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  1. Tiktok by itself is not poison, it's you who decide how you will use it.
  2. Translated:
  3. If all you guys believed in me, and perhaps even send me some money, I could live in a mansion somewhere.
  4. Because in the US it's a business
  5. Facebook stock, interesting. Didn't know they started going back up a while ago.
  6. The unrest is a response to the death of Nahel, who was shot dead during a traffic stop Tuesday morning in Nanterre. Second night of riot following the death of Nahel, in Montreuil, Ile de France, on June 30, 2023 I heard theres nothing in the news anywhere. Kinda weird.
  7. Also attacking and stealing from and destroying the fire trucks when they arrive at the scene, so the firemen could just stand there and watch and couldn't even put out the fires
  8. So, the guy was a known troublemaker by the police, although he didn't have a criminal record. He was driving with foreign plates, at the age of 17, when he shouldn't yet be driving, and he was running away from the cop. I have no idea about the killing how it happened, I haven't read any of the articles, I just saw a while later that riots were going down. On the other hand, this is a thread on 9gag about his mother: So I'm now in a conflict with myself. On the one hand, I want to be tolerant and try to understand the whole picture. But on the other side I see (mainly) muslims rioting on the streets, wrecking havoc and looting stores, yelling allahu akhbar. From what I've seen it's mostly immigrants. Any takes on this? Is immigration a shot in the knee for France?
  9. Trump is a beautiful human being just looking for love in the wrong ways
  10. I read somewhere it is a distraction from something Biden did, or was charged with, or something along those lines, can't remember what, though. Perhaps Hunter.
  11. The last paragraph is a very interesting one. Thank you.
  12. To me the purpose is to keep it as long as possible, so some people (the arms business) could profit