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  1. @Moksha So that would just go back to his general teaching to remove positionalities ? I understand that in theory but in this case, would this mean that you don't actually 'choose' to let go of the fear/resistance, but rather merely deal with it as it comes up? I was just a bit confused because when talking about grief he said to preemptively assume relationships will end etc.
  2. Hi there, I have a question regarding the letting go technique by Hawkins. In theory I get it, especially when emotionally triggered. However, Hawkins advocates letting go in the absence of triggers/life stressors. I dont quite understand how one does this, especially when letting go to the resistance to feeling a positive emotion! (Which is advocated). Suppose you feel insecure in yourself in romantic settings....what would you do? Would you say to yourself 'I feel unlovable', allow the triggered feeling to come up and eventually burn out. Then, would you say, 'I am lovable', feel the tension/resistance (probably here in the muscles in the neck rather than a knot in the stomach) and just sit with it? (Perhaps that is just me that i feel resistance in my back/neck vs negative / fear which is always beneath the Solar Plexus. Hope this is clear Would love to hear people's responses/experiences