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  1. I found part 3 to be particularly interesting where it is claimed that it is impossible to seize the day. https://bigthink.com/thinking/the-3-myths-of-mindfulness/
  2. Quotes can be profound, influential, funny, informative, motivating... Drop a few of your best quotes here and add some to your collection. "When a human becomes conscious of nature, nature through the human becomes conscious of itself." -Eckhart Tolle "I'm not out to change people's minds and move everybody to the center. I'm out to make people stop demonizing the other side." -Jonathan Haidt "Many of the world's problems aren't solved. They're outgrown, and in order to outgrow them, it requires a new level of consciousness." -Ram Dass
  3. I like Rupert's idea on three ways of approaching reality and seeing love through thought, feeling, and perception. Also, the idea of finding peace in the background of experience.
  4. "I never allow myself to have an opinion on anything that I don't know the other side's argument better than they do." -Charlie Munger
  5. @eputkonen What specifically do you find to be misunderstanding?
  6. I've tried this before with positive results. Job fairs are also an option, but the best method for finding work ASAP is through agencies. I've seen hundreds of people find work this way.
  7. Apply at a "temp agency" or "employment agency". They will offer you work. Try a job they offer you. If you like it keep doing it. If not they will find you something else. Be sure to communicate with the agency about what you like/dislike.
  8. Thoughts on a generation of sheltered children and a thought distortion therapy approach called CBT. Jonathan Haidt
  9. @LSD-Rumi I was testing you and you passed. In order to know what something is you must know what something is not. This is not a pipe. This is not a great art.
  10. René Magritte - This Is Not A Pipe
  11. The actions of the terrorist insurrectionists on January 6th were despicable, deadly, unjustifiable, and traumatizing to all of the police and officials in the Capitol. Officials lives were seriously threatened. Seven lives were lost in the event and dozens more injured. The event left a permanent ugly stain on US History. The insurrectionists got what they deserved.
  12. Are you saying that if you asked me what stage I was at and I said tier 3, and then I said some cliche things that I read in a book about tier 3, then you would consider me to be tier 3? I'm more on the side of - you have to walk the talk in order to be at a certain stage but I can see some truth to what you are saying.
  13. @How to be wise determining SD level should be done based on the person's actions on average more than words. I can say that things must be done to improve the environment but if I drive around in a Hummer all day chopping down trees is this stage green? The traits you described define stages orange through yellow, but was that his behavior or just words?
  14. (Laughter) I was thinking the same thing. That jacket is a bit Joker-esque.
  15. @Schizophonia here is another one I had found. How do we interpret this? One thought is that it is biblical, the great flood.
  16. The top one is Salvador Dali.
  17. @VictorB02 not sure what you're referring to exactly.
  18. The Smoke Ring by Larry Niven
  19. They use trickle down which doesn't work for the country as a whole. It is a scam for the rich.
  20. Crowd participation 10 out of 10! Where does he play those instruments behind him?