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  1. I am also suspecting that the same might happen to me at 26+above. I am already thinking of how to deal with that, 6 years behind! But I've seen many 'bald' guys having awesome lives. So it is not the hair but your mind that creates all reality around you.. If you manage to accept it and feel great about yourself, nothing will ever go wrong with this. Besides, I think I'd be much better off without hair on the top. It is very tiring to take care of it. Worrying about stupid hair styles and crap like that. . .
  2. Enlightenment is a subjective idea. It is nothing other than a specific form of belief. Using the word "Path" or "Journey" makes it all sound mysterious. If something appears mysterious it only means we do not understand the subject well enough. The truth is the following: We are here, now. Humans define themselves in a way that is not in alignment with this universe. Meaning they falsely assume their made up identity (ego) is what they are. Why are we using the word "Enlightenment" at all? Why are we making up these words and believing in them as if though they existed. It exists only in form of belief. Nature and the universe has nothing to do with 'enlightenment', an idea existing only inside your mind. Just like a flying elephant. Can you prove to me that Enlightenment exists? What are you going to do, sit in zazen and present to me how thoughtless you are? Or will you bring up nothingness as an argument? And speaking of "disastrous consequences for the individual", are you actually denying the danger of being left out on the street because of being broke, after not taking the right actions in life to earn the money and sustain yourself financially? But oh right let me think, you probably don't agree that there is such a thing as being broke. Of course. Sleeping outside is also not a problem. All of these problems arise from the mind. The no-mind, or the 'Brahman' mind has no such definitions as broke or inside/outside. Sure! I understand where you are coming from. Is that why Leo Gura has one of the most successful businesses running on YouTube, and earning 6 figures? Because he truly disagrees that "not taking action in life leads to disastrous consequences"? I doubt very much that he achieved all this by such kind of 'spiritual' and impractical thinking. Now he created this forum and will probably put Advertisements on this site very soon. Gonna add a few figures more to his income. Oh yeah, Good Luck with your journey! have fun.
  3. With all due respect, my friend, I think what he describes about his experiences may be some kind of a serious mental illness of some kind and needs a therapist/psychologist involved. If a person actually believes he is dead, I don't think mindfulness is of any use here... You can't be dead and mindful at the same time, te-hee!
  4. If what you're saying is true and you can actually predict the events. . . Please go and try to win the lottery. Because I tell you, your state of mind is a temporary mental condition of some sort. And you are not fucking dead. You're here, now, still alive! Don't worry. I suggest you immediately contact a therapist or a psychologist if it gets too severe. But before that, really, try to win the lottery. It's the only way to test you abilities. The money you're gonna win is real for sure.
  5. The one mistake most self-actualizing people might be making is seeing ego as an imaginary cancerous part of the brain that requires amputation. Well, not really. Simply understanding what ego is, and understanding how it affects your life decisions already grants you a serious chance of acquiring self-control and self-discipline. Even so, there is really nothing wrong with being egoistic sometimes. I think very often we are addressing the wrong problems here. First of all, one that is self-actualized should not be so dramatically self-centered at a point which an individual starts to worry about the ego which is basically imaginary in its nature. So what I'm saying is... There is so much to explore, learn, experience. There are billions and billions of galaxies out there, yet we have not even begun exploring this solar system we live in. So instead of worrying about the matters of ego and confusing the hell out of your mind, why not relax. Be aware that you exist, here and now. In the form of energy-matter, and that you are a part of this vast universe. On the other side.. you are a complex biological machine that has many different needs and desires. So what do we do from here? Well.. Go where your personal curiosity takes you. And stick with the universal truth. And by the universal truth I really mean, a set of truths that are like 2x2=4. The kind of truths that you know for sure are unquestionable. It is one good method of making sure you are not getting lost in the dilemma your own mind has created upon itself..