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  1. A friend of mine has been saying everything is going towards a digital currency. He mentioned the Great Reset and the Covid passports are precursors for that. They will make up an excuse that Covid is guilty for the inflation (or something like this) and that a new system is needed. He does not like the idea of a digital currency because that means we're closer and closer to a social credit score system.
  2. I haven't watched the video, but have you seen Kenneth Copeland? Tell me that's not the face of a devil. You can't get more devilish than that. And people still don't see it. Yep, society is fucked.
  3. I wanted to address this but I forgot. I think he is, too. There is something in the way he gives an answer every time that doesn't sit well with me. It's just my intuition, but everything comes out as "thought out" or should I say calculated, instead of just coming from some deeper insight. The way he pauses for a slight moment before giving some answer when he is given a question looks like he wants to come of as knowledgable because that is the role that is expected from him. He doesn't seem genuine to me because of it. Sure he knows a lot of stuff, but to me that is just a philosopher, not a wise man, or someone close to some enlightenment or whatever. Edit: Also, he never says he doesn't know something. Every question he gets, whatever the topic, he will have some answer. To me he's forcing it just because of maintaining the reputation.
  4. But I would like to become awakened in my own time, not being forced into it, I don't believe that works. I don't really see anything good in this whole Great Reset agenda.
  5. Ok the only thing I know from her teachings was that you have to vibrationally match with the desired outcome to get it. I believe this to be true. I'm not aware of anything else that she taught. I never read the books but have listened to a lot of her on Youtube. I can't say anything about the channeling thing. I can't know for sure, I can only have my assumptions. But I still think the basis of what she wants to give to the world holds true. Where can I see this advice? Edit: Found it
  6. Why do you think that? I know for example that Wayne Dyer held high regards of her and I would think one could trust his judgment. Especially because he knew her personally.
  7. Good one. I like it.
  8. Waiting for my masturbation to become a nightmare. Any time now.
  9. It seems that the general consensus is you keep working and resolving your karma through multiple lives until you finally finish whatever it was needed to do.I don't know if this is correct, this is just how I understand it. My problem with this is that when you die, there is no more "You". You merge with that energy again, you are again the whole ocean and not that separate entity which died. So how can it be possible that the same Soul could emerge again in the next life and continue its karmic work? To me it does not make any sense. Once that drop falls into the ocean there can never be that same exact drop again, but it becomes something else. It comes from that ocean, yes, but it's not the same drop anymore. And If I am a murderer in this life, who says I will continue to resolve this karma in the next life? What if someone else gets my karma and has to work through it and I pick up someone else's?
  10. To me anything can be spiritual. Everything is God, so why not Alcohol? But you have to use it correctly. It's the abuse that ruins it. So what I want to say is - Everything is spiritual. You can't do a non-spiritual thing at all. It's impossible.