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  1. I was diagnosed adhd in my 30's, I was actually convinced by my ex-partner who was add, to see a psychiatrist about my attention skills. It was a lengthly assessment, by numerous doctors and it was a strict process they had to follow before dispensing me any medications. Before I was diagnosed, I had a history of substance abuse, which was narrowed down to the fact that my dopamine levels weren't at the right level, (given that I was self-medicating to correct this imbalance) (which there is no blood test, that would confirm this) and part of this was what I believe to be a "harm-reduction" strategy by the doctors. By abstaining from A&D, they were prepared to prescribed me adhd medication to help with my attention, awareness, and my ability to improve my cognitive skills. Its definitely had a major impact on my ability to memorise details and "hyper-focus" on details. I can move very quickly and can think on the spot. For me personally it does have draw backs, anxiety and over-thinking things to the point where im thinking faster then I can talk. Personally, its reached the stage where I've been taking it for so long, that what I believe it has 'adapted' to my physiologically, and I don't notice much difference. Im actually prepared to go back to the psychiatrist to see if there is any 'alternatives' that would keep me focused (especially at work). But from what I believe is that the medication is only 20% of the solution to impulsiveness and attention, 80% is up to you to actually do the work, and attain the skills needed to focus on a task without impulsively doing something without thinking it through first. I don't believe its a mental health issue, its more of a trait towards a certain personality, just like we have autistic kids. I would think that boot camps, that taught survival skills, and giving them the freedom to be adventurous and risk takers would teach young kids with 'behavioural issues' or adhd a life long lesson on how to adapt to living a life outside the rules of a normal school. Thats just my opinion.