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  1. @jdc7733 how would you know if you had the correct answer? I don't think you can know this by somebody telling you. I think you have to find out first hand. And how would you do that? It would be more self empowering to believe that effort was not an illusion. How would knowing or believing that effort was an illusion change your life?
  2. Wise, informative, mature advice. A must-watch for anyone who is in a relationship. The five keys to anger management for couples. 1. Memory isn't perfect. 2. Don't take things personally. 3. Let go of the need to be right. 4. Be mindful of what's going on inside of you. 5. Ask for what you want.
  3. Many of Mr. Trump's supporters don't see the court's rulings as legitimate. They just see it as a witch hunt by Dems and ignore. They don't see that it is also Mr. Trump's inner circle that is speaking up. They also hear Republican commentators being overly critical and lying about Biden. There may be other factors like single-issue voting, culture wars, and age.
  4. @The Redeemer give specific examples of hate speech you are questioning. This question came to mind in 2020 with both the presidential election and covid misinformation happening. It seemed like there were more lies than truth being shared.
  5. @Princess Arabia it's the elf one. Thank you.
  6. This may be the first video that I've seen where I'm not disgusted or amused by the ignorance of these people. Thank you
  7. "How a situation develops is connected to the state of consciousness with which you meet the situation." -Eckhart Tolle
  8. @Mysterious Stranger Am I traveling back in time to them or are they coming to the now? They would probably be just as interested to hear what I had to say because I'm from the future. An Interstellar alien if they are considered human. Otherwise maybe Khufu, DaVinci, Jesus. Someone who still has great mystery left.
  9. We don't know exactly what was reported to the police when she called. She probably just needed a coffee. Many new englanders are bean consumers. Hopefully he learned not to approach the police with his dukes up. He did put his hands up when he saw the taser which was smart, but then he started to bring one of his hands down to possibly grab something and that's when he got tased. (right in his foolish balls, ouch) Had they both acted calmly this whole thing could have been avoided.
  10. (Laughter) his neighbors must love him. He probably doesn't have any. That's adorable.
  11. (laughter) priceless. Fits the thread to a tee. I kind of agree with him in a way. Great find.
  12. The thought is that if the concern is with the perp paying for the crime, death doesn't work. It is an easy way out of hard time. The thought is that blame and judgement is unnecessary on some level because murderer is a product of its environment. However, consequence is necessary for a peaceful society.
  13. @ivankiss and ungrateful. Comically ungrateful if you think about it. Not trying to be negative, just being real.
  14. @CARDOZZO great topic!