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  1. There's no guy thats on the look at for a bitchy girlfriend. If a hot girl happens to be bitchy, she'll get a partner just on the basis of her looks and the guy will put up with it. If she's not good looking she's probably quite manipulative or dates guys she thinks are soft. If the guy has any self-esteem, boundaries or is of decent value and knows his value, he will not put up with bitchy, although he prob would have sex with them. Also a normal girl can turn bitchy toward the guy if she loses respect for the guy for whatever reason and doesn't break up.
  2. I agree but this is not very clear as you say. Also they do tend to lie to themselves about what attracts them and maybe justify them being with a toxic, strong man. A good example is if a guy asked a women for advice on how to good with women, majority will say 'be nice, be respectful, be a gentleman', when in reality if you look at the womans previous partners, most likely they were none of what she advised was attractive.
  3. Not saying Leo is 100% correct, but it is a common theme that some women will be adamant that theyre not attracted to someone and then they end up sleeping with them, or they say i dont like this type of person but end of with that type of person. Most romantic films literally start off with the woman not liking the arrogant, but good natured guy and then they end up with him and its 'true love'. This is a constant trope in media which is mostly consumed by women. Also if you ask what some women look for in a guy and then you get the attributes of their previous partners, the two are rarely matching. Im not saying women cant contemplate what attracts them, of course they can and if any women would they should include those on the forum. But most women dont, also im not saying men do either its just its far more simpler for them, but even then they probably dont know the root of it.
  4. I've been meaning to buy the course, could do with one more inch
  5. It can be, but mostly it's how women want people to think that they think
  6. Yeah its definitely tied to that but it doesnt change the fact that there isnt a mainstream male voice and there are several female ones. It wouldnt be so bad but the advice they give is usually terrible and panders to women, which could be a factor in why, some, female standards are so high. I wouldnt say they have little stakes in social dynamics, these are shows with literally millions of viewers everyday, these shows essentially shape peoples perception of the world, as with all mainstream media. Well apparently Genghis was the man and had a crazy lay count
  7. Its true though, theres a number of serial killers that have many female fans, wasnt the boston bomber some kind of idol. You also get the phenomenon of women who write to convicts in prison to try and strike up a relationship
  8. The problem is so many women are dysfunctional and so are attracted to this, so a lot of guys emulate this because they would do whatever they think is attractive to women. Also i you can still get women by putting on a persona, its a lot easier to do that than work on yourself and become a healthy strong man, especially when you have dysfunction yourself. People are always going to go for the easy option. But yes developing into a healthy, strong man is what men should be encouraged to do.
  9. Haha well its good to a wide a wide variety of cultures, must give you an interesting perspective. Yes those shows are very female perspective talk shows, a lot of their topics are specifically about their opinions on men, ill post an example below. The male fronted shows that you mentioned are light entertainment or political shows, the equivalent would be something like Samantha Bee or Michelle Wolff which are also political shows but not necessarily giving an opinion on specific female issues or dating or anything like that. They may have masculine traits but its not a male perspective, many of the views are definitely not how a man would see things, either way its not a good source of male advice for boys and men watching. To save you a google search you wont find any similar male perspective shows, you will on youtube however, but its almost underground and doesnt feel like the views would be accepted in mainstream, there is also a lot of toxicity as its not mainstream. Heres the example - By the way imagine this clip with the roles reversed and men saying what they want to hear from women and how women should act on mainstream tv, whilst there being only 3 women in the audience to give their opinion under pressure. You wont see it
  10. It is produced by men but it tends to be consumed more by women, at least when it comes to opinion shows and talk shows. Men as producers will still look at whats making them the most money and go with that. But i agree it both the female and masculine viewpoint need an equal platform. I dont believe its as you say that there are many shows that let men speak their truth freely to a mainstream audience but im happy to be corrected on it. In the UK we have Loose women, This Morning, Lorraine, in the USA theres the Real, The View, Wendy Williams, even the male talk show hosts like Steve Harvey and Dr Phil are usually skew toward a female point of view. All these shows the women can talk about how they truly feel and they are specifically female issues from a female point of view, so im not talking about shows like Jimmy fallon or Corden as these are entertainment shows they are not specific to male issues in the same way the female led shows ive mentioned are. So with that in mind can you name five or so male hosted shows that specifically talk about male issues in a free way, the male equivalent of the View for example?
  11. Yeah I agree this is probably the main factor. It maybe controversial but i also think masculine, male opinions and voices are not heard that much in mainstream media, there are many shows like the view, the real etc etc where women talk about their issues but i dont think you get that much on the male side. What this leads to is a lot of young guys seeking this out and finding themselves down toxic youtube rabbit holes. I think it would be good to have more healthy mainstream male perspectives that are actually being real and can relate to other guys.
  12. Yeah i think this is a good summary, the issue is there are limited good, strong men and theyre becoming scarcer, strength being such an important trait will mean women end up with sociopathic guys. Leading question but why do you think there are so many weak men nowadays?
  13. At 5? What happened and do you think there's some trauma stemming from that?
  14. Don't really like that guy, but on the question I would say a woman is more likely to cheat if she doesn't really respect the guy that she's with but stays with him for whatever reason.
  15. OK so what this is called is an ad hominem argument, you havent addressed any of the points made and youve made no attempt to understand where im coming from, instead youve directly attacked me. Youve made a whole heap of assumptions about me and my experiences simply because my opinion differs from yours, which is an insane argument because what if youre wrong? Anyone that disagrees with you must have been hurt or theres a sob story, no my friend. Theres no sob story, ive had great intimate relationships with black women, ive heard their struggles first hand, my viewpoint incorporates all that experience and more, furthermore im mixed race myself. Im assuming youre not a black woman but somehow you speak for them, this is the problem i have with this green paradigm where its almost like a show of how much we're aware of other peoples issues, so much so we talk on forums and post blackout pictures on instagram and maybe even protest, until the next cool social issue. But most dont do anything or even have an idea of what the solution might be. Ive worked in charities, mentored young people and have talked about racism with many black women, its not enough just to say racism is bad, what are the solutions? Its not about waiting until people stop being unconsciously biased, there are real issues with lack of father figures and broken homes, which are creating new trauma in children. I can acknowledge black women are at the bottom of the racial totem pole, ok cool so whats your solution now?
  16. Love this guy, his instagram vids are great where he'll meet random people on Omegle and just start rapping about them, really amazing to watch
  17. Do you have to be speaking for someone? I dont understand your question to be honest, if im talking for anyone its black people as a whole, but as i said i try and look at things systematically, so its not about sides for me its more about sorting out problems.
  18. I try and take an overall view, if I do mention myself it's just to make an overall point. I'm not for or against anyone, just trying to look at where the solution could be. There's loads of valid criticisms for anyone's behavior, we're just talking about specific group here
  19. You know I'm not talking about myself right 😂 All I'm saying is women have a lot more at stake when it comes to this and they are also in control of access. But anyway if you don't get the point that's fine.
  20. @Etherial Cat I havent got grievences or expectations, believe it or not my position actually comes from compassion. I have a lot of black women in my life that I care about and when I look at actual solutions really its not about fault but it is about taking accountability to do what you can about your situation. Yes there are reasons, valid reasons for the position people find themselves in but if you're not happy with it, you have to find a way to change it. If we spend all our time looking at the reasons and not the things that we can actually change, nothing will change. I have an uncle whose an alcoholic, the whole family enable him and tell him he's not really an alcoholic and minimise the issue, say things like 'it's cos your wife left you' or 'it's understandable as you're having trouble finding work'. Now these things are true and could be good reasons to drink but do they actually help him get out of his position or do the enable him to stay there? Ive had a lot of issues growing up with family, I want to feel different, I want my life to be positive and be a good influence on those around me. My options are doing the hard work of introspection and therapy and whatever else or focusing on my family issues, obviously I'm gonna choose the hard Road. But I do accept its difficult to take that road, but at the very least we shouldn't make it so easy not to
  21. OK well guys are gonna do it if they're given a chance, that's the reality, especially the ones that don't care about looking after a family, so I guess females are screwed, literally, and they're gonna have kids with guys who can't look after them.
  22. Come one you know this isnt a good argument, a man is not having sex with any woman that doesnt want it, if he does its rape and hes going to prison. The onus is definitely on the woman to select a man that is going to be around for the kids, its the womans and the kids life that is going to be affected the most so she should be extra cautious about who shes procreating with. There are guys that are not going to be good fathers walking around trying to have sex with girls, that is always going to happen, its the women that have to choose the right ones if they want to have kids with them. If i knock up some random woman and it turns out shes not a good mother and she does onlyfans and has no qualities that would be conducive to being a wife or mother and she actually is trying to drain me of as much money as she can, then is it her fault she exists or is it my fault for not getting to know her better and wrapping up? I cant say 'ah you know its the womans fault', come one bro
  23. Right so dont have kids until youre in a long term stable relationship or married, that would be the obvious solution here
  24. The assumption here is that most people that were married in the 60s were in a toxic situation, we really dont know that to be true i dont know what the numbers are but im guessing most people that say thats the case dont know either so im always curious as to why its the case that this is the default belief. Especially taking into consideration how dysfunctional and how many broken families there are at the moment, surely this is a worse situation for kids than previously. I think its great that there is freedom and you dont have to get married and theres not as much social pressure, however when it comes to kids even if you dont get married its really on you to stay together, if you dont think thats very likely or the dad is a deadbeat or whatever, then you really have no business having kids. I mean you can but single parent households have really been the root of so many problems in the black community, so there has to be some responsibility on the womans part as she is in control of who she reproduces with. There are reasons for it but it is what it is. Also if they are angry at the world why does that also get turned on the man that theyre with? Remember its black men who are trying to be in relationships with black women that are saying this, i dont think it should be so swiftly discounted. Also if they are angry about things or theyve had traumatic histories, which im not denying, then why not look into counseling or therapy? Yes its true there are racial issues, ive had to deal with plenty myself. But if you take a person for an example, lets say theyve been dealt a bad hand, they didnt have a good upbringing, theyve had to deal with racism etc the result of which has meant theyre unhappy and tired of dealing with this stuff, what are their options? Is it to tell everyone to treat them better or is it to see what they can change, how they can improve and how they can truly grow as a person? Now in my experience whatever hand your dealt you will always be better off improving yourself because no ones going to do it. So lets say we sort out racism and sexism completely do you think thats suddenly going to mean black women start choosing better partners, lose weight, stop having kids with men that wont stay around etc etc? These are internal changes and you dont need racism and sexism to stop to start doing them. Yes work on systemic change but i dont understand this thing of not working on yourself because of racism. The other thing with the sexist and racism, not to downplay it, but black women are doing the best that theyve ever done career wise, financially, they are one of the most educated groups (much more than men). So again im not denying that racism exists, of course i know first hand, but if black women are able to educate themselves, have kids by themselves etc and when they do it, its all them, it was their choice, theyre independent. But then when it comes to keeping a healthy weight or having kids with a decent partner, its black mens fault or its societies fault. It doesnt make sense to me. This video is an example of what i mean, feel free to give your opinion on it -