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  1. Popular is always at odds with truthful it seems so much so that being a fringe group is revered by some (let's admit Actualized gets some fringe points...).
  2. His advice seems to be great if you're into ketogenic diet and other habits few seem to follow but his recent advice to make the first meal at 1200 and the last at 1800 greatly improved my well being. I never realized how much the body needs the downtime from any caloric intake. Overall by following even some of his advice like not eating sugar at all I eat better now and feel better - I was surprised to see for myself eliminating sugars reduces floaters and increases energy and after a few months I don't find the sugar taste appealing. You can't become enlightened without a healthy body. I recommend.
  3. I found a test which uses your hair for $66: https://www.5strands.com/products/metals-minerals-test
  4. I couldn't help but notice there are far more men here than women but I read an idea which should work in practice: making an app like Youtube but instead of suggesting a next video suggesting the closest date based on interests and spiritual development. Am I expecting too much or could such a thing work in practice? I'm also curious if it even matters in real relationships or that's an outlier and shouldn't be a goal to pursue but could only emerge by chance?
  5. I can't recommend Deep Work enough... It's the antidote to mindlessness not only in "work" but in any pursuit which requires attention. So far it's perhaps the most useful self-help book I've read. It requires a lot of work to train yourself to change your habits and make it persist, but it's well worth it. Before reading the book and trying to implement Newport's suggested methods I accomplished a lot less because of the way digital media trains our brains to work.
  6. I'm curious what Leo meant by that. Is it for the trivial reason "we are what we think"? In that case it's not our consciousness itself that's important but the thing we pay attention to. Or is it consciousness in the meaning of being in the moment because it's the only thing we have? Even then it's not so clear consciousness is the goal.
  7. Narcissistic abuse is a serious societal problem. I'd like to see a vid on that too.
  8. Hi guys, this is my first post. I watched quite a few of Leo's guides and all sorts of mindfulness guides and went through the Headspace course. My results are a mixed bag, I can sometimes get an experience unlike any other but that's a rare occurrence. I emphasize the habit more than the duration of the session which is usually 20 mins. Many days I wouldn't be able to concentrate and give up after a few minutes. That didn't improve much. After reading about attention and the digital media, I learned there's a quality in walking in nature which can't be easily recreated in other activities and that we attach a certain meaning to the location we're in so lately I have been considering the idea of going to nature in a place which will allow of going on strolls while also have the right conditions to meditate away from the distractions of the city. Were you in such a situation? What's your experience of making such a step? Any suggestions of what to try next? I'm hope I'm not bugging you with my questions too much!