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  1. It depends, lets say for example you agree that there is no evidence for a link to autism, none has been found so its not a stretch, and lets say Wakefield agrees, which he also has. Then it follows that his character is highly questionable, not so much for doing the research itself but from his actions apart from the research. Actions such as championing Anti-vaxxers and 'documentaries' such Vaxxed which are is basically anti-vax propaganda and doesnt have any scientific merit. As well, the implication is that this is just a scientist asking the hard questions and was thrown out of the medical establishment because of that, but this is not the case, there is a solid paper trail in which Wakefield stood to profit specifically from the mmr - autism link - Even now he does speaking arrangements and is paid well by anti-vaxxers to legitimise the position, if he was being honest he wouldnt do this, as he would say that there isnt actually a link. So is the defamation justified, i would say yes, if someones profiting off research that was thrown out and that they cant even say the conclusions are true then that would lead me to question the persons character. This is an interesting video -
  2. What would be key to this argument is if there is actual evidence that vaccines are linked to autism. Wakefield himself said something along the lines that he couldn't see a link but he should be able to investigate it. Do you have any evidence on the link?
  3. No problem, it was a good read 😀 Would be interesting to get your insights on the experiences you had with conspirituality, I think it's one of those things that's there but not really discussed
  4. I read your article, very interesting story but its great that you went through that journey and you feel lighter and happier now. What happened at the spiritual community though, i didnt see anything about that? Yeah its a real trend, Rebel Wisdom called it 'conspirituality'. ive never vibed with the new age devotees either, there seems to be a lot of almost religious, fundamentalist beliefs in it as well as a lot of ego especially when their whole identity is based around it. But there are some positives and if they can just drop some of the beliefs theyll probably see things slightly different. Rebel Wisdom actually talk about this phenomenon, have a search on youtube for it
  5. Yeah i guess they would change or evolve might be a better way to say it. In the same way the purple values of being able to hunt are not really relevant anymore in terms of attraction. But of course we're not in that abundance at the moment and probably if society collapsed and you did need to be able to hunt, that would probably be attractive again. So it really depends on where society is, but no specific thing is necessarily hard wired and cant change.
  6. I'm not sure it's just orange, at higher levels it's not the main factor but I'd still say it's necessary. Remember higher levels still incorporate lower levels and being able to gather resources is in important foundation
  7. It's interesting what triggers people
  8. Nice I dont think anyone lacks fear, i just think some people dont let fear dominate them or dont give into it, but the same impulses you have one someone confronts you is similar to what he would have, hes just mastered it to an extent. Part of that mastery is to be confident and positive, there of course some genetic factors in this and amount of serotonin you have but im more talking about what is in your relative control in terms of mindset. We dont know how Arnold would react in an actual violent situation, also as far as i know hes not actually trained to fight. So these are two different situations youre talking about, the egg situation is very different to being physically challenged. The comparison is more with other politicians in a similar situation and in comparison to them id say hes more self developed and theres something to be learnt within that. Just for a comparison -
  9. I dont think it's as simple although what you said might play into it. There are many politicians who react very badly to eggs or things like that thrown at them. His reaction seemed like someone who was very confident and positive and genuinely believes in the system. I've always thought Schawzebenegger had a great mindset, key to that is not blaming people and you can see he didn't here
  10. I would say it's more nature than nurture, simply because if you look at animals they still have certain dynamics between the genders. Although they may differ from ours they have very clearly defined male and female roles. Quick example would be a gorilla where the male is 50% bigger than female, this is said to be because of their social structure in which there tends to be one alpha male and he has to fight off other males to be the one to reproduce with all the females, so therefore it's the one who's the biggest and strongest that reproduces. All primates including us, have size differences between male and females because of reason along these lines. So it's not really a social construct its something that has worked and been part of our evolution forever. In fact it's worked so well that, we apparently don't need it anymore for survival. So when feminists say they want to tear it down what they miss is that they're only able to consider tearing it down because it worked and gave them that freedom. What they're doing is throwing the baby out with the bath water, because there are aspects that we can improve of course, but there were also aspects that were essential for us, such as looking after a kid with both positive masculine and feminine influence.
  11. Theres a lot more in tuna and breastmilk, but you dont see too many protests for those
  12. @Emerald Im sorry but as detached as you think youll be from the interactions, i just cant see you getting many replies. I think youre overestimating how your frame and not caring position would be successful, especially if you use an average guy for the picture, average being a rating of 5, if you get one swipe right ill be surprised. I think you should put this to the test though
  13. Man, spammers are getting intricate these days
  14. Ive only bought private used with cash, in theory its great because you dont have any interest payments and also you can resell it in a year or two whenever you want to upgrade and put that toward the new car. The downside is if things go wrong you have to pay repairs and you can end up spending a lot on it, happened with my current car unfortunately. Everyones advice is good i just wanted to throw in a couple of slightly out the box ideas that might work for you though. Theres now companies that let you rent your car out when youre not using it, one in the states is Turo. So if you do get finance you maybe able to offset some of this cost if you dont use the car on certain days. Of course this could also be done if you buy cash, but if you want a slightly more expensive car and havent got the cash this maybe a way to do it. This honda civic for example you can get $43 a day - So if you rent it out, lets say 10 days p/m youll make $433 a month, which may even cover your finance or give you a bit of extra cash. The other thing ive seen recently is electric car subscriptions, these are good because theyre all in one, you get the car, free electric with some companies, free insurance and tax, plus if anything goes wrong with it theyll pay repairs. You can also do month to month contracts and upgrade or change the car when you want. In the UK its fairly cheap but im not sure the companies that do it in America, but might be worth looking into.
  15. Just thought id throw this in, ties in to a lot of the issues raised in this thread -
  16. Just something I've been thinking about. So there seems to be quite a negative connotation associated with making money amongst spiritual circles but I've noticed a lot of it on the forum, someone will advise someone to start a business and the other will say 'I don't really care about material things'. Don't get me wrong it's very easy to fall into the 'never having enough' mindset and devoting all your time to making more and more money, whilst neglecting other areas of your life, this is something that happens commonly. But isn't this the case with any material 'success', for example you can go to toxic extremes with working out, relationships, eating healthy, reading etc, all of these and more definitely have the ability to overtake your life, however people will always advise them because the upside is so good if they're done consciously. Why is it any different with business and making money? This is a life skill that, as long as you don't get addicted to it, can teach you so much and not only that can set a foundation for you to do everything else you want to do and also help others. If you have certain principles like basically dont be a dick and rip people off, then why not develop this skill?
  17. Hmm heres the thing though, youre obviously more mature and youve contemplated a lot of these things and worked on yourself etc. The majority of women who would be attractive physically to most guys on the forum or otherwise, are likely to be young, not as mature, probably not contemplated or worked on themselves. Especially if they are really attractive as theres not much incentive to do so, what these means is in practice when guys go out, even if theyre not narcissistic or sociopathic, they notice that if they play with these traits, they will get more success with good looking girls, it can also work with more mature girls, but in which case you can just switch up your approach anyway. Relationship wise, its almost essentially to have the raw but tamed aspect, otherwise there will be problems, but initially im the fuck persona is much more successful. Having said that if you are truly integrated and a high value male you will be at the highest level of attractiveness if its authentic. Problem is thats a lot of work lol, so most, even by definition wont be able to reach those levels.
  18. You might also be interested in this to show how anti-vaxxers have taken their opportunity over the pandemic. The following quote is from a report by CCDH (center for countering digital hate) you can find the full report on their website - Anti-vaxxers see Covid as an historic opportunity A number of speakers at the NVIC conference presented the Covid pandemic as an historic opportunity to popularise anti-vaccine sentiment. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told activists listening to the conference “All of the truths that we've been trying to broadcast for many, many years. There are people hearing it and the impact and those seeds are landing on very fertile ground.”12 The disgraced physician Andrew Wakefield echoed these sentiments, saying “The population who are aware of these issues has grown dramatically in the face of coronavirus, Covid-19. It is now an issue for discussion by everyone.”13 Other anti-vaxxers such as Sherri Tenpenny highlighted the Covid pandemic as an opportunity to build a wider movement with campaigners against masks and lockdowns: “We need everyone to get politically active, get behind this cause, get behind Hugs Over Masks, get behind MAD, Mothers Against Distancing, get behind the NVIC, the National Vaccine Information Center, get behind the things that we're doing over at, and Courses for Mastery, and our boot camp course that open enrolment is coming up again, the end of September. All the things that we're doing, we need all hands on deck. We need everybody to release their fear from their brains, get rid of their masks, go hug people and absolutely say no. Wake up your community.”
  19. I saw the clip, which I think shows the true emotions of most anti-vaxxers. I think there is so much (justified) fear and change to normal life, that it makes sense that if you have these people promoting a way to seemingly have some control, scared people will take it. Anti-vax organisations have literally seen this pandemic as a way to increase influence
  20. I get what you're saying here, ultimately women do want the underlying beast who's choosing not to act on that nature. I mean a great example is literally 'beauty and the beast', where she is initially scared of the beasts nature but then sees that he has a more tame side and those dualistic nature's are what sparks her love (despite the whole locking her and her dad up). With modern society every women is most likely attracted to the same thing it's just either they're to naive to know the difference or there are just not enough men with both sides integrated. But generally I get your point, I also think everyone's kinda saying the same thing just in different ways
  21. Ultimately you want it sitting somewhere and growing, stocks and shares are the best way to do this, but read and research in depth to get your head around it. Don't invest until you really understand it, spend at least 2 months researching. Look into doller cost averaging and etfs
  22. If you're talking about in dating terms which I'm guessing you are, it really comes down to who's attractive to the most amount of women, as in who's in the top 10 or 20%. High value denotes a scale of value so high value would have to be in this top bracket percentage. So it includes, financial resources, intelligence, masculine energy, being able to regulate one's emotions, can be good looks and good body. It also includes getting respect from other guys, having good social standing etc. In a nutshell girls want him and guys want to be him
  23. Just watched some of the video, this guy just comes accross as full on scumbag lol
  24. OK look I think I've kinda worked it out, it ties in to @Emerald s points. Women are attracted to strength, dominance etc in a man but if they don't know themselves well or don't understand the difference between good strength and toxic strength they can end up in toxic relationships with strong men. But the point is the strength part is a big factor and women will select on that initially and hope all falls in place later. On the other side, men tend to choose based on looks and again if they don't know themselves and don't have boundaries etc they can get into a toxic relationship as well. It's the sane thing they're selecting (the relationship) on a looks basis and hoping everything falls into place later.