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  1. The experience of Dave Grohl and more.
  2. Lol. Is this a deep fake? Please tell me this is a deep fake.
  3. ENFORCE THE 14TH AMENDMENT! Here is an update from the previous post. Pay attention to what is said about the Supreme Court at the end of the video.
  4. There is no darkness without light. There is no up without down. There is no imaginary without unimaginary.
  5. The second video is a more recent interview. It's hard to tell if she climbed to yellow but she has definitely recognized the toxic parts of her past and found a healthier way of dealing with conflict.
  6. @Princess Arabia the link isn't working. What's the name?
  7. Julia Lorraine Hill is an American environmental activist and tax redirection advocate. She is best known for having lived in a 200-foot-tall, approximately 1000-year-old California redwood tree for 738 days between December 10, 1997, and December 18, 1999. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Butterfly_Hill
  8. Fresh beets, spinach, and walnuts for brain health. Stoneyfield organic yogurt with blueberries, sliced strawberries, and a crushed oat bar makes a great parfait. Whole grain pasta with vegetables and ground beef. Water. Dave's Killer Bread "Epic Everything" is amazing! Finding a good diet is like getting a new pair of shoes. There isn't one shoe that fits all. You have to try them on and walk a bit to see if they work for you.
  9. Very interesting seminar on consciousness, the self, free will and more. This video screams the actualized forum.
  10. Why not introduce a trans male and a trans female league? If a man identifies as a woman that's fine, but when competing in sports, for fairness, that person would fall under the category of trans woman and would be competing with other trans women. It's just a thought.
  11. Orwellian. I hear that Poland may be next.
  12. Mr Peterson, if the Constitution is your authority (regarding covid protocol in the video) then you would have no problem enforcing the 14th Amendment which disqualifies Trump from office.
  13. Trump inherited an economy that was in very good shape and on the rise. His tax cuts, disproportionate to the rich, Shrunk the middle class and contributed to 2 trillion dollars of the national debt. His economy was unsustainable. That's like taking out a credit card, maxing it out, not making the payments and then leaving the debt for the next guy and pretending that you had a bunch of money to spend. Joe Biden inherited the worst scenario of any president in my lifetime, I'm 39. The median household income is now the highest it's ever been. Unemployment is the lowest it's been in my lifetime. Millions of jobs have been created. Our infrastructure isn't crumbling. Biden is actually looking toward the future. He's not a pump and dump like Trump.
  14. The "Biden crime family" was actually looked into by Trump appointed investigators with no major evidence found. Biden is constantly scrutinized by multiple media sources everyday. And yes, Trump is indicted and persecuted with court evidence for all of the crimes that he has made. It's about damn time. There has been no concrete evidence to support that the election was stolen, so yes Trump is a threat to democracy. And actually I heard Trump say that he is going to retaliate if he becomes president and put his political opponents in jail that piss him off, so that's how it will work in this country if he regains dictatorship.
  15. @Raze Eckhart's calm attitude toward the expensive wedding getting ruined may look crazy to many people but if you think about it it's the more sane, valuable position.
  16. It is normal to be spoiled and ungrateful. That's just how much of society is. But if you work hard to get and maintain what you have, I wouldn't consider that to be spoiled. It sounds like you may be experiencing the hedonic treadmill. Try watching some videos on that. I too have experienced lack of gratefulness. I practice daily gratitude exercises and they work for me. They're not hard. It sounds like there is a strong working part of you that can go too far sometimes. Finding balance can be hard. You should logically be able to cut back on work without losing everything.
  17. President Biden is only 3 1/2 years older than Mr Trump, and when you factor in lifestyle, Biden may actually have more years ahead of him than Mr T. Mr Trump has also shown signs of significant cognitive decline recently. He confused Jeb Bush with George W. Bush for example and there have been many others. So, voting for Trump over Biden because of age has no logic if you ask me. Honestly, they should have both retired years ago, but I will admit that Biden has exceeded my expectations of him so far in his first term.
  18. @justfortoday Saying "the truth can't be known" is itself proclaiming to know the truth and therefore a contradictive phrase. Please help.
  19. "Think twice before you speak, because your words or influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another." Napoleon Hill "Influence may be the highest level of human skills." Author unknown What is influence? Influence is a phenomenon that has a massive impact on shaping society. A deep and thorough understanding, investigation, contemplation of influence, and it's affect on the world can have a huge impact on a person's life. It is relevant, practical, and foundational to self-awareness and self-improvement. Everyone involved in self-improvement should contemplate influence and have a deep understanding of it. It is right up there with awareness. Influence is... Power Sway Persuasion Inspiration Control Leadership Guidance Direction A flow of infinite energy Gets passed on or passed down Where we get influence Ads Newspapers Celebrities Music TV Movies Media Internet Friends Family Strangers Self dialogue (crucial) Drugs and alcohol Influence can also have a reverse effect. Seeing someone live with their mother until they are in their forties (negative) can influence someone to be independent at an early age (positive). A parent who is encouraging structure in a child's life (positive intention) can influence the child to rebel. (negative) and the list goes on and on. I hope this post has influenced you, and I hope you continue to make profound, powerful, and inspiring videos! Thank you!
  20. Does anyone know why the actualized.org Spiral Dynamics stage turquoise video was deleted?
  21. @Yimpa He sings with soul and an acoustic guitar. Love this performance. Thank you Tracy Chapman for allowing him to play this song.
  22. @TheEnigma Peterson seems to be at stage yellow with an allergy to stage green. He also preaches for integrating healthy forms of stage blue.
  23. Strong, secure, wise, mature, loving, loyal, honest, honoring, leading, and supporting. A real man is in control of his emotions but not ashamed to cry. A real man is not afraid to do "feminine tasks" when necessary and not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right. These are the ideal characteristics of what we call a real man and notice, now, that possessing these traits does not necessarily involve having a scrotum.