etc says nothing about the existence of love. Probably just red,blue orange.there next generation and next will be higher on spiral and love. Also betrayal etc has no impact on me as there is no specific sight for me to see(22, uni sights are over). So nothing to lose trust freely. - unless someone says im causing suffering/ im in discomfort for man than 15mins chess/ 10 mins. Im on the right track. You can do evergthing right and still not see sights though, but you are equally comfortable.
  20. He was already a millionaire, ( he had a mansion and about 10 supercars , before the social media blowup) I also dont think hes a fool. Hes a member of mensa , the child genius group
  21. @KH2 @thepixelmonk theres a video online where the girl in the video is talking about how it was all a joke and how andrew tate is a great guy who would never hurt anyone. Youll be able to find it easily According to this girl all the girls around tate are happy to be there. From what ive seen, everyone who actually knows the guy irl has nothing but good things to say about him. If you have time watch his tate confidential videos, the tates are always very polite to staff/ drivers etc and always tip very generously. Imo although tate has a significant amount orange qualitites in him, hes definitely not evil
  22. All desires for comfort 1) kittens - disabled? 2) hangouts- not like shans house , locked out of room / trying to talk= monosyllable bored answers 3) travel- not cheated( paki) , rascism, unable to understand languages , below avg (57) , with ☆g at night abuse/ no bodyguards 23+ All comfort =attention gather Eternal- giddy(tat=only 4 times),mal.d titilation impossible. Whenever done usually results in huge lows Best option - learn to control mal.d ( one wrong mal.d can cost entire image/ erinmalon laugh, sing.m) Before s10mins= 30 days of any food, nf, amphetas 24/7
  23. Final descision- direct ltt track 1) 23 , destroy famdomstability,takesters(tren+), country where AVG IS 59 , here HERE AVG IS 55 and still too many moggers.when avg is more itll be terrible. to be with 18+ ☆gs who are in the top 1% healthwise. To talk about past disconnectedness which they cant do anything about. Freshfit/ jwalls/ tat- 90% of ☆gs are biologically programmed (not their fault, no choice in the matter like how 8 gates doesnt connect easily with short haired djangos) to disconnect from selfish hissyfitters. -zero percent chance/not worth famdom distability/ ? pain for something that wont increase my comfort by any amount. ××NOTHING TO POSTPONE FOR WITHOUT UK SIGHTS - same problem at 25( 2+ years) even if you go to uk. -the goal is enlightenment(comfort), hunting/kickboxing ,etiquette is enimical. Gather attention on being loving and be comfortable.
  24. Tat-35+, no straight silky grabbable,marcojr got the g not tat/thurst/jwalls/ + Only people on his site( biased) like. Eg-matt walsh(1.56million followers),brett coops/ muhammad hijab Non feline/ -many likes On all non sites (penguinz/ reddit) - all top comments/ thousands of likes- dislike him/ bad for humanity. Imagine how that feels as well. Even alex jones has supporters
  25. Ltt track is best bet Ie - tat is genuine probability is over 50% Otherwise why dont sahak, ibrahim expose him? Tat to thurst-knock me clean out. Thirst couldnt+ tat lifted as much as thirst. 1) tat risked life for Ds sake 2) tat is loved by thirst,hak, ibrahim(more utalitarian than 8gates) Follow ltt track,but Dont have tats etiquette Tats justified 1) D was the same. Upbringing( f.d everything that moved. ☆w bitch) 2) 62, top 10% halo, iq (s100, capbars) 3) the sights tat gains by loudgannicus isnt what 8 gates wants to see. Ie-19/-25 ☆gs at 27+ ( million at 27 only) Imagine 1000s of people sayinh they are scared to walk the streets because of you.clearly the loving/truthful track has been sacrificed.