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  1. U guys are actually crazy... you guys are creepy Leave him be
  2. Its actually needy if a man needs a woman to be happy. Woman don't like that. Because you want a partner for your selfish reason of wanting a partner so you can be happy ... That's not how it works out very well
  3. Hey you i lived in germany for quit a while. To improve your dating there couldn't be a worse place. society has a "stick up its ass" as friends explained to me. (yes there is actually a saying for it) most of them are very serious and hardly take a joke. "its more about appearance than reality." (Also a saying I learned from friends) and I can confirm this. Of course there are a lot of really cool people there. War shouldn't be a problem in Germany but the economy. And it is very expensive to live there.. if you really do have these other countries to choose from, I really recommend that you reconsider.. After all I have never regretted coming here. (Well, ...maybe just a few times ?) Hope this can help!
  4. She doesn't take your compliments seriously because she doesn't see herself that way For a woman, fear is woven into her biology. (Insecurities/Fear) It is the baseline experience of her life whether she is consciously aware of it or nah The most important thing to a woman in a relationship is trustworthiness. Trustworthiness is their ultimate definition of "safety" Women want to be protected by a man. But to be "safe" in a relationship and protected by a man, means first and foremost that he, himself is "safe.." create a "safe" place for you... for her. My suggestion is to work on yourself and be that man She has to figure out the rest herself. The good news is; suffering is the best teacher