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  1. "Léo" is the most brazilian thing here on the forum 😂😀
  2. This is powerful. What Daniel Schmachtenberger learned from his father about being a man: PRINCIPLES Work, Integrity, Motivation, Capacity: “See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery.” If a job needs doing, simply do it. No need to bemoan it, wish it wasn’t so, etc. All the suffering is optional. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Excellence is its own reward. Do the right thing when nobody’s watching. When running wire or pipe through the studs, he would make it beautiful before putting the drywall on. No one would ever see it. But he knew. Doing the best you can everywhere consistently affects you as a being. Get the big picture first. Then plan the work. Then implement. When we would get to a worksite, or before cleaning something, he would put a ladder in the middle of the space, have me stand on the top, and turn slowly taking in the whole picture, and making a map in my head of where everything was, where it should be, what I would do first, etc. ‘How much weight can you lift?’ However much needs lifted. If you ask if you can do it, you might find the answer is no. If its important, just do it. If you’re leading a team and anyone fails, you’re responsible. The leader takes responsibility for the project. And for its failures. The whole team participates in the credit of the successes. The captain gets off of the boat last. Do the initial work for free. Under promise and over deliver. Then sell the benefits of the competition/ alternatives. Responsibility is king. If I have the ability to respond, it’s mine to do. When you accomplish something significant, dont make a big deal out of it. Help others learn to do it. Master the principle of leverage and apply it everywhere. Physically and metaphysically. Learn how to use and make tools. Treat tools as extensions of yourself, which they are. You can generally accomplish more from behind the scenes, when people don’t know what you are doing. Leave every place and situation better than you found it. Orderliness is a quality of the unified field itself. Create order in any environment first. Courage, Power, and Conflict: If you ever start a fight, Ill kick your ass. If someone is being hurt and you don’t protect them, Ill kick your ass. The side of right always wins. Be on the side of right and don’t worry about the odds. Don’t let fear of pain or death keep you from doing the right thing. Most of the atrocities in the world have been committed by men. Power must be in the service of all. Abuse of power is the greatest crime. If someone is abusing power, over-power them. Do not allow bullies. If everyone is running away from something, run towards it. If there is a real threat, someone needs to go deal with it. Let them throw the first punch. If they go for a second, do what you need to stop the violence. If you let it get to blows, you already failed. Use the minimum amount of force necessary to stop harm. Sometimes overwhelming force is necessary. Project force if needed to avoid violence. Protect everyone from unnecessary pain wherever you can. When there was a mortally wounded animal, he would kill it rather than let it suffer. He would also do so where no one else needed to know about it. At a certain point, I went from one of the people he was protecting to learning how to kill painlessly, bury, share only what was needed, etc. Be a protector and support to everyone. Walk on the outside of the street with everyone. Open everyone’s door. Be available to help anyone. Relating to Women: The highest value for men is serving women, nature, and children (future generations). Worshiping at the altar – how to relate to going down on a woman. Being in love is a choice. Choose it and cultivate it. Don’t be controlled by attraction. There are many good reasons to be intimate with someone, only some of which involve attraction. Don’t hurt women. Never push for sex. Let her pursue. If my boss or mentor call, tell them I’m sleeping. If your mom calls, wake me up. Mind, Education, Psyche: The world is mostly crazy. Rethink everything for yourself from scratch. Traditional education and hyperspecialization is a way to make people subservient to the dominant paradigm/ system. Study the generalized principles of nature and be a deep generalist. If you don’t like the fact that the sky is blue, change your mind. Indulging suffering is a choice. Be careful, cautious, and conscious. But not scared. Careful is different than fearful. Jealousy is a type of mental illness – rid yourself of it. When reading, look up every word and concept you don’t know. What is real and what is obvious are usually not the same. See past the obvious to the real. This too shall pass. No one can actually own part of a celestial orb. Ownership is an illusion. “All that I have done, you shall do and greater as well.” Be what the world needs. Be cautious of ambition, it is generally selfish and misguided. Wholeness is the most important word. Then integrity. I am. Any other words that follow are not fully true. Don’t identify with them. Relating to People and the World: Win-lose mentality is evil. Don’t ever celebrate people’s losses. Always celebrate their wins. Respect wisdom, not authority. I want you to surpass me in every way. And you will. That is evolution. And you will treat those you support the same way. Spend time listening to old people. They are unique living libraries. Spend time listening to kids – they are further ahead in evolutionary time. Forgive people and help them do better. Don’t trust experts (mechanics, doctors, etc.) with vested interests. Learn the topic well enough to understand and check what they are saying. Service is the most fun hobby. Sunday mornings we would load the truck with mechanic tools and drive around finding people who were broken down (before cell phones) and fix their cars for them. Such a fun thing to do on a day off. Always tend to the animals first. Study the map of any new place you go. Always know how to navigate. Anticipate emergencies in new environments and create response plans. Be generous with everything you have: knowledge, money, resources, affection, etc. If either of us die, we know that we love each other, death doesn’t end love, and any issue is meaningless and already forgiven. He talked with me about this a number of times. So I knew that if he died and our last conversation was an argument, it didn’t matter at all and only love remained.
  3. We all have our battles. We all need to fight if we think the game is real and it is no matter how enlightened you are.
  4. @StarStruck Work on your shadow regarding your mom/woman in general. Realize that too:
  5. Wild conversation between stage yellow thinkers. Enjoy it.
  6. @Thought Art Yeah, they are great.
  7. What did you learn about them? I highly recommend his books because it's a mix of seduction, strategy, mindset, perspective.
  8. The Great Mental Models (3 Books) + Clear Thinking - all written by Shane Parrish.
  9. I love doing oil massage on girls before fuc**** them hard and hear them moaning 🔥
  10. Skills Uploading 🔥
  11. @Thought Art It's sad. He needs to do an interview on a big podcast: Tim Ferriss, Huberman, Fridman, Rogan. People should discover his work.
  12. Great interview w/ Robert Greene
  13. Andrew Huberman is a scientist, entrepreneur, podcaster, jacked, rebellious, humble, intelligent. I think he is a healthy example of masculine role model. Look at this challenge - walk the talk Walking a 72lb stone up a hill is not easy.
  14. Money is important. Money can pay you a workshop that get you enlightened. Money brings good food, books, wisdom, resources. Money = 🧡
  15. Guys here on the forum... Are you approaching woman?
  16. @Leo Gura Can you talk about your new game? Name? Genre? Ideas? Progress?
  17. @Squeekytoy Coral for sure 👍
  18. Trump is God, Trump is Love.
  19. Generally fat people are friendly. Fat girls are awesome and I love them.
  20. @integral I don't understand YouTube mechanics but you should create content that you love and care about. If you're doing it as a hobby, keep going with your heart. If you need money, that's another game.
  21. Can you name a club on your city with Instagram? I'm curious about french girls. Here one in my city @provocateurpoa