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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. I'm glad I'm not the only one bringing up this subject over and over again. Some spiritual people seem to have completely lost their touch with reality and they start believing in all kinds of pseudo-scientific ideas without a drop of skepticism whatsoever. It is nothing more than a wishful thinking and a very comfortable state of delusion. Sam Harris talked very clearly about this in his video "Spirituality without religion" and made it very clear how there is a rational side of spirituality which does not have to involve all kinds of biased concepts. And that the core of Zen Buddhism is by itself harmless and very useful as long as self-improvement and the realization of truth is concerned. The problem begins when people start mystifying this whole 'enlightenment' thing. I personally disagree with Leo that there is some kind of "path" we need to follow. People treat the idea of 'enlightenment' as if it were something real or objective. Some kind of place one gets to. But the whole idea that there is some kind of a mystical 'journey' is completely absurd. Zen Buddhism should be used as a tool for discovering certain truth in life, instead of making it a lifestyle.
  2. Beliefs are not necessary if you have eyes. Just observe, see reality the way it is without formulating any judgement upon it. Unless you see a unicorn. I hate unicorns...
  3. 1. mental equilibrium (mental peace & calmness) 2. absolute freedom, e.g not being limited by other people, including the 'loved ones'. 3. limited connections, partial, almost idealistic, isolation from the masses. e.g Choosing to communicate only with people that benefit you in one way or other. In other words, no gain, no interest. 4. productivity & daily effort towards greater success. 5. Being skeptical/questioning everything. e.g questioning the cause, the essence and its value. 6. dominating every possible space&situation. 7. maintaining absolute financial independency, e.g never worrying about the bills, food and other needs. 8. Survivalism. In other words, trying to survive no matter what. My life above everyone and anything else. Even the lovers life. Self-sacrifice is absolutely unacceptable, without any exceptions whatsoever. 9. Self-honesty. In other words, being honest with myself, but not necessarily honest with others. Depending on the case. 10. Taking down my enemies (financial enemies, e.g other companies) silently, undermining their business, and promoting my own over theirs.
  4. Enlightenment does not exist. It is just an idea created in your head. I'm joking! Ha. Actually, I'm not...
  5. Guys, please understand. Leo created this forum so that you can talk to other self-actualizing people. He did not exactly create it as a chit chat space, and certainly not a chit chat with him. It's probably stressing him out. I mean he said many times how he wants to go and live alone in cabin in the woods, and what's happening is that he is locked up inside of his own creation
  6. Simply quitting Facebook would be good enough! But I'll consider that challenge too.
  7. Don't forget the other side of things. You know.. They may be really busy self-actualizing so they can't commit to your question. So busy self-actualizing... Like, dancing in the clubs or some s**t. You never know...
  8. Donald Trump's The Art of Deal beats 48 Laws of Power. Ha!
  9. #BUILD THE WALL! #MexicoPaysforTheWall! GO TRUMP 2016!!!!
  10. How about THIS COINCIDENCE over here? Donald Trump was apparently in the movie Back To The Future, where he is supposed to be a president in 2015. And the producers were shocked to see that he might really be one in 2016! I freaked out.
  11. @AHappyTeddyBear @abrakamowse Just so you know, if you don't like that specific book, you can search for some other book. NLP is divided into 2 categories 1) Self-help 2) Influencing others. If you want to influence others, you have to look for specific books designed for that purpose.. Good luck! And... Please be a Jedi, don't fall to the dark side.
  12. Start with Allan Pease - Body Language book, and after you finish reading it and practicing/making observations and learn how to 'read' peoples thoughts you should immediately move on to reading NLP books. There are many, and you can start with any one of them you like. However, learning body language first will be a good start..
  13. Yes, I can give you my word that it is not pseudo-science. The stuff really works, and when you become a master of it you're basically gonna be like Trump, or maybe worse... Depending on your 'heart'. But NEVER ever share the fact that you're learning NLP with your friends/girlfriend/community. It gives you a SIGNIFICANT advantage over them. I shared this here because I love you guys too much on here. Okay, now I'm waiting for Leo to criticize me, telling me how bad it is for enlightenment to be manipulative & sneaky! Bring it on, Leo!
  14. NLP involves too many variables and details to explain it down in one article. You'll have to read Richard Bandler - Persuasion Engineering <--- However, before getting anywhere near NLP I recommend reading Allan Pease - Body Language <--- It will teach you how to read people's thoughts by their body gestures, so that helps you figure out WHEN you should use NLP in the first place.
  15. Donald Trump is using very advanced set of techniques called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). It is a very powerful thing, I have used it many, many times. Mostly I used it on girls to make them fall in love with me to the point of fanaticism, and I also used it to make a cashier believe i already gave her the money for the products, without actually giving any money. People who think Donald Trump is a fool and doesn't know what he's doing, are basically wrong. This guy is a master-mind and a demonic leader. By the way, I made a YouTube video, making fun of Donald Trump. You can see it here!