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  1. @something_else about being depressed and not seeing the way to cure it.@something_else@something_else
  2. I'm not sure but I'm using an old flip phone and i don't have any other access to the internet.
  3. For me it's dealing with emotional challenges
  4. Thanks everybody great stuff!↵ I would like to understand from all you guys that said that they are just thoughts the first second when I wake up even when I'm waking up in a shock and I'm still not capable of thinking at all?
  5. I'm trying to figure out my own emotions and I found myself feeling bitter on myself.↵ Can anybody give some examples of bitterness because I still didn't get it fully? And also some advice how to deal with it?
  6. How can I promise a boss that I'm really committing to a job after in the past I took jobs from the same boss and in my heart I didn't really commit and I didn't do my work good?
  7. @Flowerfaeiry sounds like you have overcome your depression already which this itself gives me great hope. ↵ If you can share with me what helped you I would appreciate it so it can make the long way and the pain involved shorter.
  8. I'm depressed for the last 2 years I'm feeling hopeless,unmotivated,shame and much more all day long ↵ I find every while something that I think will help me and I get excited about it but then I fall back.↵ what's your advice for me how can I stop it what methods should I use or what courses should I take?↵ I would also love to here from people that are also going thru or went thru such a situation.↵ Thanks!
  9. @cypres do you try to suppress in this 30 minutes or your let it feel fully?
  10. @lmfao very interesting thank you
  11. I'm struggling with strong negative emotions all the time but I see an interesting thing that in the morning when I'm getting up its much much worse to the extent that feel very depressed and don't want to get up. ↵ Does anybody have an explanation for that and what I can do for it?↵
  12. This term "emotional repression" is new to me and it's sounds pretty good and true.↵ Does anybody know how I can bring it up or what I can read about it what videos to watch etc.
  13. I struggled a lot with perfectionism after being raised that everything has to be perfect during the years I read a lot of books (I also went to coaching) and I found this one very helpful "too perfect: when being in control gets out of control"
  14. I have most of the time strong negative emotions but I don't even recognize that there are emotions at all and of course I don't know which emotions they are. ↵ What can I do for that which books should I read , what courses should I take etc.?
  15. What should I read on understanding my own emotions