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  1. Culture Wars continued
  2. @Danioover9000 You're right. One of my first thoughts when I see one of these videos is, "What happened prior to filming?"
  3. @Danioover9000 She missed the first step of de-escalation which is to calm yourself first and stay calm. She had a raised voice, angry body language, and she scolded him for yelling at the other manager. It's never a good idea to scold, blame, or shame somebody who is escalated because it just makes the situation worse. And in this situation it is at the exact moment when she is scolding him that he loses it. You got a lot of good answers there. Thank you.
  4. Sex, religion, and politics are subjects that should be avoided while at work. (I know, the best ones. Right?) Especially if you work with the public. These men have every right to feel angry, but the way they handled it was very immature.
  5. Horrible attitude by both parties. The only smart one is the other customer who stays out of it.
  6. @Hardkill Brian just signed a deal with MSNBC so he will be working for them as well as YouTube.
  7. I was wondering who Mr Trump would pick as a vice president if he won but then I remembered that autocrats don't have vps. Then I read an article on who the potential vps could be and Marjorie Taylor Greene was first on that list. I don't think he would pick her for obvious reasons but imagine the country being lead by these two. Or Trump and DeSantis. Can you imagine the absolute meltdown that the media would have?! My laugh for the day.
  8. and Jordan Peterson link below https://youtu.be/p4QmQqSf1l8
  9. If the thought is that you type this, then the thought is that you type this. If the thought is that someone else types this, then the thought is that someone else types this. If the thought is that no one types this, then the thought is that no one types this. The thought is that all is qualia. Therefore the thought is that all is qualia.
  10. @Danioover9000 I like this subject. Just don't teach it to AI. They will end up reading our every thought.
  11. Maturity on the topic of fighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kba8PZwzS0Y&list=LLDDBqDC4g2iXi9yA-7zstpQ&index=1&pp=gAQBiAQB
  12. Favorite version. Sound so soothing.
  13. It is obvious that the customer acted immaturely and failed to de-escalate the situation. He didn't S. T. O. P. He let hanger get the best of him. Now he's stuck going to hanger management and spending time in the clink. What's not so obvious is how the employee failed at de-escalating. I can see at least three ways in which she worsened the situation. Can anybody spot them?
  14. @Ninja_pig I have seen that Gandhi movie and I enjoyed it. I like educational movies like that.
  15. Deescalating a potentially hostile situation is definitely a sign of maturity. Do you have any examples of this personally or otherwise? Share them here.
  16. I came across this video a while back. It encouraged me to see someone with money sharing like that. Charity and generosity are signs of maturity.
  17. A brisk walk immediately prior to sitting. Sit for a couple minutes eyes closed to observe body. Then sit with eyes open to a plant or tree. And/or observe, understand, make peace with dullness.
  18. @Yimpa didn't get the reference at first but, yes.
  19. This video dropped same day. Maybe it's a sign. He basically describes one of the things that I like to do. I'm sure Leo has a video on this as well. Don't be afraid to seek professional advice if it becomes unbearable. Good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IBekxuCYZg
  20. Die and come back. Then I would know what it was like. But what if it was hellish? Knowing would make life unbearable. Unless it was heavenly. That would make me want to go sooner. Maybe it begins hellish but can change and I didn't stay long enough to see that. Hmm. That's what came to mind. I think I will just stay here.
  21. @Hardkill Did they fact check the bat thing as true? I heard that it was fake but nothing surprises me anymore. Mr Trump golfs. Shouldn't he be holding a golf club?
  22. @Danioover9000 Even if they locked Mr Trump up the moment he left office wouldn't he still be in jail for the 2024 election? He should be put away for the rest of his life by now. Just saying. I believe he's facing two 3 yr sentences.
  23. From my head. Pre video "What Is Maturity?" Answer: What I say it is It is relative It's rare Responsiblity Patience Not stooping Not eating Happy Meals Not starting silly arguments Going to work everyday Not making excuses Not mocking handicapped people Handling emotional outbursts Admitting you lost, lied, erred Refraining from daily gossip Not being overly silly Being able to handle a joke Keeping immatures from harmful - substances, situations, information Respecting non-speaking terms Not horseplay Not obnoxious noises, behavior Using resources wisely Driving a vehicle safely Using substances wisely Fully grown, ripe
  24. I remember this point on reality really being a big one for me. The videos on steelmanning liberals and conservatives really brought actualized to the next level. You are truly creating and compiling a masterpiece here as well as contributing your own unique insights. Mind blown!
  25. Here's a list. if you listen to this last song as coming from a human perspective it sounds pessimistic and whiny but if you listen to it as coming from a machine or AI perspective it gives an entirely different feel.