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  1. West sounds like a good candidate but I don't like him in this scenario. We need someone strong enough to beat a Republican right now, not someone who is going to take votes from the Democrats. I generally like what he stands for but I don't see him as an asset in 2024 unless Biden drops out, maybe then West gets all of the Democrat votes and wins!
  2. @VictorB02 Why is the left wing media so afraid of trump? And this video was filmed before the insurrection and all of his legal woes.
  3. A Manhattan jury on Tuesday found former President Donald J. Trump liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll and awarded her $5 million in damages. More than a dozen women have accused Mr. Trump of sexual misconduct over the years, but this is the only allegation to be affirmed by a jury.May 9, 2023 And yes, those pictures of Biden are creepy.
  4. Republicans are right. This is a real witch hunt. What they fail to see though is that Mr Trump is a witch. He has casted a spell on tens of millions of Americans including 'law & order' Mike Pence who is suggesting we let him off the hook! What?! So sad.
  5. It looks like by asking this question we are holding LGBT people to a higher standard than other groups. Should we be? Why are we singling out this group of human beings?
  6. The following behavior (self-disciplined, strong work ethic, clean, de-cluttered) along with these political views (rule of law, free market w/safety net, individual and collective responsibility, pro private property, strict abortion and gun laws but prohibiting neither) might place someone (me) as a conservative/moderate mix. However, with these political views (separation of religion and state, not clinging to unhealthy traditions of over-consumption and consumerism, pro social security, anti Trump) to go with a humble, very open mind, I feel like I belong on the left. So, I'm someone who behaves mostly conservative but thinks mostly moderate progressive. I'm a moderate/progressive-conservative.
  7. You can plug it into an extra battery and wear the battery on your back like an oxygen tank.
  8. Reminds me of The Oasis from the book Ready Player One which they made into a movie. Pretty good.
  9. I here what you're saying. People will learn to communicate in a more peaceful, constructive, understanding manner. Until then they will continue to polarize themselves and create more of what they hate until they get it.
  10. Obviously one sided truth but still some truth here. Brian seems to be one that can report truth but only from one side.
  11. Okay, here are the graphs that I mentioned finding earlier. It looks like income started to increase again at about 2012 to 2013 and poverty started decreasing around 2014. I'm not trying to butt heads with anybody here and I could be wrong but it kind of looks like Mr. Trump was at least partially riding the coattails of the previous administration.
  12. To conclude my thoughts on this for now, the more recent infrastructure plan that created millions of jobs is also a short-term solution to employment.
  13. Nice graphs. I posted some not long ago you should check them out. It looks like middle class income is increasing and inflation is decreasing! I plan on finding some on poverty level which is very important too. Taxes should be as low as possible while financing the government’s activity generally speaking. It is my understanding that the 2017 tax cuts were a short-term fix and added to the debt long term. They created a bubble of short-term unsustainable growth and were disproportionate giving higher breaks to corporations and millionaires. But that's okay, nothing is personal, we're adjusting things and building on the positives.
  14. One last thing about this topic. Correct me if I'm wrong but nobody here or even anybody that I listen to has mentioned FDR which surprises me. He had polio and was in a wheelchair for most of his presidency and he ranks in the top five presidents in US history. So if commentators are making a big deal out of Biden tripping that's kind of silly.
  15. Remember that lower numbers are better for some of these. Feel free to add more or comment.
  16. Hmm, I don't know about that. Trump refuses debate for obvious reasons. Biden is cognitively inconsistent and lacks stamina. However, I believe Biden can still keep it together for a debate as he did in 2020.
  17. The sport of baseball requires the most talent to play professionally according to most athletes. It requires a high level of focus, long-term discipline, mental and physical toughness, and talent. Just being able to bat at a MLB level is extremely difficult. Shohei Ohtani not only bats but also pitches which is extremely difficult, and he does both at a world-class level! Ohtani has been breaking Babe Ruth's (the best baseball player of all-time) two-way player records at an amazing pace! Shohei Ohtani is the most talented professional athlete of this generation and possibly all-time!
  18. That was a test. He was just checking to see if his aids knew what to do in case he really did fall. That's all. (kidding) (edited)
  19. Basically all political commentary is strawmanning, cherry picking, and lies coming from different sides of the aisle. Occasionally we get someone who can tell truth but can only do it from one side. That's where this polarization is coming from. Actualized understands this and can steelman both sides in depth. We need more of this! Stop the strawmen!
  20. LBJ was moderate left, FDR was pretty progressive from what I've read and any Dem next to AOC today is moderate!
  21. Elizabeth Zharoff is a world-class singer, voice coach, and arranger of video game soundtracks. She has the ability to articulate music at a very advanced level! My ability to listen to, describe, and enjoy music has improved from watching her videos! The following video is analysis of the amazing song "Lateralus" by the band Tool. They have many songs relating to spirituality including "The Grudge" about struggling with the human ego. Maynard's lyrics in general encourage self-identity, understanding and reflection and Danny Carey is known for his incredible drum mastery and odd time signatures. Also, the guitarist and bassist excell at arpeggios, rhythm, and sound. I am also linking the song with lyrics and incredible visuals so it can be experienced uninterrupted. There are many other Tool videos available in this fashion to check out! "I embrace my desire to Feel the rhythm, to feel connected Enough to step aside and weep like a widow To feel inspired To fathom the power To witness the beauty To bathe in the fountain To swing on the spiral Of our divinity And still be a human" These lyrics sound spiraling and so soothing in the song.
  22. There is qualia. Sensations images feelings thoughts taste smells sounds. Anything else I am open to hear about.
  23. I can see what he means by this and mostly agree. I'm wondering what an honest opposition response to this would be.