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  1. but hey, at least you expressed yourself here! I can't do even that properly.
  2. INTP here. I match Leo's type. Awesome!
  3. Let's say for the sake of our case that its a 25 year old spitting on another 25 year old. I believe 30+ people do not find spitting effective any longer.
  4. I believe a point needs to be reached where one does not prevent or separate the other.
  5. Epistemology and philosophy of science - I have to read more about it. But I believe you are correct. Perhaps we need to also look at the consequences of excess spirituality and how it would affect humanity in total. Excess spirituality would probably lead to something like The Archaic Revival. And at that point, everything would seem beautiful and natural. Yet without taking care of their science, these people would easily go extinct. If not from diseases then from an asteroid heading on their way. So finding a balance seems like a MUST. I have not come to that level yet. I could not find the balance element. But I am working on it!
  6. Indeed... But I wrote this because I feel like people underestimate the value of rational capacity and they try to get away sticking only with spiritual side of things. Which may be very comfortable, but it can also become very delusive and misleading. Just like you mentioned in your video last time.. The key is probably to find a balance between the two.
  7. I decided to check the article on rationalwiki... First 7 seconds I read "Rupert Sheldrake is a former scientist (very former, as in not doing science any more) who, since the 1980s, has preferred to promote his own pet theory of everythingcalled "morphic resonance". Sheldrake believes that "memory is inherent in nature" and that "natural systems, such as termite colonies, or pigeons, or orchid plants, or insulin molecules, inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind." and that this "morphic resonance" is also responsible for " And then I read the word "telepathy" and switched off the tab Good lord, I am tired of these PseudoPhiles!
  8. Do we have any better alternative to our human senses and perception? I mean.. We just don't have any other options here. Besides, just because science is based on the observations with the limited human perception, does not necessarily mean its not valuable. In fact, its the only way we, humans can find out the truth and examine reality. If you have better options, I am totally open to listen. Unless its the 'third eye' thing and some extra sensory tales...
  9. I don't listen to songs because I have come to realize that songs program your mind in specific ways. I listen to Ambient music & other instrumentals.
  10. I believe it is my desire for intellectual superiority together combined with the comfortable reality where science makes an ultimate promise that nothing can defy the laws of nature. For example, if one claims that he has extra sensory powers, this literally means extra sensory powers exist, while there is absolutely no scientifically examined, valid proof of its existence. That would either mean us, the scientists did not detect something we should have, or the other person is simply a liar makes up fairy tales. Thereby I will naturally demand proof for such claims. If there is no proof presented, this person should be called "pseudo-scientific'. . . So that sums it up for me. I admit science can not explain or know everything. However, that gives NO ONE the right to make up things without evidence.. Because that harms the society, harms the general perspective of the universe which we so desperately try to understand as it truly is.
  11. Yes I agree I need to relax a little bit... I am working on it..
  12. Then I believe Leo Guras anger-expressions are also flawed, and I believe there is no problem for you to go with it, when he makes sense. . . ! Yet you said you can't be bothered enough... so I am not sure why you bother with Teal?
  13. Well yes I suppose I could make some space for that possibility. OVER MY DEAD BODY!!! I slay UFO's, angels, demons, dwarfs, elves, big-foots and some other things... Including anything that presents itself as something above the laws of nature..
  14. So you are saying that teal swan has a correct understanding of the universe because she practices what she preaches? That statement sounds to me a bit emotional. That does not change the fact that she is known to claim she possesses super natural powers, which we know does not exist. So her claims are literally false.. That is one serious flaw in her reasoning. And yet with Leo Gura the case is completely the opposite. The man is as logical as he can possibly be. I am still to this day, actively trying to break down his philosophy and trying to find logical flaws in it, but I have failed to do so. Therefore I should say I bow before Leo and give him the way. For I know that man does not fuck around.
  15. You can't say science is a 'perspective'. Because it is based on facts and only facts. The facts that we know for sure are real. Science is the activity of making the extended careful examination that is needed to properly understand aspects of the world that do not show themselves in a directly obvious manner. What you seem to be saying is "If science does not explain everything, it is a perspective". Well, it doesn't have to be a perspective. It is not a 'perspective' to things it already does explain. For example, we know that 2x2=4 and this is the universal truth that can not be denied by any thing or any one in the universe. This is called an absolute truth. The whole purpose of science is to operate and make assumptions based only on facts and absolute truth. So in essence, you can't call science a 'perspective', unless you know nothing about science at all. . .
  16. yes I agree with that for sure. Judgement has hidden reasons within itself. I definitely need to chill down a little. I probably sound like a soviet dictator at a point.
  17. If you feel that an angry person is a more serious problem than someone who preaches pseudo-science, then you need to double check your logic & reason..
  18. Oh, can I punch you too? Just once! please. We are all one, come on. One more punch of oneness wouldn't hurt..
  19. I'm checking it out!
  20. This is NOT about the way you 'feel'. This is about logic, reason and objective reasoning. facts. If you allow yourself to believe whatever you feel you're going to surround yourself with a lot of BS pseudo-science reality which is false.
  21. Leo is the way he is because he is a logical and a skeptical person. It is important to be skeptical and analytical about all subjects because most of the concepts and beliefs are just total crap. Needs some line of logic going on. Teal Swan, on the other hand claims that she has some super natural powers, which is complete BULLSH*T, and she is using that as an attention element. There are no "super natural" things in the universe. The universe is governed by the laws of physics and mathematics. Some people don't understand that, because they're plain stupid. So they believe in pseudo-scientific ideas.
  22. I agree with most of the things she talks about. However, it is driving me absolutely nuts that she makes any 'supernatural' or 'extrasensory' claims. This is completely out of logic and reason. Fucking pseudo-scientific rats, thats what these people are. I can't help but stress out over the fact that she makes these pseudo-scientific claims. It is a big shame that she did that, considering that the subjects she talks about are logical and valid. But extrasensory? what the *ck?..
  23. I would like this post to serve as a reminder for everyone, that there is such a thing called a "Spiritual Bypassing". Sometimes we have to deal with many difficult problems in our lives. And there have been numerous cases, when people turn 'spirituality' into their personal comfort zone. A small delusional bubble that one has made up for himself, in order to close his/her eyes on those serious life problems that need to be solved. So instead of solving those problems, people sometimes get "delusional" about enlightenment. And instead of solving their harsh life problems, they will naively try to 'pursue enlightenment', 'get rid of the ego', so on and so forth. I believe this is a very serious problem that is very underestimated. Because misunderstanding enlightenment and using it as a form of escape from real life problems will inevitably have disastrous consequences for such an individual. I want to specify a deeper example here. I've seen thousands of people on Facebook -Alan Watts page, obsessively talking about Alan Watts. These people listen to Alan Watts audio recordings for hours and hours and hours. Every single day! Without ever thinking about enlightenment on their own, trying to explore it all on their own. Trusting some old man, who rants about the nature of reality. I believe these people may be in a delusional state of mind. For those who do not know A.Watts, he is a zen philosopher. A very popular one. I have to say that I absolutely love the work of Alan Watts, I have also read many of his books. And I do not question his philosophy. What I question here, is the mental health of those individuals who become completely obsessed with A.Watts and his recordings. I strongly believe that such people are under a deep state of mental delusion. These people are using Alan Watts audio recordings as if it were drugs. So they end up drugging their brains, and never actually understanding what enlightenment is at all. And I would like all of you to ask yourselves, why exactly are you trying to pursue enlightenment? Could it be, that you have some harsh personal life problems behind, and you're trying to run away from that? If so, then I strongly suggest you to face those problems first, and solve them. Only after that, come back to pursuing enlightenment. It is very important for each one of us to understand why we are doing what we're doing. Spiritual Bypassing is very real, and I have been its victim too in the past. Here is some more information about it. And here is an all-famous Alan Watts, the guy who puts thousands of people under his powerful hypnotic condition. BEWARE OF SPIRITUAL BYPASS. Make sure your desire to pursue enlightenment is not an escape from life. That's all I had to say... Please share your thoughts on this.
  24. And the third one will claim there is no such thing as enlightenment.