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  1. You need to check if you're actually compatible and if yes how much ? Would you get bored if you spent a full week with her without any distractions ? You really do not know someone, e.g. how she handles conflicts, her values, how she acts, etc. very deeply until you spend considerable time with her in different situations. One good check I would always do if I'm considering a partner is going on a short holiday with her to see how it goes.
  2. But why would simply saying no lead to physical confrontation ? Why are we trying to normalize misleading and dishonest communication ? Yes, some very underdevelopped person might act out his emotions and beat the girl up for saying no but that's just criminal behaviour which I hope is rather rare. Can't we aim for a more conscious society where everyone can handle rejection (more) peacefully ? If everyone plays games we will justify playing even more games and becoming more cunning and devilish than average to meet our agenda's.
  3. I mean how would you feel if I set up a pistol pointing at your house from my court yard next door, while I told you not to worry because I would never ever fire it ? There is a reason that's not legal and seen as aggressive/dangerous on a domestic level. Why would it not be seen in the same light internationally ?
  4. Actually I found myself a good wing who was also practicing a lot during that time. You just need to find someone serious to game with 3-4 weeks a night, yes, it's rare but you need to find only ONE single person. I did go out alone for training purposes e.g. during my 30 day challenge because no one would go out as much as I did but it's not ideal and I did not pull during those nights where I was alone, but I had close encounters. There was one set where I opened 2 friends, and the other friend just LEFT us alone while the girl I was left with had a boyfriend. So I slowly escalated mind you, and at the end of the night, she kissed me so very hard, savoured each second of it and then ran away into the night. There was also another set where I did not insist further but both girls were from out of town and seemed to like me (I mean it was day 20 or something so I was basically running around on fire ) - they both were very friendly on the open so in retrospective it could have been a lay if I just stuck with them for the rest of the night. Overall gaming with a wing is WAY easier (or should I say convinient in a sense), especially with 2 sets. You can indeed push your limits not to feel creepy when you're going out alone, especially when not drinking, but you will learn as much with a wing. On the other side wings can be inefficient if you're stuck in a set helping them while you don't care about your girl. I wouldn't focus on the size of the set too much, just open the girl you like regardless of the situation, see what can be done and learn from that experience. If you fail, you can just reflect back at that situation and see how you can handle differently in the future. PS: I doubt you're in the same city as me (I'm in europe) but I would have gladly winged you otherwise
  5. The issue is that you need someone solid enough not to blow your sets and if that person is not learning game it's basically impossible. If you want to pull a 2 set for instance you need a really good wing. Also, realistically, if you're doing serious game, you will screen for logistics and bounce if those are not good immediately (e.g. boyfriend) and other optimisation shenanigans and perform at an industrial pace no normie will sustain. You can't even ask someone normal to wing you because he will not know how to even approach a 2 set and what he's supposed to be doing. I've also winged complete beginners who would run away from litteraly fear 3 seconds after I opened the set Yeah, finding good wings isn't easy.
  6. Yeah, I hate game were you cannot talk as well. Try to go for bars and other night game places where you have veranda's, spaces outside, etc. where you can actually have a normal conversation. This can be actually counter productive at a higher level. Albeit it depends on the style of your game. If it's clear it's a date (which it should be), all you need is to get to know each other and lots of fun, teasing, so she's comfortable with getting pulled on the second date afterwards. Don't escalate hard physically if it doesn't lead to sex. Kissing her during the first date will drop the tension a bit as well, so overall if you can stay man to women without kissing it's pretty fine as well. This is a moment where I disagreed with Leo's video : if you can escalate so hard as to touch her breasts/ass in the club, you should already be in your bed having sex given that amount of compliance. Once she's not run by her of the moment emotions she will feel slutty thinking about it and ghost you immediately.
  7. "...?" is perhaps slightly better than "??" altough that's a small technicality. I agree with Leo but this is very context dependent, for instance if she has to wake up early for work during the week having a date on monday and or tuesday is not ideal. If it's a second date where you plan on pulling and she's relatively invested she will show up even during the weekend. If she's a student busy partying with no mandatory classes, yes, date her during the week. She will have time. If she has a 9/5, it's a bit more tricky. Also, girl tend to be picky and don't have 100's of dates a month, so they will make exceptions to see a relatively good guy once during the weekend. But the point that you should still go out, farm numbers and try insta pulling during the weekend still stands, and indeed friday/saturday are your best nights for this, but you if manage to pull of off a solid date on a friday/saturday it's still better in terms of new experience as you will always have MORE experiences of going out and gaming than experiences of actually getting laid. There is also the argument of aiming to close as soon as possible : if you've just met the girl on thursday it's better to date her on friday than wait for next monday. You can always also go for coffee/tea during the day saturday/sunday. Works like a charm. All in all it's a complicated balancing act and you need to consider all of those factors.
  8. I'm sorry but I need to rant as I've come across several situations in my life related to friendships that are quite annoying. I'm talking here about platonic relationships, namely friendships and friends, NOT dating, altough women are often involved They are basically a source of chaos because people are underdevelopped and unreliable accross the board and mind you, I live in a first world country. The following situations (and I have quite some more) have happened and I'm very confused on how to process them: I randomly met a certain girl and we got along very well, we seen each other twice since. Then we stopped talking as she didn't answer one of my message. Then she wished me a happy birthday again this year and we did meet up again and the feeling was nice. We did talk about seeing each other again adn she agreed and when I offered something more concrete she stopped answering as well. I have a friend with whom I spent most of my studies which I didn't see for a long long period of time, which is definitely my fault. We did catch up and I did apologize and explain everything that happened to me, and it went quite well but we didn't meet ever since altough I did ask for it. In the virtual context : I met someone on shapr with whom I spent 1 year talking very sporadically who never at the end of the day MET ME and I was like for fucks sake why are you wasting my time by saying that you want to meet me irl if you in fact do not want to !? Yes, sure, I shouldn't expect decency out of low consciousness people who simply act out their survival agenda. Similarly, I've spent a very long time talking to someone online who at the end of the day didn't want to meet me either altough I tought we had a connection. But for online that's a harsh lesson to learn as meeting people online is mostly BS. I have another quote on quote friend who takes ages to answer messages. I had a very very nice friendship which was very balanced in terms of giving taking for quite some time, like 6-7 months. Then we decided to go on a short holiday together and well, shit hit the fan : she didn't sleep properly during several days before the trip and I expected more (platonic ! friendships !) intimacy such as discussing our problems and she didn't want to get closer to me because of that and I felt rejected the entire trip. Once we came back, we did discuss it but basically that made the entire relationship dynamic crumble because I didn't want to invest anymore and she didn't either. Like for fuck's sake, how can you just throw away a friendship like that - could you not have made the fucking effort of sleeping enough !? On top of that, I see several issues: I find that people are either not interesting (have no social skills and nothing really going on for them, underdevelopped such as stuck in deep stage blue and mindless survival) or are still heavily unreliable and simply act out their survival agenda mindlessly even when they are interesting. Even if I align with their survival agenda by trying to form a relationship which provides them value - this is said very logically but I'm just doing an analysis here - it doesn't seem to work out either which is very puzzling because I'm careful about the aspects related to value, not being needy, etc and it's still not working altough we have a good chemistry !!! Perhaps 10 or 15 people is just a very very small sample ? Also, since I've upgraded to stage green and I've been trying to be more considerate I feel like people respect me less vs me just being blunt and harsh all the time with who I am and disregarding their perspective, because before that, strangely enough my relationships seemed to work better because I was always more "authentic". Anyways I'm quite buthurt because I interpret the fact that people do not seemingly want to make efforts to maintain friendships with me as me being low value which I completely disagree with as I have plenty to offer. Then for people I do not find horrifyingly boring such as your average wage slave Joe who have no interests who is totaly unrelatable for me, for other people I face the issue of they will be close minded about psychedelics telling me it's only dangerous drugs, or they will be stuck in stage orange workaholism and scientific rationality, or vegan ideology or w/e etc etc like good fucking heavens how difficult is it to work on yourself people !? Why is it not a priority for you if your level of consciousness and developlment determines how good your entire life is going to be !? What are you relationship/friendship strategies, considering that even if some people are not the most actualized they can still be interesting, social contact is nice and it provides nice survival advantages ? Should I screen harder ? Have a larger funnel ? I dislike having to doubt my value (and feeling like I'm disposable garbage basically) simply because I cannot find interesting, good and reliable friends ! Even with good chemistry most of my relationships seem flimsy and I cannot grasp why. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. @hyruga @something_else I think you're overdoing it with the only low value girls use tinder : the deal is that girls have no access to potential partners outside of their social circle and the few quality people that open them when they go out. Hence, of course, if you meet only 3 perhaps average options you can choose from you would try to find more to satisfy your tastes. It's only normal.
  10. I would imagine that if you use psychedelics to solve some deep underlying problem and to do deep inner work which in return boosts your mood by default, then it's okay ? Psychedelics can be crazy good for growth so much that anything else feels like a complete waste of time sometimes. So there on paper I'm sometimes afraid of being "addicted" to them in terms of wanting to always use that tool to grow even more and really relying on it. But then, we use tools like a very sharp knife for cooking, and no one has ever been addicted to using knifes to cut vegetables while if you have to cut them manually, you would suffer a bit because it's just not practical or that efficient.
  11. @SamC This is to some extent bad (again it's a matter of game style) because: It requires effort for her to think as to when she's free. Arguably she should be invested enough to do so but in practice if you can fine tune your game it's better. If you're not free at the time she proposes it creates a horrible back and forth. I would use a very simple : "Hey, let's go for sushi/coffee/whatever at *this place* *this hour*. Friday or saturday ?" E.g. Let's go for an afterwork at crazy monkey bar 5pm, thursday or monday ? There she has two different options and she'll either agree to one, or offer an alternative if she's busy on both days. Then, if she agrees, just go with a simple, "ok, see you there". Preferably on a second date, you can even check for how much she's invested by adding a small "PS: My favourite nail polish is green" and see whether she acts on it. Overall it sets the right frame : you're leading and she's trying to perhaps please you.
  12. I have read several different takes on the Law of attraction, from Louise Hay, Ask and it is given, Reality transurfing, and I have several points on which I am still very deeply puzzled. I will detail them down here with examples and my specific train of thought so you can perhaps grasp what I misunderstood or I am missing. I will try to keep this topic as less mentaly masturbatory as possible, so please bear with me as it's very difficult to put into words - I am not trying to start a 50 page masturbatorium topic, I would just like to take this opportunity to finesse my intellectual understanding. I'm taking plenty plenty of action otherwise and I'm good thanks. 1. What precisely is doing the manifesting ? I notice a discrepancy between my thoughts/emotions and reality sometimes. The core principle of the law of attraction is that like attracts like: But at what level ? I can have extremely negative thoughts until something good happens to me and vice versa. Hence what does the "manifesting" ? There isn't a clear correlation between my thoughts and reality - at least perhaps one I fail to notice. Is it my vibration ? My most consistent thoughts ? My emotions ? and what if consciously I am very positive and then unconsciously I have a lot of repressed anger for instance, will the anger manifest ? I would assume yes. But this first point is just the amuse-bouche for the next questions. 2. Some things seem more "physical" than others and hence more impossible to manifest. Another take at the whole law of attraction thing is that what you think is true will become true - in terms of what you think becomes your reality. If we assume that I struggle to imagine how in certain situations. For instance, becoming more confident - this is abstract and less physical, there you can attract situation/books/etc that will make you more confident. Sure. BUT If I have a tree in my garden, and I want it to disappear. How the hell the thoughts of the tree disappearing will make it disappear ? Is it because it will force me to take action to cut down the tree ? Is it because a synchronicity will happen that the tree will get cut down somehow e.g. struck by lightening, e.g. the universe mirroring back my thoughts? OR even me manifesting another reality (as per transurfing) where the tree simply would not exist, e.g. changing the fabric of reality itself ? I don't believe there is any amount of thoughts that can change a "solid" or material part of reality. Or is it simply because I don't see deeply enough yet that's it's all an universal mind and not material, and if my realization of it was deep enough, I would discard that idea ? 3. Inception - what you believe becomes your reality. If I believe that the law of attraction does NOT work or works in ANY particular specific way, does that mean that by the way it works it WILL in FACT work the way I believe it works since it's simply reflected back at me ? Hence, If I truly believe anything is possible, anything would become possible ? Meaning, that for instance, any limitation I think about e.g. not being able to finish a degree at Harvard in three months (random dumb example), is impossible - not because of the material reality of it but because I believe there is a material reality preventing it ?
  13. Lisbon has a good traffic of tourists in large sunny streets : that's perfect for day game. In general, tourists are excellent for game practice. In any case I think that night game is wildly superior for many reasons, such as you have way way more options and it's easier to pull. Other cities can be similar, but it's down to your own preferences of course. I just have a negative biais against London as doing day game with an umbrella whilst it's raining is not fun. Also I've found british girls to be extra cold.
  14. Why would you not ? Something very sunny with plenty of tourists such as Lisbon would be perfect for you
  15. Yeah don't worry, if the girl was slightly tipsy she was only less stuck up, that could not have made you suddently attractive. Own the credit. I know it's hard - I mean for a very long time I thought all of the girls that kissed me and didn't sleep with me didn't like me - but you did go out, you did things well and got some results. Analyze what you could've done better, aka pulled her as soon as she gave you the "let's go somewhere", even before, and try again next time. That's how you learn. You need to have a system in place : screen for logistics and friends, have a wing if needed for two sets, know when the buying temperature is high enough to pull, etc.
  16. @Hello world You have a bigger issue on your hands than women. First, try to choose a career path and spend 1 or 2 years developing real hard skills you can use to land a job. Once you have more revenue, you can stop eating random garbage, clean out your appartment, and start to socialize. In one year of doing very intense game, which is not easier to combine with a full time job considering home working policies, you can sleep with plenty of women. You need to work and build every area of your life from scratch and your life can exponentially improve. So : Be strategic about getting a comfortable job with a homeworking policy and earn some money. Use the money for therapy sessions twice a week to start working on yourself. You will need the support. Start a light jogging habbit and clean up your diet. Start a meditation habit Start a reading habit. Start massively socializing and going out Once you have a baseline in terms of development then do some psychedelics to deeply heal yourself and skyrocket yourself. Then you won't need advice anymore since you will be able to set your own path and do great in life.
  17. Question. If we view status as something more "external/superficial", would that mean that we are never loved/like for who we are regardless of "external" things such as money/status/etc. From a women's perspective is the idea of being liked for their personnality regardless of their physical appeareance. Meaning, is this "love" even worth anything, if a women loves me not for my personnality itself but for status and external factors that in theory anyone could develop ? At the end of the day, doesn't that mean that all human relationships are deeply transactional as in " I meet your survival agenda and you meet mine" and this "love" is very conditional and it would be indealistic to believe otherwise ? Then, to make it more "acceptable" we glamourize this truth about "true love" which would bring happiness, etc. And hence, that trying to get unconditional love from another human being is basically a lost cause and we should aim to develop that from spirituality and not from human relationships ? Other things I might create a separate thread for is that - isn't chemistry just a feeling which occurs when survival agendas are compatible ? And what would be the purpose of love infatuation then in terms of survival ?
  18. Well here is your mistake. You did only Ibogaine once and then 5-MEO-DMT once, and got absolutely wrecked by it. A "normal" (it all depends on how you react) mushroom trip can destabilize you deeply for months and even more. This is why you start with small graduate doses and integrate it, slowly, over years with many several trips. Then, you try different psychedelics to see how they feel. You want to carefully place a little bit of dynamite here and there in your mine to dig deeper/faster and discover the gold - not throw a ton of it randomly and crumble everything.
  19. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if you had any experience with Binchotan charcoal sticks for water filtration purposes ? I would imagine there is a lot of fancy marketing around it to cater to stage green as I have not read anything positive about their efficiency yet, but I'd love to be proven wrong in case they have any benefits. Thoughts ?
  20. @Death_ Just wondering, why do you consider Keepass not to be future proof ?
  21. In the process of discovering who I am very deeply and authentically, what I truly want and my preferences, I came accross the idea that I could in theory like anything and that my identity is extremely fluid. The deal is I have a rather deep understanding of relativity, and I understand that most, perhaps all - hence this question, preferences/wants/needs/desires are linked to my survival agenda and my upbringing which is totaly arbitrary and random (unless you believe in souls/reincarnations etc.) In a certain way, if my current personality and desires are relative to the experiences I had, I could simply have OTHER experiences to have a different personnality and desires ! Thus, how do you determine something to be true for you if it's always relative to your experience ? Just use the arbitrary set of experiences you had up until now ? I know my question borders on mental masturbation but if you really need to commit to a certain path of mastery and be very serious it's must be something you deeply like and thus really understand want you truly desire. So Is there really something set in stone in my personality which I need to discover ? How do I shed light on that ?
  22. Here's the first iteration of my own breakfast smoothie. Before you ask, no, you can't add rum to the mix I put the following ingredients in the blender: Some pineapple, several slices, usually about a quarter of the pineapple Some mango, not too much because you need to be careful with the sugar Coconut milk with no additives Coconut yoghurt - Abbot Kiney with probiotics Golden flaxseeds Cashews (because I need calories and fats) Chia seeds Then I will blend everything for a while at max speed and it will give this sweet creamy consistency which ressembles a pina coloda while being paleo, clean (=> Alejando Junger) and overall quite healthy. The only thing is to really watch out with the sugar content of the fruit - don't overdo it. You can add cocoa powder to the mix to make it taste more like chocolate. I will try further iterations and see what good things I can add seamlessly to improve its taste and benefits - I've thought about moringua powder but it's a fine balance. The most annoying part of the production line is having to cut mangoes and pineapples, I will explore options of batch freezing those for several days so that process is simplified and report back. Sourcing high quality fruit, seeds and core ingredients is also something I will look into, altough it might be more complicated for such exotic fruits. Anyways, your feedback is very welcome !
  23. @Noahsteelers34 Don't do anything rash. You're very young and you have no idea about what you're doing yet. You can go to college and explore any interests and life purposes you might have on the side. It is important to have structure to grow and it will provide you with security and the right opportunities to develop further. With 2000 dollars in Miami you're most likely just going to be robbed, broken, finish in the streets and become a junkie. It's a horribly bad plan. Apologize to your parents and get back a track. You have your entire life to strategicaly pursue your life purpose. Don't throw it all away on a whim.
  24. According to wikipedia, psylocibin mushrooms are somewhat legal in Austria - you might want to explore that ! Truffles are also fully legal in the Netherlands !
  25. @Gesundheit2 Thank you for your elegant answer I still wonder if some part of it is "set in stone" or rather certain tendencies that are more authentic towards which we will gravitate regardless of our life experience and the survival challenges. Certain core qualities or potential which is there waiting to be manifested and which is not a result of some random life situations. Like, as if you would always hate the taste of celery regardless of you having tasted it or not - if you taste it, you would still hate it. Or some very deep intellectual trait or personnality trait such as mental resilience, or curiosity which would not be cultivated naturally. We would all be too much alike if it were only the result of our circumstances, don't you think ?