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  1. @Tanz I get what you're saying. Many of the world's problems aren't solved, they're outgrown, and in order to outgrow them, it requires a new level of consciousness. At the same time I can't stop believing that there is a way, at this level, of putting into practice a better system for all.
  2. The Religion of Tomorrow by Ken Wilber. Great book on why we need religion, why we need to update it, and what can be done. He uses an integral approach similar to Spiral Dynamics. Part 1, A fourth turning of the Dharma Part 2, States and structures of consciousness Part 3, Dysfunctional Shadow elements in development Part 4, Elements of an integral spirituality Conclusion, The evolution of the non-duality
  3. Every time before eating, find the hunger feeling in the body and really feel it. Now imagine that food not being there and really let it sink in. Do the same for water. Before sleeping, find the sleepiness in the body and really feel it. Now imagine your bed not being there. No peace, no rest. Really imagine yourself in that situation for a bit. Do this nightly. Imagine someone you love, someone you care for, someone you need. Your mother, your father, your significant other, your child. Focus on the love you feel for them. Now imagine you wake up to hear the news that you will never see them again. Do this daily. If any of these exercises start to become too much for you at any time, stop.
  4. @Tanz Are you saying that the people need to change to fit the system? A problem within what?
  5. Trickle down just looks like a con plan for the rich at this point. It is encouraging to see someone trying to correct this. I only see a Dem fixing it, if anyone, but we'll see.
  6. @Princess Arabia Oh my goodness. That's no way to speak to royalty!
  7. @Princess Arabia You all should use a meditating rat for your profile photo as a practical joke. (Joking)
  8. During observation, there is only experience, occurrence. During observation, there is no I, you, we, observer, witness, entity seeing. There is just one timeless experience occuring. The answer can't be known from words, for that would be a belief. The answer must be experienced.
  9. I don't know nothing to exist for I have never experienced nothing.
  10. I don't know anything to exist outside of my mind would be my experience. To conclude that nothing exists outside of my mind I would have to use logic and not direct experience. I don't know what's going on inside Leo's mind so I can't speak for that but his statement isn't so far-fetched that I would argue it. I've heard far stranger things.
  11. Post your favorite lyrics or poetry here. Title: This Is Nature This is nature We are trees Luminant leaves of verdant green We are earthly This is stone From the soil we are grown There's a river Watch it flow Experiences come and go What is pleasure It is pain Birth of fire and wind and rain This is nature How things change Not a word that can explain Sight is setting Fading sun Slowly fading back to none -Ryan (me)
  12. Much wisdom from Ram Dass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHTDnoSk_kc&list=LLDDBqDC4g2iXi9yA-7zstpQ&index=111&pp=gAQBiAQB
  13. Interesting perspective on dropping personal pronouns and attitudes.
  14. Walking meditation prior to seated meditation to improve awakeness. Labeling meditation is an excellent way. Don't get frustrated by loss of focus. It's not a competition. Just gently bring focus back with kindness. The action of bringing the focus back is a key exercise to meditation. Technique: Focus on a sight object for some time, then focus on sounds as they come and go for some time. Do the same for all five senses and also for thoughts and emotions. Watch these experiences as they come and go without clinging. If something becomes too painful or extreme, stop.
  15. Being defined is being confined. Let go of the labels.
  16. The LGBTQIA+ wars will fade as we evolve. Possibly in 15 to 20 years 10% of the population will be at tier 2 and this silliness will fade, but anything could happen.
  17. I always knew rats were amazing creatures but I didn't know they could be non-dual. That's amazing. I did my own research and found that non-dual rats actually do exist.
  18. The first sources I saw reporting this didn't seem credible ex. FOX, but then I saw more sources reporting it. This should be interesting. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2023/07/03/white-house-substance-secret-service/
  19. What would happen to the economy if we made it accessible to 43 million more people? That's what this plan does. It pulls hardworking unwealthy people out of a hole and keeps their money away from loan sharks. These Republicans cry socialism when government helps the unwealthy but they have no problem when socialism helps themselves.
  20. The political satire of SNL is hilarious! Also Bill Burr, Tosh stand-up.
  21. We both have the same analogy of consciousness being like radio waves! He stole this idea from me. (joking)
  22. The Religion of Tomorrow by Ken Wilbur Here are a couple things that I would like to share from what I've read so far.
  23. Culture Wars continued
  24. @Danioover9000 You're right. One of my first thoughts when I see one of these videos is, "What happened prior to filming?"