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  1. @John Paul that could be true, I actually almost never take any kinds of pills
  2. @Wisebaxter I felt a little dizzy for aproximatelly 5 hours, at first I doubted if it was from modafinil, as I have recently experienced quite often dizzyness caused by stress at work, but I took a half of the pill yesterday again and after a couple of minutes I experienced a light dizzyness and a little bit of tirednes( I think caused by dizzyness). I was perfectly fine driving thought. And about the positive effect: for sure not when I felt dizzy, maybe just in the evening, but even then I couldn’t say if I could concentrate more ? so strange
  3. Hello, I took a half of the pill of Modafinil yesterday and today, but it makes me dizzy and a little bit tired. I wonder if those are common side effects? And do they go away when you gain the tolerance? Or do you think it is just not suitable for me? That would be a shame, since I‘ve just got a 100 pills. I‘ve also got Ritalin, but I didn‘t try it yet.