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  1. @Yeah Yeah One Million Dollars!
  2. It depends on how they meet their survival needs, they can be very wealthy or penniless. Some make a living as mystics and sages: spiritual teachers, healers, authors, yoga instructors, lecturers and such. On the other end you have the monks and hermits, in some places you can simply join a monastery and devote your life to spirituality. For the most part though you will find a balance between survival and spirituality, not a full time sage or mystic as you say, and not a wage slave either. The advantage for survival is that when you see beyond the veil of materialism things are not so rigid, and you ultimately have nothing to fear or worry about. Don't get hung up on sharing insights like Leo does, there are plenty of teachers already, hundreds-thousands of actually very useful books and videos to learn about spirituality from, and more coming, but their words are no substitute for direct experience.
  3. Sitting long hours is not healthy, and your body will not feel good. So I wouldn't recommend investing in things to make you comfortable doing that, because it's not going to work. The best that you can do is to have a very minimalist work set up, using a laptop without wires so that once it's charged fully you can move it anywhere and change positions form standing, sitting in chairs, on the floor. Open space around you so you're not boxed into a cluttered work space, you can push the chair back, get up and walk out any time without hesitation. Hold off on the sit/stand desk until you can afford a quality one that moves up and down for you with a motor, otherwise you'd tend towards not adjusting it and stay sitting more. With regard to hand and wrist ergonomics, I've used a variety of those types of mouse and keyboards before, but found they just make other parts of my wrist or hand hurt more than whatever pain they've alleviated. Usually I just use a simple Logitech keyboard with a trackpad, and got in the habit of moving the scroll bar on the screen instead of a mouse. No wrist pain if I use it on my lap sitting, or perched at a comfortable height between me and the laptop when standing.