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  1. @Yimpa Yes, very good episode, has a few missing points but overall it is on the money. In some ways, you kinda do not need more theory/philosophy to understand the "ultimate truth". I`m just happy, that after all of the self-help stuff, it is finally over, practice, actions, and application to the real world are much more fulfilling with an Actualized framework.
  2. Hello everyone, I just got around to watching this video a few days ago, I have to say, it has been a pleasure to watch Leo evolve so much over the years and actually to see him reach an endpoint to his theory. He is right, there is an endpoint to all of this, and he describes it perfectly, so thank you, agree, I have to say I reached the same conclusion as him a long time ago. Also, I want to add a remark, there are a lot of philosophies that help in some areas of life, not in discovering the ultimate truth, but in practical things, like realism, duality, empiricism, etc. For me, realism has helped a lot in understanding the world from a certain point of view, also I like realism art more than everything else, in my profession objectivity and a scientific method are super to understand the methodology. You can transcend them of course, but use them as tools. Thank you, Leo, also you wore the mask the whole video.
  3. Thank you all for your replies, There is a point in the book regarding the determining factor of someone's fate, which is his/her character. Also the incapabilities of someone to change their character. If someone does something once, they will do it again. I want to add another lens to this analysis and ask a question. Is it possible by spiritual practice to change one`s character to the core? For this rule in the book to be broken? Is it possible by suffering, for example: Les Miserable, for someone to change their character? (someone is a thief and imprisoned very harshly, the perfect victim, but follows a process of suffering and self-reflection and he is no longer a thief).
  4. Hello everyone I would like to hear your opinions about this book., and also to open a discussion about the content. If you do not know what it is about I encourage you to have a look at the following link: For me, this has been very insightful, as well as the other books from the author. I can go into more detail if there is someone interested in a discussion about it. Thank you, Adrian
  5. I have seen this a long time ago, thought I share this info with you guys. In a 2h movie you can get so much this is amazing, also has some chess analogies that you might find interesting.
  6. @Rafael Thundercat @Leo Gura Sorry did not have enough time to check what you posted here... Anyway I have faith in people to change and I think there is a combination of words that work for people to change their view points on subjects. If the teachers do not find a construtive way to do it we all will suffer, this is the point of this post. Anyone that has some view points on Tate, I encourage you to come in Romania and I will arrage for you to talk to a girl that was in his circle. Ask her any questions, analyze how Romania is, analyze the need for some women to live in luxury and the lengths that they will go for this to happen. I cannot arrange something related with Pfizer or any companies that make vaccines because is not my field. I can show people some risk assement strategies and for them to calculate the risks of taking or not taking the vaccine is just math. If we regard the data as true. The only skeptism from my side that I have related with vaccines is the production and distribution of them it was really fast. For me it will be usefull to understand how they pulled it off. Usually to retrofit a factory to make them takes about 2 years this is from my own exprience and I have real questions related to this subject.
  7. I cannot help my self to write this topic, after reading posts here related with Tate, Vax, Politics and so on. Nobody seems to understand the big picture, and it makes me sad to see all of you trying to prove something to each other. Tate is phenoma and an abstract representation of how broken the relationship between men and women. And that is it, it does not matter if he is good/bad person, the root cause is still there. Vax or not, it is also another phenoma, how broken is the relationship between science and the common man. Scientists have lost the comunication ablitities to connect, to explain simpler, to not be pretencious because of their "degress" or titles. Left or right politics is the same, noone is actually upset that you have to chose between two old men to run a complicated country and make decisions for the whole world. I thought I would find some solutions here, but is just another mess of opinions. You are mostly young, fight for unity not division, polarization will end us all, piece by piece.
  8. @Leo Gura I actually do not think that the aproach should be you are brainwashed. In some ways that can turn around so it is not so effective. Again arguing about opinions is counter productive. When I say opinions there is a bet made about the Covid vax, that will have little negative effects on people on the long run. You can analyze the bet and call it safe, but it is still a bet. Some people can take that bet some do not. About Tate, everyone needs to see that he was enabled by society to exist, and it is not the fault only of men, if women actually saw zero value in Tate and his bussiness model, how can you make a cam studio function? When I go back to Bucharest I will post a picture with the bussiness that is close to the university there, half are web cam studios. The underling issue is still the same, no women will want to get naked on a web cam for random strangers for an extra Guici bag, and no man would want to follow Tates bussiness model or Tates behavior if they both got along.
  9. @Ulax I will try to look in the weekend ?
  10. @Rafael Thundercat The best way to repay Leo is to not be his pupil forever. He saw some problems he fixed them the way he could. We see problems in society we try to do our part, in a better way, be a Creator.
  11. @Rafael Thundercat Nice I will dive deep into this it seems like an intresting story ? (it is a bit late now where I'm). @Thought Art Yes ofcourse everyone needs to have those stories. My red pill turning point let's say happpened in Brazil 3 years ago with a girl I met that healed me. (I was not extreme with the red pill stuff just did not connect fully with a women at that level before). Now I'm leading a comunity of engineers so we can work together to overcome problems in the industry it is not so big with no online presence at the moment. I have a trans story, which opened my mind to some problems related with this topic. Politics I'm fighting with people all the time from their perspective, I think both have major issues. Basiclly, if I met a conservative I bring issues from the left and vice versa. I'm trying to move a friend from alcholism and tendencies of suicide, not going so well but it is a trial and error. But enough about me, this is the point of my topic, try to heal people and gain experience in doing so, offer practical advice. Ok you belive in red pill stuff have you tried to trully understand women? Did you actually feel loved by one? Try to see things from a solution based perspective with arguments they cannot ignor, deep down all of opinions come from ourselves.
  12. @Thought Art I would like to see a cure to Tate, a few examples: 1. Someone to post about a relationship that they had with the opposite sex, that healed some past trauma, red pill philosophy cure, or extreme feminism cured. 2. Try to convince Leo to do a video with one of his ex or curent girlfriends to understand a better dinamic between men and women. Both perspectives. Then us to follow on 3. Help someone that you curently know from your circle of people to move out of the space of hate and post that story. Cure for vax: 1. Someone that has some expert knowleage on vaccines to make a Richard Feyman style explanation. (Anyone can underatand, by taking into consideration all of the antivax points). A good question to ask allways, what evidence you need to change your mind? 2. Leo has a big platform, ask someone from this group if they work for Pfizer or any big Pharma company that produces vaccines for a tour there, it is very helpfull. Usually this can be done for just an entry level. The antivax person goes there and will see something. Solutions have to be proactive, that involve experinece.
  13. @Thought Art show me one topic that reached a constructive conclusion, what to do next? Did the discusion about Tate change something? Is just opinions flying around.
  14. @kamwalker I can find other talks about girls, where he actually says the stories where he was rejected. I will put them here tomorrow. is ok? I will find better, sorry have to leave, there is a more detailed story to this:
  15. @Danioover9000 Love you! you see, he can do it, but it does not mean he is a nice guy!!! He has the potential to change. Look at his eyes when he was rejected. I actually told girls, if you reject a fat guy or a guy that is not to your standards, give him a hug just say this:"Dude you can change, just put in some effort, be a responsible guy, give me a message in two years, then we see from there". Avoid creating monsters, because we all will suffer.
  16. @Tyler Robinson Come on, it makes me sad... I believe everyone can overcome these issues. Hope you will do it also, just have some faith in yourself and in the process. Also, we are far from the topic. Leo can help you, his videos were of much use to me when I was down on my life. I had faith in what he thought here and with work, everything can be fixed, trust me. I never wanted to be a voice here, but I followed him from the beginning, I think it is my time to give back to his community as best as I can now.
  17. @Lyubov You can come for sure, I would love to meet some of you guys from the Actualized group. You have to catch me home if you want a tour guide, I travel a lot for work, mostly I stay home for about 2 months per year. I like Iasi for example: Also need to show you the food, and culture, to actually talk with Romanians will be a better experience than the night life.
  18. @Thought Art Yep, but in their world view it means a mountain top of morality. If that were true then his business model will not work in Romania but it does. so hypocrisy, that was my point also.
  19. @Tyler Robinson Depends on what type of evolution you want. Actually, you do not need anything external to evolve, like stuff in the bank. Just need some good books, meditation, relaxation, explore your mind, and you will find the answers slowly. Then making money becomes much easier, because you mastered yourself. If Tate has a lot of money and he spends it on Lambos :))), did he evolve?
  20. @Lyubov Romania is corrupt, I live here, actually, if I go outside now, there are 2 casinos Tate owned here. Tate is very funny he says that Romania is 99% Christian, yet his business models here are about human exploitation of vices. Romania has a big problem with foreigners in my opinion, we think we are so inferior to other countries, that we allow others to come here and do whatever they want. Our king is from Germany The House of Hohenzollern, our president is of german descent, and so on. If you ever have the pleasure of visiting our country you will find that we are too much humble.
  21. @Tyler Robinson I think you need to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Also to be honest you have some shadow elements regarding these types of men. I do not know you personally, I`m just guessing if you can watch the movie Revolver.
  22. @Tyler Robinson Put everything on a time scale, remember everyone is God if we apply the same philosophy everywhere, and development is a process, it is in their own power to do it and conquer their own ego. Also if the king has redemption also the sheep will have one, he is important.
  23. @Tyler Robinson Hmm, I think he is smart enough and has the ability to self-reflect maybe not in the spiritual sense now. It has to be a tipping point, maybe this is it. The same point he had when he was younger, when he moved into this Villain story, you can watch the whole thing on the internet. Time changes things in 20 years, fame/status goes away, he is only 35 years old. We will see, thanks for your input
  24. @Tyler Robinson Maybe you are right, I did not see that coming, maybe you had better detectors then me. What do you think, can he change?
  25. @Tyler Robinson I do not think is anger that drives men toward Tate. Not having a positive connection with a woman in their lives makes men angry, maybe, frustrated, and not understood by women. The problem is not anger, is just an effect, of a lack of connection towards the opposite sex. If you cannot form a positive connection then you manipulate.