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  1. I think recipe suggestions include vegan bolognaise made from lentils, it's not anything much.
  2. I follow some guidelines in what I eat, greens, clean lean proteins, water, plus eating wisely (trying low calorie dressings, cheeses and sour cream, going easy on fried foods, trying less of the regular potato chips, cake, ice cream and cookies, etc). You get this from health authorities, also, I drink red wine for health, and I don't eat pizza, nor in most cases go to restaurants, even though not long ago I went to Pasta Gogo. Is this or is this not healthy eating?
  3. Stay away from Islam? Islam's a funny religion, the peace of Islam depends on what a Muslim does. There are different sects that are gentler and not violent. Sufism is certainly peaceful. I think the writing in the Qur'an is misquoted, the Qur'an doesn't intend bad things written in it, it's not perfect. The extremes of the Qur'an aren't as extreme as the Bible, Muhammad was trying to inform Muslims to be good, although misinformation is used in this disgusting book.
  4. Perhaps I wasn't given much freedom for me or anyone in one of the strictest diets. It's uncommon to catch oneself on vegetables and fruits and think this is the way eating or drinking should be, it's merely if I'm ready to have a boss I'll let diets and things tell me how to live my life. I tried almost a month of these liquids and for now I don't believe in controlling powers. I'd rather adopt another diet which is bliss to me and I don't know how to eat right. On the other hand low fat high carb vegan is a possibility.
  5. What diet would you try if you had a diet that agrees with you? Most of the dieters living on a lifestyle are vegetarians (including vegans), and some choose the raw food vegan lifestyle, breatharianism, liquitarianism, or even juicerianism (drinking juices), or they make one up. A diet for everyone is a diet everyone chooses, there are different diets and that suits everyone, but when you think I can't be any softer, I'm not, so what's needed in everyone's science of food is nuts, fruit, herbs, vegetables and water and no meat or junk food if I'm to successfully encourage liquidarianism. You know gobbling down 3 cheeseburgers and I've done it before, is silly. What diet would you choose if you were given any choice?
  6. Fear of the public knowing my dirty secrets, if I smoke in areas where it's banned I don't want anyone finding out, nor finding where I hid my bottle of wine. If I was smoking in the wrong place my fear is being dobbed in to the authorities, fear of getting caught, fear of abuse after finding out my dirty secrets, and ruining my life, fear of getting in trouble because of my disobedience, fear my stuff getting destroyed or myself getting hurt or my wine glasses or my cups, glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, mugs or anything of mine being destroyed.
  7. If this happened I would be hydrating, meditating, demanding a window with a view, some light, juices and herbal tea.
  8. it means nothing reading historical literature, it's written in the past and reading them doesn't put food on the table. Furthermore 100,000 years ago was a useless time, there was no religion or mythology back then, that stuff's 60,000 years ago. People in neolithic times wore clothes and owned dogs. Another thing, it's all relative, time and space, relative to the earth. Other people are doing unhealthy things, stage orange, with success, irreligion, and materialism. Stage blue's the way to go, supporting codes of honour, kings and morals. Green people have no idea about the world order, they demonise blue telling me to clean the planet, give me a break! Historical works date back to blue times when the male gave his heirlooms to the males in the family, as I'm educated in this it's so long sucker to all the morons on this site with no awareness and no spirituality, all they want is money and taking the teachings with amazement at a normal person. What it all boils down to is uneducated buffoons who don't read ancient stuff, who chase after money, and who haven't had any individual wise thoughts of their own.
  9. this is an interesting vid, I never knew the cold war until I watched this video, mate. It's not simple, instead of being involved in any war I would imagine a fly with one simple eye, an eye like a cyclops since I'm told by Leo I have infinite will therefore I'm capable of imagining anything I want, I have infinite imagination. And since no culture should I believe this, or should I be a cultured person following the stereotype, like a Muslim, like a normal guy? I don't want to imagine stupid things, I should imagine the things based on the future 20 years down the road.
  10. It would be nice if Anthony Robbins and Sadhguru are together, as for people who are successful it's all good!