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  1. DMSO = (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) – a Sulfur Compound DMSO is a bio-chemical from pine trees that is made in the pulp and paper industry. It is also found naturally in garlic as one of garlic’s 70+ sulfur compounds. DMSO has four main characteristics: Copied from a website. You can put a drop of DMSO on your big toe and taste it in your mouth in about 12 seconds. It has a bit of a garlicky / oyster taste. It goes through the cell walls of the body so fast that a dropper-full of it taken internally through the mouth never reaches the stomach when swallowed. Most of it is absorbed directly into the mouth, the rest in the throat. This gives one an unusual feeling of heat as it goes directly through the individual cells of the mouth and then penetrates into all other areas of the body. One has to pay attention and use caution when using DMSO because it has the ability to take other things with it when it penetrates each and every cell wall of the body. This is very beneficial when you mix certain herbal formulas with it as it carries the awesome bio-chemical properties of the herbs into the body and gets them to where they’re needed most. But, very importantly, you don’t want to take DMSO right after you change the oil on your car either, because it will take any unwanted toxins into your body as well. Just as it will take good things into the body, so will it take the bad. However, when used with highest quality detox herbs, especially chelating herbs like garlic, fruit pectin, and cilantro, there is nothing that removes toxins and heavy metals from the body quite so thoroughly and as quickly as DMSO. Easily passing the blood/brain barrier, DMSO when mixed with these awesome detox herbs becomes the ultimate therapy and tool for detoxifying the brain and other vital organs of the body. DMSO effectively wipes out free radicals (destructive, single, unconnected atoms). When toxins start moving around inside the body, they have the ability to create free radicals. DMSO instantly bonds with these wild atoms, neutralizing and rendering them harmless. Last, but not least, is the apparent ability of DMSO to realign DNA back to the original blueprint (the body’s original intended form). DMSO is a tool that allows the basic characteristics of the cell (through growth or healing) to go back to its original form before it was damaged by an outside source. Damaged cellular structure is actually encouraged to regrow back into its purest and most basic, original form. It is the physical catalyst that allows complete healing to occur. Using DMSO, people beyond count have attested to amazing results such as scars disappearing, organs being rejuvenated, vitality being restored, hair regrown, and wrinkles vanishing. It also works well against viruses. Autism, Down Syndrome, and other genetic disorders have been completely reversed. I tried with CBD the other day and instantly felt and tasted the CBD all over my body. Seems to make any substance totally penetrate the blood and more potent. I suggest to give (Healing with DMSO by Amandha Vollmer) a read. I been using for pain and inflammation lately and find it super effective.
  2. Yes monks have even cured tumors with chanting alone.
  3. Somebodies do not align with certain foods. Listen to your body
  4. Nascent Iodine and B12 supplementation may help. Its also important to get Selenium with Iodine and Vitamin D and Magnesium are needed as they help the entire body and all vitamins/minerals and bodily functions work better and more in synergy.
  5. Sodium fluoride is not just in toothpaste its in most processed, junk foods from the store and especially and fast-foods, especially in the western world. In tap water, in your shower, in bottled water (which is just filtered drinking water). Its a whole lifestyle change to de-calcify the pineal gland and other organs of the body not just toothpaste. Get daily sunshine, adequate exercise and sweating, supplement with D3/K2, cut out all those things i said and possible implement a lot of detoxifying foods like fruit to speed up the process. Can take a while though, don't expect immediate results. Also i would advise to practice fasting.
  6. Based on my understanding of how nature and the human body works, it would not be wise. Although everyone must follow their own higher calling and what they 'feel' will work best for them.
  7. Love is the way, its beautiful to see more of this on these forums.
  8. Because it has the highest success rate of 'permanent results' of any psychedelic. No other psychedelic comes close, possibly only 5-meo and maybe a mega dose of shrooms. It isn't always the big visuals and vast experiences that make things powerful. If you can take one thing and never have to take any psychedelic ever again, that is true power. it is regarded as the grandfather for a reason.
  9. What i have noticed about movies is that regardless of the movie or what it is about, if your awareness is high, you can find the point of enlightenment and awakening in all of them. I personally have found in a very still and aligned state of being, i could see the perfection even in tv commercials.
  10. I agree with your thoughts, i experience similar. What i find is that people who have not experienced those states naturally, do not seem to carry them well as they don't know or haven't met themselves that deeply yet. Those who have usually can carry it very well and more permanently so. Coming back to the "there are no shortcuts". They can only show us the door, if we haven't done the deep work, the reminders fade quickly.
  11. Before Enlightenment: Chopping wood, carrying water "Over this bullshit" After Enlightenment: Chopping wood, carrying water "I can do this all day".
  12. The Individual absorbs knowledge, but Truth absorbs the Individual. The best way i can put it. You still have to chop wood and carry water, but you do it in a completely new way because you see it completely differently, things are no longer 'tasks or practice' but "play" especially when you are present, you are in joy and peace within yourself regardless of any external means or activity.
  13. I am an old soul, i dress in my unique way, always different from the social norm and i always get looks from people as 'look at this weirdo' or 'crazy person' but around spiritually aware people i get a lot of love and positive feedback.. And i mean as in mimicking behavior of others, easily shifting and embodying different roles and archetypes with ease, i always seem to have high skill in many things without much experience in this life. Thank you
  14. Hello so most of my life i have been a bit of a hermit because i never really knew people who got me on a spiritual level, besides some friends online. For the last year or so i been traveling around my country and interacting more with people and i have noticed somethings i am curious about. i naturally seem to shapeshift to be/behave more like whoever i am with, It just happens naturally, still figuring out if this is a positive or negative trait.. I also notice when someone has really bad english i also break my own english down to speak in a more simpler manner to them to help them better understand me, again i don't mean to do it, kinda just happens naturally. Any ideas on why this happens? Someone once told me its a trait of a compassionate person and shows great care and kindness but some others have said it could be a disorder or family trait of thinking you know better and they won't understand you if you speak more hard english. I also do this for my mother as i can sense she wont understand me when i speak the level of english i speak with my friends on the street but i break it down a bit to match her and make her understand better. I can also see how from an outside perspective it may appear as insulting or doing it as a joke but this is definitely not the case. I feel i do all these things in order to help make the situations all more relatable to one another, i've been told shapeshifting its a common trait of shamans or old souls who are more aware and understanding. Thank you.
  15. Heyoka resonates quite well, thanks for that link
  16. A great read on how to heal and treat candida, biofilms and parasites. https://www.zahrahsita.com/post/healing-the-gut-biofilms-candida-parasites-more
  17. God is the Awareness behind all eyes, all beings, all things.
  18. The issue is that the body cannot enter deeper stages of sleep Deep/REM ect.. when there is food that is needed to digest first. In these deeper stages of sleep is where optimal regeneration of the cells and restoration of the body occurs. Its best to keep food 3 - 4 hours away from bedtime.
  19. Powerful read on plant medicine Iboga and Pineal gland detoxification. https://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/iboga-matrix-and-pineal-gland-decalcification
  20. Thank you, much love ?
  21. We would of noticed it if we were not given the task to focus on the white teams passes. Good one though
  22. Greetings Humans! I thought i would share a strange little dream i had this morning in hope to receive some interpretation.The dream started off at the front porch of a beach house doing some exercise, and then followed a lady friend who always tries to seduce me in the waking state but doesn't show it physically. In the dream however she was much more up front and direct and hopped on top of me started to kiss me and whispered deep fantasies in my ear of what she wanted to do to me.. Soon after that she sort of vanished and appeared 3 interesting animals. A black cat, a mouse and a snake hiding that appeared to rattle.. The cat was jumping at me like crazy and would bite my hand and latch onto my arm which wasn't painful but as i was observing the cat it looked like it was trying to eat me, but its mouth was just big enough to bite my finger. I would repeatedly detach it gently and throw it away cause it was small and light and i did not want to injure it but it kept going, the mouse would sort of run around in circles at the front of my feet or follow the cat whenever i tossed it away, and the snake was hiding under a blanket curled up not really moving in the corner of the scenery and make a rattling noise here and there. Eventually i gently choked the cat until it passed out because it was getting ridiculous.. then it was out for a bit and gradually awoken and felt like its gonna repeat the activity again but it was kind of disoriented and wobbled around and shook off. I think she was the witch and turned into the 3 animals cause she sorta vanished and the whole cat/mouse/snake thing started. Would love to hear all interpretations of this, would be highly appreciated. Peace & Love To All ??
  23. @blankisomeone Thank you, that was quite helpful, i will look into that book. Do you feel that this lady friend may be a distraction for me in the waking life? She does have quite a dark and shady energy too her, but i also know deep down all people are good just wounded.