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  1. Not all women care about your social status.
  2. Society programs a lot. It is worth thinking about it more deeply
  3. Not selfish, funny, sincerity
  4. If he is happy with him, make the decision for yourself. I think you should let her go.
  5. Meet the best of some free freeware. Be wiser than your colleague. Do you need problems at work later?
  6. I agree with you completely - first of all, a person must come to harmony with himself
  7. Closeness for girls is, first of all, positive emotions, a sense of safety and security, caring for her
  8. It doesn't look as good as you think.
  9. This is a great community
  10. Why not? Unless they will tell everyone and everyone about it, and even not everyone will tell their boyfriend
  11. It seems to me that your wife needs psychological help. And if this does not help, then such a marriage is doomed.
  12. I think that marriage gives a greater sense of security and safety to partners than cohabitation
  13. Can you try using this dependency? Start a blog? Find some interesting hobby
  14. I think I could have it all together and solve the problem in a complex
  15. Maybe you should consider combining martial arts and meditation?