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  1. Dont fall in the trap of thinking you need this or that to get girls. If you get stuff get it because you want it for you. Saying that logistically a car might help you. If youre going to work on anything work on your 'game', which is confidence, flirting etc etc. Where they are depends on your current situation but obvious places are clubs, bars. Main thing though is just have fun with dont look at it like you need it to complete you
  2. I think the point behind it is that you do cetain things specifically to make yourself unconcious. So for example if you watch tv it lets you 'zone out' which effectively makes you unconcious as you get lost in the tv show, youre no longer aware of yourself watching the show you are basically in it. So the practice is to just remain conscious while watching tv or doing anything. So you watch it but youre aware that youre watching it. If you do this properly in life as a whole youll find you dont need to stop doing things youve heard are bad, you just naturally wont want to do certain things anymore. I dont think you should aim to stop anything you should just aim to raise your consciousness and what you dont need will drop off. Sadhguru said one time, when you were a kid you didnt aim to stop playing with toys, one day it didnt resonate with you and you stopped. My personal experience with tv, i used to watch a lot, i still watch it but i find it very difficult to watch fictional series or dramas or anything like that. I find myself only able to watch interesting docs, but ive noticed a definite shift and i never said to myself ive got to stop watching tv. The thing is if you just quit cos thats what you hear is good to do, you never have first hand experience of consciously knowing what is best for you
  3. great topic for an essay, i would like to read it once your done if youd be happy to share. But 2 books come to mind that i think might help you, 'the fall' by steven taylor, this talks about where the ego comes from, his theory is that when migrating from africa a group of people had to develop a strong ego to survive the tough conditions of the desert, limited resources meant that they had to look out for themselves and see themselves as seperate in order to survive, this led to western and arabic cultures. It is quite theory led but i thought it was an interesting take on where ego could have come from. The other book is 'ego is the enemy' by ryan holiday which is more of a self development book but has a lot of stories about ego. It kind of glosses over a few things but it is a very relistic take on it. Those 2 ive read and can recommend, you might also want to look at 'ego and the id' by sigmund freud, i havent read it but i think it could be helpful. Leading from that also look into carl jung. Hope that helps
  4. Hey @Wendelin thanks for sharing. I have been feeling this too recently and its funny as my favourite teachers are also tolle, mooji and sadhguru. So i get two states which feel literally like im 2 different people, one is completely flowing with life but also excited about everything, i get thoughts but do not feel attached to any of them, almost like ive taken a step back from them and can see them from a distance. The other is basically being tied up in my thoughts which usually revolve around trying to get back to the first state and have a feeling of anxiety and uneasiness. I usually try and give myself advice on how to relax but whatever i come up with never seems to work, im aware that even thinking about it causes it to persist but its like i cant stop. Any advice?
  5. Youre doing it right, the whole point is to get confortable and used to those emotions now. Youll be a lot more panicked if you have them on your death bed
  6. I havent read the book but i think reading between the lines what he might be saying is, you have to accept the scars fully because avoiding them or fighting them only gives them more power. For example say a bad thought pops in your head about you getting beaten up as a child, if you avoid it and try and get rid of it, youre resisting. What causes your present pain is the resistance and fear of the thoughts, not really the thoughts themselves. So the content can remain but by facing it and detatching yourself from it, it no longer has the same power, you camt control your thoughts but can control your reaction.
  7. You need to take action, all your points are fine and well but there is no forward momentum. Work out what you want to do and then work out a strategy to do that, whilst doing the background inner work. For example if you want to write a book set yourself a goal of writing say 5 pages a day. You would get a lot further than if you spent a year reading and studying about how to write a book, which is really what youre proposing. Also i would look at other videos and books as well as leos stuff, just so you get different inputs.
  8. Yep agreed God is and can only be experienced existentially, therefore any attempt to describe or label conceptually will ultimately fall short. In fact any attempt to describe anything real will always fall short. Its like if youve never eaten a banana and i describe it to you, even if i write a 500 page book describing it you still will not know the experience. So same thing with god you can write all the books you want but until you experience it you will have no clue, and obviously its impossible to experience while youre still looking for concepts in your head
  9. The content is good and i know how difficult it can be as ive done a couple vids myself but its a little hard to follow just because of the delivery as its very rapid. I can tell your talking off the cuff which is good but you might want to have a loose structure written down. But main thing is that youre doing it and putting it out, so as long as you keep going all these things will sort themselves out. Seriously amazing you started so young, so keep it up man!
  10. @UpperClassWhiteBoy Just to say, whenever you do something new and you see the positive result of that being something you highly desire, then fear is inevitable as youve built up that thing in your head. So get out of the habit of thought that says to do pick up i need to get rid of fear first, you cant get rid of fear so you have to work with it and accept it. If you go out for a night and approach 10 different woman, by the time you get to the 10th one youll notice how much your fear has gone down, because now youre no longer living through the concept of what you think it will be like you wouldve done it.
  11. @DimmedBulb 1. Think of it like this do you love your mum because of her achievements? Is her worth to you based on her achievements? The answer is probably no you love her because of her, well you should extend this unconditional love to yourself. Your worth is based on your bringing your true self to the world no matter what that entails. How would it be worth anything to be a fake you thats just trying to be successful to look like theyre worth something, it defeats the purpose of you. 2. You can realise youre true self is the only thing thats worth anything 3. I guess its both but its not something you can do its more of a realisation that you dont need to be anything more than what you are in this moment. In fact you cant be anything more than you are in this moment you can only get stressed about it
  12. Yes literally all language, writing etc isnt the direct experience, essentially its our best attempt to communicate our thoughts and feelings to another human or humans and as such will always be limited to a concept. Having said that its the best we can do as we may want to learn about others experiences and explore concepts that we havent experienced ourselves, however limited this might be its better than nothing. The problem i feel with science is that it states a lot of things that people then take as fact, a lot of science is theory as in this is a thing that could have happened. To base our idea of reality around this as an absolute truth would be misguided. So i dont think theres anything wrong with science or language its just how you take it, always question and never accept anything outside your own first hand experience as an absolute truth
  13. Ok well first of all stop comparing, like literally notice when you compare and learn to let this go. Even if youre friend wasnt around there would always be someone who you would compare yourself to, youre never going to be 'better' than everyone in the world and you dont need to be. Secondly your need to achieve something seems ego based so its not because you necessarily want to do these things its just because you believe your self worth to be based on your achievements. Imo this is backwards, you need to accept yourself and give yourself self worth and realise you dont have to do anything to accept yourself (love yourself unconditionally) when you do this youll find its easier to achieve anything because anxiety abd desperation isnt invloved. Anyway good luck, im assuming youre quite young but a lot of this will pass in tine so dont worry too much
  14. @Dodoster the whole point of hedonism is not to plan what gives the most pleasure over a period of time but just to live with complete abandon and do what gives the most pleasure at any given moment. Ok lets take heroin out of the equation, if there was some drug with minimal negative side effects but which gave you maximum pleasure, would you take it? Keep in mind you would only ever want to do this drug
  15. I dont know why everyone is arguing with @Frogfucius, his point is that if you believe in a hedonistic lifestyle ie achieving the most amount of pleasure possible then the logical end would be something like heroin. This is an argument against hedonism as heroin has a massive downside and therefore hedonism as a philosophy doesnt work if heroin is the end goal
  16. I agree that you should go pursue your life purpose, but i would say you should go with what you feel at the time. What i mean is that you may work out what you think is your life purpose at 21 and put all your eggs in that basket and thats fine but you should leave room for the idea that what you think is your life purpose now may evolve or even switch directions into sonething completely unexpected. If youre too hard headed about sticking to what you think is your purpose youll miss the opportunity to arrive at what your actual purpose was.
  17. Its like in the matrix where he says 'i know its not a steak but its still tastes great' or something along those lines, there will always be that niggling feeling of trying to find truth but if youre happy not finding it thats cool
  18. I think its really a case of training yourself to not buy completely into one type of thinking or set of ideas. A lot of the time people go into different modes of thinking and by doing that disregard everything ekse because they've found the 'truth'. If you can be independent of this method and be able to read anything and seperate the benefits from the dogma then i think that is a fantastic way to grow. It's like if you want to get fit they'll be loads of diets and work out plans that people will want you to buy into because they're the answer to all your problems, but if you can pick and chose the parts that work for you that would make more sense than just following one blindly
  19. OK yeah that makes sense, I wasnt really sure what the op meant but reading the other comments it's a bit more clearer. So awareness is limitless as it is everything, as a human it's like we are drop of awareness out of a vast ocean. Or think of it like this we are a bit of water from the ocean put into a glass, we take the form of the glass and view the world from this glass but we are eternally always part of the ocean. The view that we're separate is an illusion as we think we are the glasses and in most cases we are not even aware of the water
  20. Thanks for sharing, but does seem a bit weird paying to meditate and also I think a big part of the meditation is learning how to sit quietly yourself, this seems like even if it works it would become a crutch. Just my opinion but if it works for you then cool
  21. @philosogi Very true, I hadn't thought of that, but yes it makes sense that our ego would include them in its identity, probably more so with them seeing us as part of their ego, which would account for why they always want us to follow a certain path which will reflect well on them. Once both sides take ego out of it and just appreciate the other then real progress can be made instead of trying to change the other we see fit
  22. What's interesting, just reading these responses, is that everyone has an issue with their mother and/or father (I include myself in this). So the impact they have is so great and I think what it comes down to is our dissapointment in them. At one point they almost seemed superhuman so to see them just as normal or even worse unhappy, neurotic etc is quite hard to take, but I think it's really a test for us to accept them as they are, obviously if they show signs of wanting change then help them. But bottom line is you absolutely can't help anyone that doesn't want help, it almost seems illogical if you're on a path because why would someone choose pain when there is an alternative? But it is what it is
  23. I think what has happened is romanticism has taken over, this started in a period about 150 years ago, which was the foundation of what we call 'love' today. So because we're fed things like 'you need to find the one', 'other half' 'soul mate' etc etc, once this is bought into you will feel a defciancy if you dot have this, truth is this doesn't really exist in this form, so the aspiration is flawed from the start. A lot of people when in relationships constantly question whether this person is the 'one', this type of thinking sabother relationships because the expectation is so high. This is not to say 'love' doesn't exist but for you to have any chance you'd first have to drop all these assumptions and expecations, which difficult as we've been brought up with this.
  24. Hey man, sorry about this confusion you're going through but trust me it will get better just from the fact you're trying to do something. I think your issue is a couple things - one is that your completely focused on results, most of your worries seem to be worrying about whether you'll make it, whether you'll be a success etc, the fact is you don't know and can never really know the answet to that, what you should try to do is enjoy whatever it is you're doing now. The reas on why you want to pick something you enjoy is so you enjoy it regardless of what the outcome is. If you have this mindset then you'll truly be able to create something. Second you're looking for definite answers to everything, there are no definite answers! You could get everything you want and then lose it the next day, this is life. Once you accept that you can never know what will happen next you get a certain freedom. Think of a butterfly, it just floats around, never knowing where it's going but some how gets everything it needs to survive or it doesn't, either way it doesn't worry about it. Anyway good luck man, also you're young you probably won't have everything figured out yet and that's fine accept that