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  1. This video here got taken down, it was a montage video of Biden being very creepy and inappropriately touchy with various women and girls.
  2. More of Biden being really creepy and touchy, but now with a child. This needs to be exposed, much like the pedophilia and sex trafficking ring of Jeffry Epstein, which has exposed that top people in government and in wealth associated with him, and as CIndy Mccain admitted that “We all knew what he was doing” , yet with many visits to Epstein island have been documented from top people in government, celebrities, and wealthy influencers, this suggests that these people who visted knew about what he was doing and were in on it. heres the video of Cindy Mccain addmitting this below.
  3. This is quite illuminating as well, 6:22 particularly peaked my interest.
  4. @Zeroguy well when the president of the United States, director of cdc, and director of nih, all say you wont get covid if you have the vaccines, (yes they said that, and i can pull of the quotes and videos verbatim,) when tons of people who had the shots catch and spread covid, then it undeniably calls for question, skepticism, and deep investigation this is just common sense investigation. when people get banned and censored for posting stuff like this and questioning the growingly apparent corruption and deceitfulness of the government and pharma, then thats the real insanity
  5. How can a claim like this be made when transmission wasn't even tested in their trials?
  6. Here's more of my awful take on politics according to the radically open minded leo The one who (said ) was committed to truly questioning everything, all his beliefs to death, science... just not vaccine science of course, that can't ever be questioned, especially considering pharma's criminal history, nothing to see there,
  7. @Ulax yes many people got vacced under the heavily pushed idea that vaccines prevent transmission of covid 19 from person to person. It was heavily pushed. Civil War started. People were bullied and told they were bad if they didnt because they would be spreading covid and killing granny. People lost their jobs because the mandates were introduced as a means to stop transmission and "protect" people at work. Its now common knowledge that the vaccines do not prevent transmission, aad the video above proves another shocking point, that Pfizer never even tested for transmission efficacy, let alone transmission, in their trials at all before the rollout. How people here don't see the problem here is baffling.
  8. @Ulax i already explained, read. Watch video
  9. @Leo Gura spare eveyone your arrogance. Would be a nice breathe of fresh air
  10. @Consept I just showed you footage of the Pfizer ceo saying it was about stopping transmission. The fucking head of the company itself, i dont think there's more i can do for you. The connection with phrama and government are suspically very close so they're hardly separate entities. It would hold up in court. Countless people lost their jobs through mandates on the premise that they were getting it to prevent transmission to their coworkers. Have people all of sudden just forgot about all this?? @Leo Gura Nothing surprising about this lol... then the people who lost their jobs over the mandates should just get their jobs back... You are in for a rude awakening soon man. You doubled down on the wrong thing, without having and open enough mind to study and look into basic government corruption thats becoming more and more overwhelmingly blatant. Truth is coming out, and its gonna be hard for such a "truth lover" like yourself to accept.
  11. "Our highest priority".... "but we don't test for transmission in our clinical trials"....
  12. @Consept uhhhh..... Here you go and here you go In case you weren't aware, that's the Pfizer CEO speaking in the video. Cheers.