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  1. Exactly what I'm trying to tell them! They don't listen. . . If logic & reason is not present in spirituality, then pseudo-science and invalid reasoning takes over like a wild monkey, every single time. This is why I put emphasis on the importance of logical analysis. Some people will call you "prickly", but really, they're just gooey... So yeah.
  2. Maybe you are delusional and the ego is real? Maybe.. This whole universe is an illusion, and our identity, the ego is the only real thing that exists? Maybe we're all terribly wrong! That would be terrific.
  3. Hahah you just triple-enlightened me! Good points. I like. Besides, we are one with the spit. So there would be no problem at all either way. And no one really spits in our face. The spitting just happens...
  4. Dude. You're still alive. Chill down! Believing that everything that's happening around is a fake dream is a dangerous assumption. You might as well jump off a building and get killed. First of all, think about how good life really is. Like... you don't have to dramatize everything that happens. Just be alive, do your job and keep on surviving! We are all surviving here on this island of insanity. So stay strong & fit. Watch Benjamin Smythe! He will radically transform your life if you listen to this guy. That guy's a blast.
  5. Even if its "who stole your cell phone?" It depends on how valuable the question is.. Haha! But for one I know that I'd have given my life to find out if there are alien life forms on Jupiters moon Europa, and Saturns Enceladus & Titan. So much exciting stuff to grasp and explore. Yet we seem to waste our lives on twerking and selfies.
  6. I agree with you on this. However, you can't possibly deny the importance of making sure you are able to survive further, in order to keep learning more about the truth and the vastness of the universe. So I think taking care of life problems & cherishing the truth are of the equal importance. Because you can't discover the truth without having enough time to do so. And you can't have enough time to do so without finding means to survive... Basic stuff, but yeah.
  7. Indeed. It depends on the program that runs in our heads. And one good use of self-actualization is that you become able to reprogram yourself, when ever necessary. You become an engineer of your own mind.
  8. Correct. I believe what Leo did and does is necessary and inevitable. I just brought his financial achievements as an example to demonstrate that Leo Gura agrees to the fact that it is important to take care of our personal lives, finances and solve our daily problems instead of closing our eyes on them.
  9. This is a trap! There is no way to tell if your cheek is a sign of strength or weakness! Then perhaps, here comes a question... Does what others think of you stand above your own judgement and belief? So in other words.. Shall one remain true to his beliefs, or do what he thinks society thinks he should be doing! hm... Maybe next time I should ask "what would you do if someone shot you in the foot. Scream or laugh?! haha.. That case would be less complex maybe.
  10. Yes I understand I made up quite an extreme case here. And I absolutely agree. The more awareness you attain and the more you explore your consciousness/practice self-control, the more often you become able to choose between your reactions rather than blindly following the impulses. Good point there..
  11. Well put! Sounds good enough to me. As for the kind of psychological damage I talk about, it depends on the person itself, how this kind of thing affected him and how he feels about it. Of course, people who are truly confident, strong and self-disciplined will not fall into such a provocation and jump to violence, obviously. I guess it all depends on the persons perspective. I don't recommend turning to violence either. But hey, just a couple of teeth kicked in, wouldn't be so bad right?! Haha. It's about the energy you have, and how you prefer to distribute it throughout life. Personally I would respond with a slight face punch and a nice push, just to keep things under control. And I would do that not because I have issues within me, but simply because he asked for it! Though, i still believe that fundamentally, at a root-primitive psychological level it is impossible not to get angry about this. But if someone is truly capable of not getting angry or insulted, then I applaud to their self-control.
  12. I understand. My position is quite skeptical over here. I am questioning the existence of anything such as 'enlightenment' itself. It seems that we treat it as something real, yet it is only a product of our own belief and imagination. So you see my point I hope...
  13. Yes but please explain what exactly are you talking about? Is it a form of meditation? or something like that?
  14. NO OFFENCE! But this sounds to me like pseudo-science. First of all, what are you talking about? please explain further...
  15. The problem is not in the law of attraction, but in peoples primitive brains that make everything look like a mystery and magic. The Law of Attraction can easily be explained scientifically. There are no 'supernatural energies' involved in this process. everything is governed by the laws of physics and mathematics. The Law of Attraction happens at a 'quantum' level. When an individual thinks of something constantly, his subconscious mind always leads itself to the ways and places which make those things come true. Including fear... This is very simple. But what I hate is these stupid pseudo-scientific idiots who believe in some non-existent energies and magical things. Drives me insane. People lack logic and reason for that matter.
  16. Because enlightenment does not exist. it is a subjective idea. a form of belief that can not be proven to be different from a religious person that believes in god. Can you prove to me that enlightenment is something real? and not a fantasy inside ones mind? Now, of course ego is an illusion and the real you is everything that there is. Brahman. Nothingness.. Tathata. Ten thousand things, one suchness, we are all one suchness.. I understand all that. But nevertheless... why should we ever use the word 'enlightenment', 'path', 'journey'? Why do we make up these mysteries and then blindly believe in their reality? Knowing that ego is an incorrect way of defining oneself does not have anything to do with so called "enlightenment". Neither does understanding the concept of oneness have to do with enlightenment. Its better if we don't ever use that word at all. Because this is becoming ridiculous! absolutely silly and fanatical.
  17. This is no different than what religious fanatics feel and experience when they pray to god. A strong belief in something and the feeling of greatness/ultimate love can cause such physical sensations very often. And so does music. 1. This does not mean you are enlightened or awakened at all. 2. People who are truly awakened don't necessarily talk about it at all.
  18. I say don't listen to people who rant so obsessively about enlightenment. If you are passionate about that, go for it and do the shit out of it. Others can go walk with a bamboo stick. Never put your own individual richness above enlightenment. Enlightenment is something you gotta have a sense of on the background of all things, if you make it a primary life purpose you're going nowhere with that. You know why people 'give up their egos' so desperately? Cause their life sucks! It actually sucks so badly that they have to give up themselves to feel a little bit better. So that's not the kind of direction you wanna have. Just saying.. I'm a web-programmer myself. I was very passionate about programming, but I was also passionate about zen & enlightenment. At the end of the day it hit me that chasing enlightenment is like chasing the tail you don't have. Totally out of sanity. The best thing you can ever do is follow your passion with pride, and instead of denying your individuality, make it richer.. more unique.
  19. Now all we gotta argue about is which hat is better. Perfect! We got a wide range of hat choices in this Capitalistic world. That's when Capitalism comes in handy, i suppose. . .