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  1. I am only HI; additionaly downgraded by flow of time. but I embrace my flaws by drinking the nectar of life in the company of Dionysus (ie dancing with them)
  2. thanks for your willingness to help, but this advice sounds like advice generated by an enlightment text generator algorithm
  3. I'm glad you like it and thanks for kind words Yeah, this video is a classic And Aphex Twin 'SAW II' also; there are few more interesting germs for contemplation on this album: heavenly simple: Parallel Stripes and underworldly distorted & warped: Tassels
  4. Few months ago Leo posted on his blog link to SpaceWave channel with ambient music and visuals: https://www.actualized.org/insights/blade-runner-vibes What are your best contemplation-channels? Does music with such visualizations also aid your contemplation? I've always wanted to create my own channel with such content, because I have some experience in music making and animation; here is my try (inspired by atmosphere of Egyptian myths and few other things like music from Soul Reaver): the name "noetic" was inspired by neoplatonic metaphycis. I would like to create animation with ambient music and monologues from Leos videos; but his voice would be warped by sound effects etc. What do you think about it?
  5. Ethymology of the word "intelligence" is interesting; it derives from the Latin intelligentia or intellēctus, which in turn stem from the verb intelligere (to comprehend or perceive) ethymologically inte-ligere menas something like reading something from within, or reading between things (inter + lego). If God is all within all (essence of all etc. = truth) or he is everything between everything (he conncects it all into whole = love), and he is concious of himself then he is reading everything from within (or between things) simply by his own self-conciousnesss. So he is paradigmatically intelligent. In other words god by knowing himself knows evrything from within - so he is paradigmatically [i.e. exemplary ] intelligent [inter-lego]
  6. I understand that relative is within our relative mode of being, absolute is in our absolute mode of being; It is like difference between phenomena (φαινόμενον) and noumena (νoούμενον) in history of philosophy (their ancient meaning is here a little more important than kantian); phenomena was often considered as relative metaphysically and epistemicaly, noumena was reality as truth itself; these terms (noumena-phenomena) are even more close to Leos use (absolute-relative) within platonic context; becouse nomenon is truth itself grasped in special kind of cognition (by nous - higher part of reason - absolute mode, especially henosis) and is more "spirituall" in kind, on the other hand phenomena were grasped by senses and lower part of reason (relative mode). It is very intersting that Leo by his independent research comes to simmiliar things, that his resultes coroborate with some ancient stuff.