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  1. So can all of you “truth realized” beings start posting fluently in foreign languages you’ve never learned? Surely as an omniscient God who created all languages you should know and understand all languages?
  2. Lol this forum is insane. Holding a gun to your head is in no way a “spiritual practice” and if you think it is, well I don’t even know what to say
  3. @Holykael wow good thing ur not the main dreamer bro. I’m impressed with ur insights tho with you despite tho for being a dream character. Not like your Capable of appreciating the compliment anyways tho
  4. @Razard86 consider the irony of what your doing. Your telling yourself in the dream that there’s someone who tells themself things in their dream.
  5. There is no “ideal life” outside of your own idea of it. Do whatever you want to do, being an individual is the entire point of life.
  6. Withdrawing from society is actually incredibly dualistic is it not?
  7. @Leo Gura try taking a bigger dose of ketamine. to get full me it Sounds like you didn’t take enough. Just keep taking like 15-20mg bumps of it until you get to like 150mg-200mg.
  8. Try psychedelics + ketamine + nitrous The profundity of mixing a disso + a psych far surpasses either one on their own. Mind blowing stuff for sure.
  9. Why does god need to use imaginary chemicals to awaken to itself? What’s stopping someone from reaching the “5-meo state” without 5-meo? Imaginary brain chemistry I suppose?
  10. Opioids occasionally. Or ketamine/other dissociatives.
  11. The whole spiritual path itself is a dream. There’s nobody to become enlightened. Nor is there anyone longing/striving for enlightenment. Nor anyone who has ever attained it. Absolute non-manifestation is the only Truth.
  12. @Leo Gura there’s always changa!!
  13. @Leo Gura What are your thoughts on phenethylamines?