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  1. We are not talking about water here but about psychedelics. DMT for example is a base that needs to be heated to somewhere around 180 degrees. It burns worse then smoking tobacco. I don't know if you have ever tried, but to me it does not feel healthy.
  2. But can i experience unconsciousness? I mean i have been unconscious in the past, but i am only conscious of it because there is a gap in my memory. I am talking about direct experience now from perspective of my ego. Not about all the things in the universe outside of my ego which i am unconscious of right now. In that sense you could say i am more unconscious now then conscious.
  3. You can get a E-mesh vape. They work quite well. Plenty of tutorials online. Bit expensive though. And vaping is quite the rollercoaster ride. Your inhaling hot vapor though so it is not healthy. Plugging is probably better for your health. Your not supposed to use a needle... Just the plunger..
  4. I think so. What else would i be? A figment of your imagination?
  5. I live in the Netherlands. And yes. Its like a hedonistic pleasure dome out here. Its boring as fuck. Camping is something you can do. I did some volunteer work at a campsite for food and just lived outside from early spring till early summer. I slept in a hammock and spend most my time goofing around in nature. This was in 2020 so due to corona my options where limited, I originally wanted to go to Sweden and camp out there in the woods and live like a dirty bum for a month or so. You get used to being dirty and outside rather quickly though. It just becomes the new normal. Comfort is relative.
  6. I can agree that work is horrible. Not so much the work itself but the amount of it. Western society has turned work into this obsession. I wish people would just calm down a little.
  7. It is kind of silly. Why did I not think of it before.... No thanks. Life is amazing.
  8. Its a nice idea. The idea I will always be conscious and the worse that can happen is that I forget.
  9. Iv just been wondering, Is het possible to experience not being conscious of anything? I have fainted in the past and the the moment i was unconscious was as if it never happened. Sleep seems to be the same. I'm ether conscious of dreams or it is as if it never happened. I don't even know what to think of death.
  10. You could make tea and add lemonjuce to it. Then plug the tea.
  11. Why would you want to microdose it? Its such a short lasting drug.
  12. I have experimented with smoking bong with 0 tollerance. I get so absolutely overwhelmed by euphoria that i end up thinking im connected to everything and that im some sort of prophet who has to lead the world to harmony. In that state of mind i am like no thx i dont want to, and i tell everything to forget it ever happened. So i can go back to being poor little me. I dont know what weed does with my mind, its very confusing. When i mixed it with ketamine once i thought my life was a tv show and the universe was watching it. And that this tv show never ends. Then i thought i would die if i did not drink a glas of water... So... I dont know what to think of it. When sober it just seems like dellusional thinking
  13. I have taken mdma in various ammounts. Never had any headaches I have also taken 1p-LSD about 6 times up to 300ug. No headaches. Al-Lad, no headaches. Smoking dmt. No headaches. Eating 5meo-mipt. No headaches. It is very specific to eating psychedelics that are similair to mushrooms. And it is not a sharp pain. It feels as if my head is swolen. Paracetamol does help if i can keep it down. It is just a mystery to me. Ill probebly try plugging 4-ho-met to see if that changes anything.
  14. Yes. I am aware. Iv experimented with vaping DMT. I could not find a method to get enough inside my lungs without me coughing it out. I tried all sorts of pipes and a E-mesh vaporizer. I did get a good hit of it twice, and it was scary as hell. Not so much the peek of the trip, but how intense the onset is. it went from 0 to 4grams of mushrooms in 5 seconds. I did not have a breakthrough but my perception of reality got to a point where it is hard to describe. I have not tried vaping anything after that. The combination of it being painful on the lungs and how intense it is kind of scares me. I have not tried 5meo DMT for that same reason.
  15. Yes, After those headaches that was the conclusion I sort of drew, but I had some of the most meaningful trips on mushrooms and DMT, so its hard to accept that they might not be right for me. 4-AcO-DMT is illegal in the Netherlands, so that is not something I can find easy online. Is DPT something you would recommend? I read some dark reports about it, but in your last video you seemed positive. In the Netherlands it is easier to find then 4-aco-DMT.