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  1. @Capethaz Ive been already researching on this topic merely by looking up what Shinzen Young had reworked and to say about this matter^^ I will certainly continue to watch his videos, but are there any different sources a western dude can look up with regards to the theoretical framework of meditation and the meditation techniques ? Thank you
  2. @JimmySmalls .. as long as you can keep up following all its implications (the implications of the affirmation). Thank you both!
  3. @ALGUIMAR I guess your advice gave me the urge to continue searching on! Thank you for your answer! I always found it reasonable to not worry about emotions, they arise sooner or later- if you want or not. Its a good thing and on top of that simply positive feedback to your discipline to continue drilling these affirmations into your mind so that these statements become by and by habitual and embeded into your subconscious^^ But I always ask myself if too much distraction from the mere concentration and thinking on the spoken is maybe weakening the results, or at least slowering it. Thats why I until now avoided doing affirmation while doing other things, walking excluded (but rather seldomly practiced, most of the time I tend to sit calmly and quietly as it is supposed to be, I guess).
  4. Cheers! Have you ever or rather: Do you constantly use synthetic experience/images while doing affirmations (that are indeed nurturing and demonstrating your self-talk)? Do you arouse positive, buildinf emotions (with time)? Is there anything explicitly wrong or confusinf about that? Is it functional or would you rather recommend to stay only at words? Have you had positive experiences regarding those? Kind regards
  5. @Capethaz In fact, what is it that makes you more focused throughout this technique? I made a commitment following Leo´s instruction to go through the three varying techniques of do nothing, active detachment and awareness focus. From my experiences of do nothing (so far, I am currently practicing active detachment) I remember being equally concentrated as I now am when I practice the current technique I use, but as the do nothing technique has more to do rather with letting go of having any sort of control over your thoughs and -notwithstanding that you lose power over the control over your thoughts volitionally- not so much with actively bring your mind focus back to what should be focused and concentrated on. I think I just found the answer myself, but I still send the message for the sake of potential new experience and insights from you^^