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  1. Sometimes working as an employee could give you even more freedom than entrepreneurship.. Being stuck with a kind of super-small business in a tough niche might seem slaverish as well. However those are exceptions, but as for me, the general rule is that yes - most of people working as employees are pretty much bounded. This is why books like money master the game and forums like this one are so popular
  2. Let's make it a bit easier and joyful Anyway, we work to live, not vice versa! Here comes first batch from me - post your favorites as well
  3. That's my view on Love Love as a Business Strategy - an awesome book as for me, somewhat between self-help and "boring" business books
  4. @RickyFitts Ahaha exactly
  5. Agreed, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k in particular Just a fresh view on what actually is happening now in the real life
  6. I just was seeking for something inspiring and realized it's extremely hard to distinguish a real talent from one of those new-wave Instagram entreprenuers (I guess those are the guys @EternalForest mentioned above)... Typically they just demonstrate their money (and a rented car is obligatory, for sure). I'm not quite sure whats about such books as Money master the game or similar - perhaps they make not that much sense compared to the books of real businessmen like Jobs, Gates or Besos. However... you know that saying - the best professional is not always the best teacher! Another way to kick off is to take a number of basic courses on Corporate Finance, Marketing, etc - personally I like MIT free courses so much!
  7. Got my 1st jab some time ago and gettin ready for the second one this sunday
  8. As for me the possibility of supersonic travels is much more realistic and pragmatic. Though the Concord basically failed, it might not be the case in new tech era