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  1. @Yarco Started Income School's P24 course last week and spent the last 5 days devouring all of the content. I see now why Leo deems it necessary to really spend money on good courses. I would have never figured this out by myself trying to reinvent the wheel.
  2. @Matt23 Very simple to set-up.
  3. @Yarco Thanks for the feedback. Originally the blog posts were supposed to be part of a membership and supplement the exercise programs. My goal when writing them was not to drive traffic but to actually provide guidance/value to members. Since this has changed, I will definitely try to optimize them for traffic like you mentioned. I obviously have some tweaking to do, but this is what I was hoping for when asking for SEO tips. Great advice... Thanks again!
  4. @Peter Miklis Amazing advice, thanks for the input!
  5. @RendHeaven Very good points. In summary: 1) Narrow target audience - niche 2) Post all my current blogs upfront - ensure they are solving an issue readers may have 3) No account creation for the Training subscription - which is currently a "by donation product" 4) Optimize SEO - Clear concrete premise, clear results, no wall of text, remove focus from my certifications, etc. Is a blog sufficient content nowadays? Do most prefer youtube videos or podcasts? Would be interested in your thoughts... Thanks again!
  6. Wow, that was what I was looking for...thank you for taking the time! I will get to work!
  7. I always knew that I would like to start a business, even from my early teenage years. I watched all Leo’s business videos, read the books, and spent a few years contemplating how I would create a meaningful business around my selected life purpose. I initially tried all the stupid Amazon FBA and drop shipping E-commerce bullshit and even the small success I had did not feel like a worthy achievement. A few years later, I found a business idea that I felt can actually contribute to the world in a meaningful way. I spent over a year developing the required skills and finally launched just last week.= A quote from one of Leo’s earlier videos that stuck out to me was “creating a good product is not the difficult part, the difficult part is marketing and simply getting eyeballs on your content”. Marketing seems to be everything, especially in the online business world… My question for you smart people is how do you attract the right traffic to your website/product on a limited budget? It seems to me that you need to provide value upfront to grow an organic following. From there you can funnel them into a service that provides your customers novelty and value within your niche. If anyone has any marketing suggestions or healthy brand building strategies to develop an organic audience, I would much appreciate hearing it.