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  1. So in the last few years I've introduced meditation into my life. I just have this feeling of uncertainty and I'm unsure if I have the right idea of what I am doing. I'm not really looking for a spiritual answer to this, I'm more so looking for an answer on the physical process (not to disregard its spiritual importance). Anyways, when I am sitting and closing my eyes, is my aim to make my awareness present and quiet my mind? I notice that in mindfulness meditation you are observing thoughts as they come and letting them go, and in more focus based meditation you are trying to focus on a hook to make the mind present. Are these two types of meditation techniques aiming to just make the mind present and allow it to clear? I'm just uncertain and want some clarification on this to make sure I have the right idea. Thanks to anyone for their help.
  2. I'm a young man who is very ADD and I have a trouble in getting myself motivated and to start things. Adderall looks like a good short term solution, and I view meditation and discipline as a good long term solution. Would it be a good idea to use Adderall in the beginning to get myself disciplined, and then eventually be so progressed in meditation that I don't need it anymore?
  3. It could come down to anything. I haven't been able to just focus on any one thing without getting those feelings I've mentioned above, and then stopping doing it. Like I would learn programming for maybe a day or two and then get really bored and not be able to do it the next day due to this feeling. I've recently only been able to meditate and do stretches consistently.
  4. It's like a rush in my stomach area, with increased heart rate, increased irritability, and I get fidgety and depressed. This happens whenever I try to discipline.
  5. Thank you for this. I had once taken adderall myself too, I noticed an anxiety after it, but this pretty much links the two together, I guess I will not be taking it then.
  6. You only partially quoted me. If I had something more specific I need to elaborate I could have something to work with.
  7. Regardless, I would learn floor sitting just because it can benefit you a lot, especially later on in life where the extra mobility matters. Old people are stiff because of how much time they spend in their chairs.