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  1. Hey , actually I watched @Leo Gura solipsism episode and also watched his explanation video in the blog , I Really Really feel deep sadness for him because I learned a lot from him and I really appreciate his knowledge .. and I actually feelt like his Dead because his saying that everything is dream even his fans we are parts of his dream so Leo no more with us .. I just want share this words from my heart , we are not dream , we are real human being feel what you feel and share emotions with you .. Thank you so much Leo ? for everything and I hope you back to us again
  2. Any one overcome food addiction can share helpful advice I am already 30 kg overweight When I am hungry I feel every cell in my body kik I just can't tolerate this feeling
  3. The secret sentence to reach your goals and change your personality immediately : "Live your life as if all your dreams have come true, and then challenge your reality to catch up! ."
  4. intelligence is living my dreams as all of them come true and challenge the reality to catch up
  5. Great one I watched every week recently
  6. Hey , Anyone knows when Leo will release new video ? I didn't see any new video since a month