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  1. nice to look at other seekers (: love and light to all
  2. When I feel i'm getting backlash I usually take my time to stop, breathe and note the full spectrum of sensations that compose those moments in a very vipassana-esque style. Just notice all the sensations in that present moment when you feel your ego struggling for dominance. Notice that all of them are impermanent, don't satisfy and aren't you or belong to you. In a few minutes the urges should pass and you can mindfully resume what you truly intended to do all along.
  3. wow, really impressed and troubled to know there's controversy around Shunyamurti. I actually enjoyed most of his videos on youtube and bought some os his books. do some of you understand he is a zen devil? If so, is this because he didn't do shadow work and thus allowed his ego to appropriate all that knowledge in order to create this "enlightened me"?
  4. Great experience! I had similar "alleviation of vices" effects after a few incursions into mushroom territory and now use cannabis only in a semi-ceremonial setting with friends and/or acquaintances. May you keep remembering who you are with or without substantial aid (:
  5. If panda still (really) wants to be a panda, panda will still be panda regardless of its practices. But the more you advance in the path, the more you understand (and remember) that what you really want isn't related to materialism or any conceptual idea about reality.
  6. In the end, it really is about impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and no-self. Thank you for this exchange!
  7. Thank you! I can definitely still feel "my body" while meditating, even though things are getting fuzzier the more I note every sensation when doing mixed shamatha/vipassana practices
  8. I found this very accurate
  9. Taking 6 grams + of mushrooms secluded in nature alongside a loved one
  10. This is a playlist I compile every inspirational music I come across, with lyrics relating to the path. Enjoy (: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6WLkZFrPpiuax7kYayrY3F?si=0d3841505558452e
  11. This is my first blog post after having watched most videos and reading a good chunk of books from the book list and, sadly, it's not for asking questions or starting a rich discussion. First, thank you Leo for all your hard work over the years. You (more precisely me as the illusion of you) showed up right when I hit rock bottom in 2020 and typed randomly "What is Reality" in YouTube hoping for some answer. I was seriously hating life and all the stuff happening around me and in the world. As a brazilian lawyer, there is practically no incentive to work since it's almost impossible to be honest, do real good and earn money while we're currently being ruled by probably the worst government in human history (Bolsonaro is a puppet of higher powers - i.e. USA and Europe - which managed to revert Brazil back to colony status since the 2016 coup d'etat that removed Dilma Rouseff from power and things are really bad over here). I always was very much like Leo and my "thing" since my childhood was trying to understand reality. Stumbling upon Actualized.org was a gift. Now, after what happened regarding the solipsism controversy, Leo has posted: "I have decided to take down my latest Solipsism video because people are not mature enough to handle it. Don't ask me questions about solipsism any more. I will not be teaching it because people cannot handle it. I will no longer publicly teach my deepest awakenings." I believe this is a blow to all the hard working people on the path out there that uses Actualized.org as a conscious, down to earth source of information and inspiration. While I agree that we must discover the highest truths by ourselves, Leo's ability to connect the dots of reality holistically and speak his mind without trying to convince anyone about his point of view and talking about stuff such as cults etc is probably unparalleled in the internet as of 2022. Leo not wanting to talk about his deepest awakenings is a huge blow to anyone who uses the channel as if hearing a good friend talk about his experiences and taking notes to explore our own personal direct experiences. Leo, if your decision is final, I deeply and humbly respect it. But I wanted to write this message of encouragement since you've probably helped many others as you've helped me without knowing. I truly believe your work enrichens humanity as a whole, especially in these final moments of the Kali Yuga. If some people who watch your stuff can't handle this level of understanding, they should just stop watching or work more on themselves until they can, and not try to undermine a source that facilitate learning for many. One should not be penalized because of another's lack of maturity. Maybe add disclaimers for future deeper episodes? Anyways, that's it. Here's hoping for more great lessons from Actualized.org. Thank you very much for everything once again! Love and light, Leo Palhano
  12. Please do! I, for one, would be glad to read it!